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  1. YTNK Tennant Creek

    Update Got past the error codes, and managed to delete SODE. Reinstalled, and all went OK until a pop up screen stated that “SimConnect” was not installed. I thought this was installed by default with P3D ??? Active Sky, Plan G etc all seem to be SimConnected OK. So where to from here? It refers to requiring a SimConnect relating to FSX ?? Does it need an old 32bit version of SimConnect? All a bit confusing. Did you guys have to separately install a previous version of SimConnect to get SODE working in P3D 64 bit ? Any help appreciated.....cheers.
  2. YTNK Tennant Creek

    Thanks for your comments Jorge. When I said I installed SODE in ProgramData, that was back in early Feb...... can't recall precisely what the process was, but I certainly finished up with the correct 12bPilot/SODE file structure in "ProgranData". All of the appropriate material seems to be correctly placed in the SimObjects, and XML folders, and I have now replaced the YCDU and YTNK XMLs (thought that may have been the problem), ....... but still no socks. The white cone circles are there, does that indicate that SODE is in fact trying to work? The errors I spoke of in my previous post (2503 & 2502) relate to my attempts to uninstall SODE, and then re install it in the hope that it would somehow fix the problem. What are those errors about, they prevent me from achieving any uninstall or reinstall ...... there is a lot of waffle on the net about them, but I'm afraid it all goes over my head. It does seem though that SODE is perhaps not talking to my P3D4 .... hence the decision to uninstall and repeat the process. The file structure in ProgramData does seem right though ??? Sorry to be a nuisance .... I do generally try to sort this type of problem out without worrying you gurus, but no luck thus far. Cheers.
  3. YTNK Tennant Creek

    Just a gentle bump, as this seems to have dropped off the “unread posts” radar. Cheers.
  4. ANZAC Day

    Yeah .... well said Matt. Cheers.
  5. YTNK Tennant Creek

    Further to this windsock situation : I downloaded SODE and installed it in "ProgramData" as clearly explained in Jorge's original postings, and have placed all the xml files and sim object files in their correct locations .... but no can see these windsocks. I can see the circles of white cones, but no structures at all inside them. I had the feeling that the sim (P3D4.2) for some reason has not recognised the registration of SODE. I then tried to do an uninstall and reinstall of SODE, but the uninstall gets hung up with Error Codes 2503 & 2502, and "repair" doesn't seem to work at all, so I'm left tearing hair out and bashing my head on the wall. I guess it's not earth shattering if I don't get to see the windsocks, but it would be nice. I've been following Craig's monster flights (unfortunately can't make Friday nights at present), so would really like to get this working. Any thoughts on getting past this problem would be appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Great work Rob...many thanks. Cheers
  7. +1.... a huge vote of thanks for your contribution to our hobby. Cheers.
  8. Mark W Lee

    +1.....Yes indeed, hope all is well with you... your huge contribution is in continual use by so many. I still miss that pesky little insect that I tried to squash on so many occasions LOL. Cheers
  9. Might hold off for a while. When I’ve got everything else up and running, and I’ve got a bit more time to play around with potential problem solving, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your feedback. Hope you fared OK with Marcus. Cheers.
  10. Just a quickie :- Would the OZX Defence Force AI, and Jeansy's East Coast Shipping be compatible with P3D4 ?? Cheers
  11. Just to round this thread out, tried Jorge's suggested yaw damper value of 100 (from P3D forum), and the AP works a treat. And Matt, if it ain't too much trouble, could you PM me the fixed wing AP you mentioned on the LM forum ? I've a few planes it would work well with. Cheers and thanks in advance.
  12. OK Matt, I'll pursue it further over at LM, and no, I haven't got autorudder ticked. Thanks heaps for your time. Cheers
  13. Well I've tried everyone's suggestions, .... your last cfg version (Matt) I pasted in, and it seemed to work for a short period, but as soon as I tried to adjust a parameter, the dreaded oscillations came back in. At the moment I've got the yaw damper gain set at 20, and the oscillations are micro, less than 1 degree each way, but with a frequency of 80 to 100 /min. This is flyable, but barely, and bloody irritating. Any further ideas. I tried Danny's additions, but couldn't perceive any difference with the Robinson. I've put everything into the Milviz Huey, but can't get the AP to even appear on screen. Heaps of potential, just a few bugs to sort out .... and thanks to everyone for your help. Cheers.
  14. Me again - got it all working except for these goddam oscillations. With Jorge's mods and yaw damping reset to "0", the oscillations are huge, probably up to 80 degrees left and right of heading, and low frequency. Tried it back at "1" .... much smaller, probably 10 to 20 degrees either side but higher frequency. Tried "2",..... tiny oscillations, less than 10 degrees but very high frequency. Should I keep pushing it up until they're so small and high frequency that they're indiscernible ??...... or are there other adjustments that could work better? I wonder what Danny did to rid them. Cheers
  15. Roger - thanks - I'll see how I go. Am I likely to have problems with the Milviz Huey? Cheers