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  1. Great bit of work guys. Just got back from OS, ... as with Teecee and others, been hangin' out for this for yonks... will be into it over the next few days when the jet lagged rhythms get sorted. Many many thanks to all involved. Cheers.
  2. Hope you had a good one Jay...... age is a terrible price to have to pay for maturity LOL. Cheers.
  3. Magic indeed - this will fill a gaping hole in Sydney coverage - thanks heaps guys. Cheers
  4. Great paint jeansy - very nostalgic. Cheers
  5. Done.... and as always, thanks Jay for your commitment and efforts. Cheers
  6. Awesome work guys - your efforts are always appreciated .... thanks heaps. Cheers
  7. All looking really great - the effort you guys put in is really awesome, and hugely appreciated by us less capable hobbyists. Cheers
  8. Yes .... WOW! Cheers
  9. As a local I am very much looking forward to the release of this airport. It is really coming together well. You guys' efforts are hugely appreciated. Cheers
  10. OMG, this comes as a huge shock - as with Bernie, I am a long time follower of OZx, and have been keeping tabs on the club's flights for years (Friday nights are no good for me either). I remember well Tony's challenging minimal visibility "foggy" flights into "his" field. A great guy who will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family. Memorial flights will be a great way to perpetuate his memory. RIP Tony. Tom.
  11. Yes this will be a wonderful addition to the Sydneyside scenery. Cheers
  12. Looking great Flukey, and wonderful to have you active again. Cheers
  13. 'On ya mate ... well done. Cheers.
  14. Thanks as always for your efforts on our behalf Jay - they are greatly appreciated. Donation sent. ...... Cheers mate.