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  1. Very nice. I love the Carenado 206 and this will be the perfect paint for my flying down under. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  2. Chicks = 2, Pete = 1. Chicks win! YEAH, looks great.
  3. Ohhhh, that's a nice looking bird. Thanks. I love the J3 A2A.
  4. WOW! Shots 4 and 5 absolutely ROCK! Super shots.
  5. Have had mine running since saturday and no problems. Sped up the ATC one notch and stuck with the ICAO and not FAA standard. Life is grand.
  6. That, was INSANE !
  7. No doubt. Oh well, life goes on and it's all GOOOOOODDDD !
  8. Practice Brad. Never quit. Keep fly the 206. Remember when landing, flaps set, pitch=airspeed and throttle=altitude. If your a little low in your descent, push in the throttle a little and your rate will rise airspeed stay about same. High in your descent, pull back on throttle a little and your rate will increase, airspeed stay about same. Fly your approaches with one hand on yoke/stick and one on throttle and coordinate what your doing. You'll be fine. I say this all as I fly the Carenado 206 whenever I get the chance. It's great plane for flying in Australia
  9. Happens for me too. I think it's a start location and or timing issue. To me it's a very minor cosmetic glitch.
  10. I still use my FS9 with FS Flying School. I have GE Pro, UT, FE Deluxe and AS6.5 and use VOZ for scenery. I get around 50FPS with everything maxed out in FS9 so it makes for real smooth flying that looks pretty good. Nothing compared to the potential FSX has if my system didn't suck peanut butter by todays standards. If anyone knows anyone thats using a really good system for a paperweight because they got a really super smokin system like JayKae's got. Let me know, I'll give it a good home.
  11. Offload fuel for freight weight. Only load enough fuel to complete flight plus 45 minute reserve. That's the easy way. Hard way. Find specs for aircraft and edit the physical air file for the plane to correct specifications.
  12. I like to fly the Carenado 182Q and 206 fairly regularly. PS. Thanks
  13. Happy Birthday JayKae. Many more to come.