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  1. Tyler Mc

  2. Sorry mate will next time
  3. logfile ??
  4. thanks i will do it later
  5. i guys i have found this really fast fix how to do it should i upload a tut
  6. i had this problem with moges all i done was add a object like a light then save it then it worked
  7. i cannot find these objects at all can someone find a soultion with me please here my logfile Sceneryobjects\BusdriversObjekte\hinweisglab.sco Sceneryobjects\BusdriversObjekte\hinweisglrkreis.sco Sceneryobjects\BusdriversObjekte\stangehinweis.sco Sceneryobjects\Helferlein_Objekte\Räumpfeil.sco Sceneryobjects\Objects_RS\Jaegerzaun_Tor_6m.sco Sceneryobjects\Objects_RS\Zaun_Tor_6m_01.sco Sceneryobjects\Objects_RS\Zaun_Tor_6m_02.sco Sceneryobjects\Steven Objecten\MM_Gras.sco Sceneryobjects\Steven Objecten\SG_EHuis2.sco
  8. yep but there is nothing missing
  9. whilst i was playing omsi 2 moges map i was doing route 8 and when i driving there was a missing it did not load then my bus came off the map and i dont know what to do ?
  10. its defiantly your omsi 2 bugging after the latest version i believe that there is a glitch on the maps when it just lags to 5 fps and to happens to great grundorf which i know i think i fixed it by reinstalling the whole game but backing up the things you want to keep
  11. your map is amazing 

  12. no problem but i think this is a glitch with omsi 2 try this open the map on editor see what the fps is then open it on the normal game and if it lags to 5 fps i think what i did i reinstalled the map or omsi 2 something like that hopes it helps
  13. could you post your logfile and your pc specs please ?
  14. i have had this problem with this map i can help what grundorf is it v2 ?