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  1. Wow, love PXZ, that retro paint and weathered feel is beautiful.
  2. Referenced from : RAAF Museum The paints are looking great mate! Love this bird.
  3. Beautiful work as always Jan. Love A20-624!
  4. Thanks MeTriX, wish I had the skills of yourself, Jankees and the like and didn't have to request this, but I'm stoked to hear your going to do it. Cheers mate!
  5. Hi all, Would anyone consider doing a repaint of the C-47 currently (and probably forevermore) located at the RAAF Museum in Point Cook? She flew there in 99 after being based in Adelaide at ARDU for a number of years. The paint scheme she arrived in YMPC in: Thanks very much for looking!
  6. Truly remarkable stuff Jankees!
  7. Wow, truly incredible works Richard, I'm amazed by the skills you guys have to create these works of art.