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  1. Ant's Airplanes Trojan T28A public beta

    I couldn't agree more Jorge! There are so many developers out there that say their products are P3D compatible but don't actually create them to install to the correct location!... From what I recall it was so that the sim always stayed as a clean/fresh install and so that an error didn't cause a reinstall of the sim and then every single addon. There needs to be a push to have developers respect the way that LM developed the sim, they sure didn't do it to have devs disrespect it... @Anthony31 Great work on respecting Lockheed Martins design, I appreciate it so much! I'll check out the beta of the T-28A... Which store tends to release the updates to your products the soonest?
  2. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    @aeronauta Thanks for those windsocks, looks like the one at YDPO is working, although the wind reading is at 24 mag and when I line the R66 up the compass is reading more around 21... Is that to be expected, it's not a big deal in my eyes. Just on YRID, my fsx install is definitely showing buildings and in V4 none or very few... Yesterday afternoon I knocked over the Tasmania airfields from OZx V3-3.5, looks like there are 9 airfields with issues, again, mostly missing buildings. I fear this could be a similar issue across each and every state, could there be an identifying factor that the Devs can pick out? Have we got anyone else doing checks in P3D v4 for other states? It would certainly help. QLD looks like a very big task!!....
  3. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    @Bruce e That's what I am seeing between my FSX SE install and my P3D V4 install! @hanleyc Happy to help out when it is needed, often find myself with a bit of spare time here and there... I supprised myself yesterday afternoon by how I knocked over all those airfields. Probably better off spending time beta testing rather than just aimlessly tearing about the sim! I have an Excel table that came with the download below, is that pretty nuch up to date with all the airfields from OZx v3-3.5?
  4. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    @ClemWu In my few years of being in OZx I haven't been able to contribute much, my mind boggles at what goes into developing scenery. When everyone starts talking dev talk I barely have a clue as to what the different file types do or how they are made. So when it is something straightforward like checking over scenery for missing items, that is certainly something I can do!! I've got an eye for detail and know when something doesn't look right in the Flight Sim. So it's my time to try help out, it's the least I can do considering I take advantage of all the work the devs do!!
  5. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    Hi again Jorge @aeronauta, Unfortunately, I have had a good hit rate (for someone who hasn't flown much OZx for the past year or two). The list I was going off had 40 airfields, of those 40, 20 had issues that I pretty much sighted immediately (in the case of buildings). Double checking in FSX SE I can confirm that those 20 airfields are all missing buildings along with other objects, such as aircraft, cars/vehicles, fences and in one or two cases animals. The fields are: YSLE: Fencing YRSI: Buildings, Aircraft YRID: Buildings, Aircraft, Cars YPOK: Buildings, Aircraft YPEN: Buildings, Aircraft, Cars YNGB: Buildings, Cars YLCS: Buildings, Cars, Aircraft, airfield trees (I think) YKTN: Buildings, Cars, Aircraft YKYB: Buildings, Cars, Aircraft YLKE: Buildings, Cars YHSV: Building YGLG: Buildings, Cars YGRL: Buildings, Cars YEUA: Buildings, cars YCOH: Buildings YCES: Buildings, cars YYRM: Buildings XPCH: Cars, light poles, helicopter (Static), Animals YMNG: Buildings, possible aircraft I do fear that the other 20 may have also been missing similar objects... The combined 40 airfields are from OZx v3-3.5 only, that's all I have installed at the moment. Hopefully this helps a little! Andrew
  6. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    Hi Jorge @aeronauta, So I have got a list of all the Vic airports that appear to have some form of issue (I have gone through all of the ones from OZx v3-3.5), mostly missing buildings. I will go through my version of FSX and double check before posting my list. So far my Yarram in FSX SE is showing OZx related buildings which are missing in P3D V4... I understand that some of these may be pretty old makes, at this stage my preliminary list is 18 long though, hopefully I can cross a few off as 'just how they are supposed to be' Andrew
  7. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta

    Hi all, thanks for your work @aeronauta. I think I have installed everything correctly, going through the victorian airports and things are looking reasonably good although I'm not really an expert on what should and shouldn't be at certain airfields... At YYRM, I am fairly certain there might be a problem... Objects around the airport, however, all buildings are missing. Have attached pics. Is it ok for me to post possible issues as separate posts to keep things kind of neat?.. Andrew
  8. Vertigo Studios (their website is back online!)

    Nice one @gibo Looks like a bit of magic went on to get TP working with the F9F?! It would certainly add a whole new level interest to the aircraft!
  9. Vertigo Studios (their website is back online!)

    Yes, it's nice to see even just a little movement after so long. Side note, just installed their F9F Panther into P3D v4 and as far as I can tell it seems to work just fine... I'm not an expert though so there may be slight issues that I haven't picked up on...
  10. Hi all, Some of you may or may not know of Vertigo Studios?! For quite a while they were creating some incredible aircraft for FSX (and had a few rippers in the works). A while back things weren't looking too good and as far as I know, the studio pretty much closed down. It's been a while since I swung past the Vertigo Studios Website (http://www.vertigostudios.co.uk/). For a while now it has been in maintenance mode, but it is back up and running now with a slight revamp by the looks of it, they now have their own online store. I noticed that there was a 30% off sale for Halloween but it appears that has ended, still, it looks like their whole range is on sale, so if FSX is your sim of choice feel free to head over and check out their online store, you just might find yourself a new aircraft for your hangar! Not to mention I think they need as much support as possible if they are getting back up and running with development. With the emergence of P3D it is unfortunate that the range isn't available to that market... Maybe it's in the works, I don't know...
  11. Orbx announcing Australia V2 for next year

    @jeansy Same here!.. I am curious and excited for a new Australia. Flying the Australian scenery always makes me realise there is still quite a large gap to bridge in terms of accurate regional (non airport specific) scenery. I guess we have to keep in mind that the Netherlands is quite a small country... Australia in photo scenery may be too much of an ask, but I can only hope that it is on the cards! The way I look at it, well done photo scenery is the only way of bringing real-world scenery accuracy into the sim. Do we have any ideas on what the cityscape and Aus airport will be, I dream of Darwin or Adelaide!....
  12. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    Welcome to OZx @FatCatScenery, Thanks again to the improvements for P3D v4! I can confirm that it is really an improvement
  13. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    @Jethro-VH-JET Ahh I see, kind of had a feeling I wouldn't have been the first to post about it... I noticed the grass also, when I view it close to the ground it is basically translucent, to the point where you can see the sky through buildings in the background if that makes any sense. It is freeware so I feel bad pointing out different things but in the end if fixes are made it will be an even better piece of scenery and get people on board his work. In saying that, I believe he is still open to some development and improvement on this product. I was the one to mention making it compatible for FTX AU and he delivered pretty quickly. I will get back in touch with him and see if he can do anything.
  14. Flinders Island (YFLI) for FSX and P3D

    @Gazza @Dieter It is great isn't it?! Sounds like he is reasonably happy to make changes and fixes where possible, so if you have any sugestions, head over to the FSDeveloper forum in my original post. Even tell him that he has done a great job! So good to see YFLI in FSX and P3D now!!
  15. Stawell Airport YSWL request

    Awesome stuff, of course I just noticed the screenshots in the Beta/Preview forum after I posted... It is looking good, nice to see it progressing! Andrew