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  1. Saving a competition!

    @Teecee I have been a member for a while now so I can't quite recall the question. "MFSX" rings a bell for me though.
  2. Saving a competition!

    From one forum to another... NZFF are holding their monthly screenshot competition and Milviz are the sponsors with one of their aircraft up for grabs. Unfortunately, over previous months, word has been that they are considering closing the competition down due to lack of participants (entries and votes). It would be great to see the support for the competition increase, and hopefully, save it! @jeansy any chance of sharing it on The Hangar? I'm all over the place trying to get it out there and noticed!.. http://nzff.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=27772
  3. Another Aussie freeware development team

    @Bruce e It doesn't appear that they have a method of contact via their website, so next best option would be their Facebook page (they are listed as "Very Responsive" to messages. I have had my eye on these guys for a little bit now (forgot to mention it earlier), it's nice there is a bit more freeware work going on in AUS!
  4. A2A T-6_North East WA, Kununurra to Lake Argyle

    I haven't posted any of my flying antics here before but thought this one might be worthwhile and that others might be interested in checking out the area. A few years ago I flew from Broome to Darwin in sim and stopped at Kununurra airport. I noticed on the map the huge Lake Argyle and a river leading to or from, just south of the airport so I hopped back in and went for a fly to check it out. From the airport, following the river South, it runs through open farmland before entering quite a valley, all the way to the Lake (and a pretty sketchy dam wall/lack of). It was an interesting challenge as a low-level flying area with the aircraft barely climbing above 400ft. Just recently I took the A2A T-6 through, although faster more agile aircraft are a great challenge. The scenery is ORBX AU and I snapped a few shots of the run. A keen eye will notice that I missed the bright red Pitot cover during my walkaround. I think this area would be pretty attractive in some high res photoreal and with an improved watercourse (it's a bit up and down...)
  5. Pacific :: Milviz DHC-2 Beaver RAAF A95-202

    Ok, all good then. Bit of a shame that they had to change it up on you!...
  6. Pacific :: Milviz DHC-2 Beaver RAAF A95-202

    Hi @jeansy and @jankees, It looks like the recent update (171229) to the beaver has caused some issues with ALL the great beaver paints you have both done!.. Been struggling for the past day or so trying to figure out what on earth is going on... The right flap, wing strut, right rear elevator and maybe luggage in the back have been showing up black. Eventually, after uninstalls and fresh installs of the beaver, multiple downloads of the paints and reentering the Aircraft .cfg text, I approached Milviz on their support forums. Supposedly there have been changes in the latest update, to the paintkit. It hasn't been 100% confirmed but due to the date that your paints were released, it is sounding very likely... Two screenshots below as examples, but I had pretty much all the others installed also and showing the same problem. Is there something on my end that can be done to fix my files or would it fall back on you guy's the painters?
  7. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    Could the problem have been that I hadn't manually added the Libs folder and AUS folder to the scenery library..... Gulp...
  8. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    Ok, so I've just taken shots of all the files the whole way through. Andrew And they aren't quite in order, first two are switched.
  9. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    I've got my add-on .xml looking like what you posted previously. Files are in place but nothing is showing up in P3D. P3D read the add-on .xml and I approved it to be used, but as I said nothing of OZx in sim... I'll get to having a read through the SDK content at some stage, had a glance last night but need a more concerted effort and time to go through it and relate it to my add-on file and add-ons. Any chance of getting the full add-on .xml and seeing if that works? Is there anything in the works to bring everything OZx into one installer or would there be too many man hours involved and not enough demand? Thankyou for the help Jorge, really appreciate it! Andrew
  10. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    Haha, yeah, I'm just going off how other Add-on .xmls look. But no doubt, scenery is a little more complex. That is one heck of an add-on .xml! I would never have come close to creating something like that I can't recall what version of OZx installer the ORBX folder came from but it was 100% installed by one of the 3.0-3.5 OZx installers, and destined to go in the ORBX folder in the P3D root. It has a scripts folder with a windows batch file inside named 'AddSceneryLibEntries' and also a .cfg file named 'Scenerylib_!OZx' What I did initially was made an OZx folder inside C:\Users\YOUR_ID\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons From OZx 3.0-3.5, each installer was directed to that OZx folder inside ^ Prepar3D v4 Add-ons Your instructions sound straightforward, OZx_AUS and OZx_Lib go inside OZx, and the Effects and Scenery go with them alongside the Add-on .xml. However, inside that Scenery file is /Global/Texture/ rather than World/Scenery. Attached is a screenshot of what the installers put inside the C:\Users\YOUR_ID\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\OZx Do I just forget about those other files and just keep the AUS and LIB? Andrew
  11. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    How does this look Jorge? Currently, this doesn't seem to be working, I tried placing an empty 'OZx' folder in the root and directing the OZx file in the add-on .xml but that also didn't help. What is it I'm doing wrong?
  12. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    Hey Jorge @aeronauta, Are you using OZx in the root folder of P3D or in the external Add-on file with add-on .xml? Windows 10 completely crashed on me after a failed update and resulted in all applications being removed with a fresh install of windows 10... Only personal files and documents were saved so all my add-ons using add-on .xml were saved and ready to go once I got P3D installed again. I'm looking at if it's possible to use OZx via the add-on .xml so that I don't lose it all if anything goes wrong in the future... Andrew
  13. Victoria 15m PR

    Looking great @gibo! Wilsons Prom looks stunning, will be a real treat on the way to YFLI!
  14. NSW-VIC-TAS Imagery scenery

    Heck, this Photo Real content is looking incredible @gibo!! I mostly fly low level so hopefully we'll see some hi res at some stage but I'll have to show my support when Vic is released and fly a bit higher. ORBX should be backing you on this AUS PR venture... The possibilities!?! Keep up the great work! Andrew
  15. OZx P3D Libraries Open Beta *** UPDATED 18/01/2018 ********

    No problems Jorge, I did grab that update. For the most part, everything is pretty much intact as far as I can tell (across VIC, TAS, NT and SA). The standalone (not embedded within OZx v3-3.5), such as Coober Pedy, Broken Hill, Devonport, Flukey's NT fields, Stawell all seem to be fine... I got through most of SA today and things are looking good apart from the very occasional missing object. It is a shame to think that ORBX AU V2 will probably make OZx scenery a thing of the past... There are some real beauties (almost ORBX freeware standard) amongst the mix though that I hope will stand the test of time, at least for the next few years. Maybe at some stage, it'll be a matter of picking those ones out and seeing what can be done to keep them going?....