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  1. Hi Matt That looks spot on , exactly what I was after ( I'm still in FSX ) . Thank you . I've never placed objects in scenery , looks like it's time that I learnt how to do it . I communicate with an ex B-52 guy and he places object target buildings on his B-52 training flight plans , so I should be able to get the procedures from him . Thanks again Cheers Karol
  2. Hi Gazza That's absolutely wonderful work . The first vehicle in the above quote is interesting , I need it in real life , with that one no one will ever cut me off in the supermarket car park ever again ! The Semi is stunning , it's nostalgic for me , in my younger years when I was on leave I would do interstate trips with my dad . Still love the smell of Diesel exhaust fumes ..... a 'heavenly ' sensation . .... Any chance that you could do both mobile and fixed missile batteries , also fixed military radar type installation ? I have just created an Auto bomb ( Bomb Nav ) instrument for my panel that allows precision Lat/Long locations to be entered as Targets to an accuracy of better than +/- 1 foot , it then auto releases bombs , is accurate regardless of aircraft speed or height , height range is 300' to 37,000' . It would be nice to be able to place military items on mountain tops or other places for target purposes . Cheers Karol
  3. Over the years I have admired Jay Kae and OZx and it's members . I was going to donate to fast women , I did a quick 10 minute drive around the block , but was unable to locate any so I decided to donate here . Keep the faith . Cheers Karol
  4. Mark Griggs?

    Hi Sophie Thank you for contacting them , I do hope that your email enquiry shows them that there is an interest in the community for that particular (YAMB) project. At Christmas I joined the Hallowed Halls of the fried hard drive club , however I got off light , I was able to access it after it was installed in an external hard drive case , so I didn't loose my recent instrument development work. I tend to work alone in isolation and only on a freeware basis , so fortunately miss out on the pressures and group politics that could quite easily be an irritant. I've been truely blessed by the wonderful and helpful people that I have met at various forums , they have provided a really good and fertile environment in which I have created some interesting instruments. I have been offered money but I steadfastly refuse as I realise that the contractual commitments can all too easily lead to heartache and acrimony. I enjoy my flight simulation and try to keep it a happy persuit. Thanks for that tip , I will track down that Williamtown video. If at some stage in the future you do contact Lawence & John again please relay our enthusiasm for their work and efforts. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your previous work and efforts , all to often we forget to express our gratitude. All the best Karol
  5. Mark Griggs?

    Hi Mile High It's great to hear from you , I hope all goes well , Oh and a Happy Easter to you and all here at OZx. I have a couple of questions, 1. Could you please check with the person in Africa and ask about Amberley , is it still in the works ? 2. If at all possible can you track down " Drew " I would love to get some of his beautiful F-111 AI models regardless of their state . It would just be the AI models , no package or flight plans required. His fitout range for the F-111 was absolutely fantastic. As we know from the Thread over at MAIW he got to a really advanced stage with them. I would love to use them , and I know for a fact that Steve Hess would love to have them for his Pease airbase package. With kindest regards Karol
  6. Mark Griggs?

    Refer to this link , especially to wards the end , Unfortunately we have lost the wonderful talents of Mark Griggs ( Sophie ) due to retirement. Cheers Karol
  7. Not Happy Jan

    My condolences to your old hard drive. At Christmas a surge partially fried my hard drive . When I had a new hard drive installed , I got them to install the old one in an external case , and was fortunate that I could access it , so I had not lost any recent work. I now have 2 external hard drives to backup on . I intent to get a third purely as an "organised" backup , now all I need to do is to try to develop better organisation habits ...... ( Mission impossible !!!! ) . I'm also thinking of getting a Computer shaped Voodoo doll and several crates of pins ! Cheers Karol
  8. RAAF Amberley modification

    What Flight simulator are you using , FSX or P3D v2 ? As far as I am aware DX11 is only functional or applicable with P3D v2 loaded . I have not seen any reports on the subject of "FSX AI packages" compatability with P3D v2 , I would be interested to hear if they work on the LM platform. Cheers Karol
  9. RAAF Amberley modification

    Hi Tim, Did you load the ADF package available free here at Ozx site ? The ADF package link :- I presume that the ADF package provides the parking spots at YAMB (Amberley airbase) , and other airports . With the ADF AI package parking spots installed the above mentioned should work . Basically the " ADF AI & AUSTPIGG " just provides an additional activity level boost , it does not replace any ADF AI aircraft , it adds extra AI f-111 aircraft to ensure that you have plenty of AI without having to wait for the rarer AI to appear. Cheers Karol
  10. RAAF Amberley modification

    Hi all. Has anyone heard of any progress on Amberley RAAF base ( YAMB ) scenery by deccas1391. The last time I visited his site there were no new progress shots. Any news at all would be appreciated. Personally I'd be happy to fly in the version he displayed nearly 2 years ago , finished or not ! It was truly AWESOME . Is deccas1391 still working on Amberley ? ? ? Cheers Karol
  11. ORBX/FTX forums down?

    I'm still getting that error message . Hope the haven't been hacked . Cheers Karol
  12. Point Cook

    Fantastic ! Where can you get the Point Cook ? Cheers Karol
  13. Mosquito Cockpit Footage

    Brilliant video , loved him closing in on the Vampire . Cheers Karol
  14. Bomb Trigger - Effects

    This is where you will find the Weapons Package: Weapons Package available freeware from Simviation Simviation FSX Add-ons - Misc Page 7 . It's well worth having . You do not need to fly missions , you save a flight then add the bomb name and qty to the saved flight. Of course after you start your flight you can move your aircraft to another location using the top menu bar and the bombs remain loaded , that gives you a little more flexability. Cheers Karol
  15. Bomb Trigger - Effects

    Chris Are you referring to the freeware "Weapons Package" ? It contains a wide variety of bombs and missiles. Available from the 'Simviation' website. If you are they reside in the Misc folder of FSX , the download describes the entries that need to be made in a saved flight , I have Qty 250 bombs in one saved flight. Also you can assign " Release droppable objects " to a button on either your throttle or joystick. Cheers Karol