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  1. Compared to the work that Jay does for FSS on a daily basis in helping out with our tickets and managing our mammoth content delivery infrastructure all without remuneration that donation wasn't difficult to make. Keep up the great work Jay and have yourself a Happy Birthday mate.
  2. Jay, since it's your birthday tomorrow I have just put a donation into the FSS order system for $500.00. That should get you pretty close to getting what you need for this great community.
  3. I know we had this discussion Ryan but releasing it to the stores would help ease that load
  4. Yeah just put the disk in and install. The contents of the disk are simply the same files you can download from here just without the hassle of downloading the large files.
  5. Correct. It includes everything you need to install OZx from scratch up to v3.3
  6. Just for those interested the OZx packages are now available on DVD from FSS for a nominal charge.
  7. As some will remember from back in the Vista Australis (VOZ) days there was a discount coupon available to active members of the forums. Well today The FlightSim Store is very pleased to announce that this discount has now been activated for members of OZx. Provided you enter the coupon code below and the email address registered with OZx matches (exactly) the one on your account at The FlightSim Store you will receive a 5% discount on your order of $20.00 or more. Discount Coupon Code: OZXMEMBER This is our way of saying thank you once again to the fabulous efforts of this wonderful freeware development group and the users of their fine scenery which is adding so much value to the changing FSX landscape. Use this discount coupon today, available only at:
  8. For anyone not comfortable using PayPal and at the request of Jay Kae, The FlightSim Store is now collecting donations also. All funds will be forwarded to Jay for transfer to JP in Chile.
  9. The FlightSim Store and Digital Simulation Services Australia are currently investigating the potential for opening a retail presence that caters to both enthusiasts and serious cockpit builders. The questions in this survey will help us to establish the feasibility of this venture and help us understand how we can better serve the Australian and global flight simulation community. As a participant in this survey and for providing thoughtful responses to the questions that will be presented you have the chance to win a $50 Gift Voucher that can be redeemed against your next purchase at The FlightSim Store. The winner will be drawn on Wednesday the 30th of September 2009 at the office of The FlightSim Store and will be contacted via the email address provided as part of this survey. Please Note: This survey is open to Australian participants only. Respondents from other countries are ineligible to win the draw. To participate in this survey please click the following link:
  10. Sorry All, have had my phone off all weekend and Jay has been trying to get hold of me re: OZx on disk. Once I have a chat with Jay I am sure this will be an available option at The FlightSim Store. P.S. Congrats to the team, well done on getting this out again and I look forward to watching the project grow.