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  1. Harbour City Hamburg

    The addon is really wonderful, just like any Darius content. The bus is a great addition and the city offers two interesting routes. The line 6 is my favourite altough i only played it a couple of times yet. The only thing i really hate is the cars parking in the middle of the road. That's something i could expect here in Buenos Aires, but not in Hamburg . They just park and dont move anywhere, so you cant continue your trip unless you do some risky maneuvers. I think there is a way to remove them, but i dont know how.
  2. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    A rare bus was seen running on line 688 in Hamburg. Seems to be some rear engine bus from Brazil, freshly painted with Hochbahn colours.
  3. Hi. Today i bring a freshly released bus from the Brazilian community. This one is something special: the MB Monobloco O321HL, made by Edsonv12. It is intercity bus (more likely a very old coach), was the first made 100% in Brazil. Produced between 1958 and 1973, is, as far as i know, the 2nd oldest bus in OMSI, only behind the GAZ 0330 (1933-1950). The model has a very high quality in the interior, and the exterior too although it could have less reflection. Sounds looks nice, although i dont know the bus, they seem pretty accurate. Scripts are good too, however, dashboard buttons are not animated, because the author didnt have enough information about how those buttons work. This bus has a manual transmission, however, there is also an automatic version (unrealistic). The display is a single line ANNAX, only display destination, not line number. Here some screenshots from the OMSI Brazil site: Video of the bus, by Vitor Cruz: Download link: http://omsi.viamep.com/lancamento-mercedes-benz-monobloco-o-321-hl-by-edsonv12/ Have fun!
  4. Hof file programming

    There is no way to display a route with A in the last digit like '70A'. However, you can modify the bus scripts to make that possible. Go to the bus you want to modify and search for the matrix .osc file. You can open the .bus file and search for the matrix .osc, then go to wherever it's located and open it with any text editor (Notepad++ is very useful). Search "l4 4" in the file, it's the code to show N. You should find something like this (the example is from the default MAN NL202 EN92, however, almost every matrix display system uses this code): l4 4 = {if} (L.$.Matrix_Nr) "N" $+ {endif} Then copy that, paste it in a new line below the {endif} and give it a new code with the letter you want. For example: l4 16 = {if} (L.$.Matrix_Nr) "A" $+ {endif} Save the file. Go to the game and, in the bus IBIS, type XXXYY - XXX is the line number and YY the code you've set in the modified script. In this case, is 16. For example, for line 70A it would be 07016. If you want to show the letter before the line number (example: X10) you need to write the code like this: l4 16 = {if} "A" (L.$.Matrix_Nr) 2 $SetLengthR $+ {endif} You can do this with any bus you want, with any letter you want. Just be sure to not use a number that it's already occupied by another combination. Free numbers are: 7, 8, 16 to 22, 33, 34, and 37 to 99. You can set any of these numbers to the letter you want. I hope it helps you Ps: You do not need to modify anything in the .hof file because bus trips have only 0-9 3 digit numbers. For example, X10 line in X10 Berlin addon is 01036 to display it, but you can type anything from 01000 to 01099 and the route number for the desired trip and you will still load it. The only thing that changes is the line number the matrix will show - it won't be X10 for sure .
  5. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    What i really love (but ingame, i hate) of Berlin X10 is the nice crowded city experience it gives. Traffic jams like this one, only happen in Berlin...
  6. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    A ride in my favourite addon, Berlin X10, in homage to the victims of today's terrorist attack in Breitscheidplatz. Ps: The zone of the attack, is VERY close to X10 map, in the other side of the "Europa-Center" near U Wittenbergplatz and Zoologischer Garten. Ps 2: removed
  7. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    I'm currently "de-cyrilizing" this Russian bus (PAZ 32054) to get rid of the cyrilics trouble in OMSI 2. This is my progress now after 40 min of renaming .o3d files: Still ~1.5k lines of model.cfg till the last mesh file. Should i release it when done? Idk if i have to request permission from author, because i'm not modifying the model at all, just renaming the .o3d files. Edit: 300 lines to go. The bus is almost fully visible now, just small pieces like some glasses remain to be renamed.
  8. General Videos

    That's actually the third bi-articulated bus released for OMSI afaik. Two extra big ones were released in the Brazilian community before, a Caio Millenium BRT which is fine but not worth downloading in my opinion, and the second one is a Busscar Urbanuss 2010 Low Floor, with a much better quality, definitely worth downloading. Here is a video of it, if you want to give it a try: The AGG300 looks excellent, just like everything made by Darius. I'll give it a try soon. It's a good choice for highly crowded routes and also offers a good challenge to drive it in common routes. Try to use it in Szczecin and try to leave at least 1 sidewalk untouched Edit Moderator: Uses various mods without permission, so as a precaution vid with link of bus removed.
  9. Hi all, today i bring another new Brazilian bus. Well, it's not strictly "new" (released about 1 month ago) but still pretty fresh. This time is a Marcopolo Torino 1999, also known as Torino G6 or GV2. It was the successor of the Torino GV, and was produced from 1999 to 2007 when it got replaced by the Torino 2007. This bus was produced in a huge variety of chassis, with front, middle or rear engine and also articulated versions. This OMSI model, created by Gabriel Dantas, is bodied in a Mercedes-Benz OF1721 Euro II front-engine chassis. It's equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and also includes another version with a 4-speed Allison automatic gearbox. The bus has a high acceleration, capable of reaching high speeds easily, with both transmissions. The model quality is amazing, but very perfomance heavy. If you have FPS problems it's strongly recommended to resize the model textures, after that it will run very smoothly because the main driver view does not have mirrors. The exterior could have a bit less brightness, the interior is simply perfect. The sounds are very good, the best ones for this engine. There are a huge variety of OF1721 buses in OMSI, some ones very good too, but this has the best sounds, in my opinion. Scripts could have some extra animations, like the door buttons, but they are generally very good too. The dashboard has a high quality and it has a good camera view, avoiding direct view of the mirrors, who helps to gain FPS in a very heavy bus. The display is a single-line scrolling ANNAX. Beware that it does not support special characters like +, -, . or German characters, so you may need to change you HOF in some maps. To activate the IBIS, you need to press this button: Video of the bus (by AG Gameplays): Download link (you can also find it in the video description, it's the same link) Enjoy! Remember, if you have FPS trouble, resize the textures. This bus is so great to let the evil FPS defeat you
  10. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Driving a MAN NL263 A21 in a crowded highway in Lemmental. The bus still has the repaint from his previous operator, Hamburg Hochbahn, however, it's very similar to RVL colours. The model has an amazing quality, exactly the level of detail a payware addon must have. This was my first run with the model, and i enjoyed it. Runs very smoothly on my garbage PC, even at the heaviest locations like Lemmental Hauptbahnhof. In my opinion, the best of it, is the control panel located above the dashboard, where you can see the line list (if you have the file for the map), the schedule, and also you have a config panel to modify a lot of settings of the bus. For example, you can change the display type. The only point i think it could be improved: the flipdot display does not support some German characters like ö (that's why i changed to LED display in the image above). In a German bus, that's very strange...
  11. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    He connected to the forum 9 hours ago so i suppose he is fine. Probably he decided to take a break, or was too busy IRL to continue with the map, or whatever.
  12. [Simulator Talk] Euro Truck Simulator (ETS2)

    The first time i went to Tórshavn (Faroe islands) saw this amazing view. Definitely needed to buy this garage Truck: Iveco Stralis Hi-Way.
  13. Hi. Today i bring here a new bus of the Brazilian community. This one is a MB Monobloco O-371, a monoblock bus produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1987 and 1996, when MB Brazil ended the production of monoblocks, since then they only produce chassis to be bodied by external manufacturers (Marcopolo, Comil, Neobus, Caio, etc). The OMSI model features a rear-engine chassis in 3 different versions: O-371U (2 doors), O-371UP (3 doors) and O-371UPG (4 doors articulated), all with both manual and automatic transmissions. Also has ticket selling, IBIS and the shedule table. In terms of quality is very good, only the engine sounds need some tweaking, specially the first "gear" of the automatic transmission. But in overall terms is a nice bus to drive. Video by AG Gameplays (articulated version): Download link (and credits of the bus): http://omsi.viamep.com/mb-monobloco-o-371/ You also need to download a fix for the fonts to make the display work correctly. In the link provided above, download the link named "Correcao das fonts". Enjoy
  14. american buses

    No. They are part of the Chicago Downtown addon and need to be activated before you can use them. If you select the bus without the addon activated, they will appear totally invisible.
  15. GX7767 Studio released today a new OMSI model, this time is a Volvo B9TL EV bodied Eclipse Gemini II. It is a nice quality bus (except the steering wheel... ), good to drive. It uses the same rollblind layout as the E200 but with a smaller image size, so the displays designed for it won't work with this new bus. (already tried it with the Manly rollblinds ) Download link: http://www.gx7767-studio.com/#!blank-6/imlh4 Enjoy