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  1. Hi all, thought id ask this here too. Been using ADL and after about 20 mins get the dreaded Out of Memory message or Flightsim has encountered a problem and will now close. Have disable the scenery, the AI traffic there is no duplicate afcads. Im guessing its a texture issue somewhere. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem ? Thanks
  2. Hi Flukey, thanks for the reply please see screenshot re the problem http:[email protected]/10278168854/ Sorry I couldnt get the link to post the screenshot here
  3. Hi All, love the VOZ Scenery but Im having an issue with Canberra V2, the default scenery is showing. Have deleted the stock scenery through ADEX and still nothing. Have used AFD to scan if there are any duplicate AFCADS I dont know about but nothing. Is there a VOZ file im missing or an exclude file ?? Thanks in advance for any help.