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  1. That's one by Julian I think, quite an old project. Original planned to be developed for omsi, but he halted development since omsi can't deliver up to their standards. There is a video explaining it all. They work together with Lotus for quite some time already, even the offcial guide to make models for lotus will be made by them. I guess we can also expect the other tram models by them. To be fair this doesn't like much different graphic wise to omsi. Not really newest graphics and effects yet... The same tram in omsi near the end of this video: EDIT: Also some teasers of the Bus 100 route scenery I think. These buildings are some of the finished Berlin buildings they randomly plopped on the test map on which the tram screens are taken. https://goo.gl/maps/HMHMV6kR6mr https://goo.gl/maps/Zpnm2hwL2X32 https://goo.gl/maps/hg8qTC7q3VU2
  2. General Video's of real busroutes

    Came along this video on youtube, a bus line quite literally to the end of the world. Just google where "Grense Jakobselv" is.
  3. Omsi patch changer

    What really surprised me is why they don't use steam's built in (beta) version changer like SCS software do with their trucksims to revert to previous versions. Just have the old version available trough steam as béta... The patch changer just copies the chosen version .exe from the _Straßenbahn directory.... (possibly if you set those exe all to the 4GB patch it will be auto applied every time you switch. I think that directory will also cause trouble in the long term, because the german ringel-s is used... Just like there is trouble with some addons using special characters in filenames. I think we can now officially consider omsi probably as one of the worst games ever made. Even 3 years of patches didn't fix, if we take into account omsi 2 is basically an upgraded omsi 1, there are even 5 years of patches... Don't think many games achieve so many patches and development and still be this buggy... One other thing I noticed is the changer program has an aerosoft logo as icon. Would it be aerosoft who made/required this to be made so there is no incompatibility with an older addon?
  4. Experience with DEM

    I think it has to do with the resolution of the data. The resolution is 3 arc seconds if i'm correct. For the Hague, at a latitude of about 42N, this means roughly 60 meters. I think this causes the inaccuracy's I'm still looking for a way to convert the dutch AHN to omsi. Those have a resolution so small in V3, it's even possible to see the height difference between street and pavement. https://ahn.arcgisonline.nl/ahnviewer/ Make sure you select a AHN3 data layer, default is 2. 3 has no full coverage of holland yet. This data is collected using laserscans from planes instead of satellite radar image. They also allow downloading a version of ground level in which buildings are filtered out. Resolution is something like 0.5 meters en height resolution is as small as 10 cm if I recall correctly. It's also a great tool to make 3d models of bluidings. Sat immage to determine the footprint, and this for a very accuarte height. Guess this place, you can even see the location of the overhead catenary poles. (and sometimes even light masts) Using the nasa SRTM data I had useable result on a location just a few miles away form the hague when starting my own map a few years ago. So the data tile should be good. Maybe it's high buildings and density that creates the bumps. you are abolutly tight, the stattelites don't correct for buildings. This is because the way radar works. And it might also explain why densely built areas are seen higher. The radar reflection is not on the ground in the streets, but from facades and roofs of buildings. (radar waves probably come in at an angle not perpendicular from the ground) Also the Hague isn't flat, although it might seem flat from street level. There is actually a few meters height difference in certain areas compared to others. Parts towards scheveningen, built on dunes are more extreme offcourse. the following picture of the hague is centered about at the hague central station. The dark thin strip at the center is the utrechtse baan. There really seem to be a little hump were the city center is. (roughly near the parliament)
  5. Useful OMSI Resources and Tutorials

    Edit: Whoops.... didn't notice the quoted post was december 2011 LOL Seen this post and tutorial only now. But read you weren't sure on the last value. [profilepnt] -10.000 Coordinate 0.250 Height 0.187 We’ll cover this ahead. 0.200 Not sure, it is related to texture repeating It is fairly easy however and indeeds controls repetition of the texture. If you know the lengthin meters of your texture, it is 1 divided by this length. 0.200 would mean your texture will be repeated every 5 meters of spline. 1. Would mean your texture is repeated once every meter. 2.000 would mean your texture is repeated twice per meter. Especially understanding this value can help to keep square paving square, when creating splines. The percentage number for the start and end of the texture, can also be larger then 1. (and smaller then zero if iám correct This can help to repeat a texture. If you have 2.000 here the texture will be repeated twice next to each other. The spline texturing is very powerfull, it requires some calculations to get it all perfect though.
  6. I use kW Xport plugin for 3dsmax to export .x files. 3ds 2009 upto 2016 versions are available. Seems the site where the updated versions were available is down. But you can still get it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20161028123632/http://mjblosser.com/kw-x-port-for-3ds-max/
  7. Nah, everybody can have those skills, chuck has superhuman levels of patience.
  8. The first patch also has been released, fixing quite a lot of bug. Dangling of the bus in downtime reduced Performance improvements Retaining strips A300 corrected Problems with the 4th door of the AGG fixed Force feedback improve Debug VDV-Infodisplay Debug Door steering/clearance Debug radiator script Fine-tuning brakes Colour description A330 corrected
  9. Me can't do fictitious routes... I just don't find a way to make something nice, which also makes sense. The problem with most fictive maps is it doesn't make sense, to have 10 bus lines in a 10k village etc. or they have not logical/unnatural road layouts. Apart from the time needed to build assets, making a realistic map is much more easier. It just requires patience and a little bit of skill and precision. You know 3D, that's a massive pro. When building a realistic map most people get stuck on the suitable buildings and objects. 3DS max is perfectly fine for exporting to omsi. Now just learn omsi stuff, it isn't that hard. With some patience, file exploring and trial and error you will get very far into a project. Learn Editor and learn to export objects. Both aren't that hard to learn. Most video's and tutorials use vary bad mapping habits however. Mostly because these people are unable to create assets, like 3d objects and splines them selves. Instead they trick around, which cause bugs and glitches in the end result. the best example is Gladbeck. Just compare it with a proper made map like Hamburg or Aachen.
  10. Not much activity here. Got my a new basic lowdeck scania 4 series. Great look though.
  11. Not really lotus development, but closely related I think The yealry advent calender has been started on the omsi forum, and there is some news regarding development. OMSI will get it final and last ever patch somewhere before christmas, and after that all development on OMSI will stop. http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=41652
  12. The Q&A are not done by Marcel and Janine. Julian and Florian are doing this, all to give marcel en janine time to deveop the game instead of creating stupidious video's
  13. Converting o3d to blender

    @Chuckinho You won't need a cover for the original. Most of the time it already is a separate mesh, and easily removed fomr the config. If not you can also remove the numbering script, or just edit the texture. For the new number you indeed need to create a new mesh with textexture (if you want auto number) If you don't care for auto number. Just set a blank vehicle number in the vehicle choice menu and add the new number to your main repaint. This is what I usually do. (But my repaints recreate one particular vehicle)
  14. Does OMSI work on Mac?

    Microsoft won't ever stop there best selling product. LOL. It's like cocacola company stop selling cocacola. Even if they stop 10 there will be a succesor, which most likely will run windows 10 software justfine. We can most software which ran 15 years ago on win XP also on windows 10. I guess most of the world would go in total panic if microsoft doesn't continue windows. Too many things rely on windows and aren't quickly shifted to other OSes. (Some systems still run win XP or older jsut because of that, although support ended) By the way, in 2025 Lotus will be a passed game, just like omsi 1 already is and many other games over 10 years old are.