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    Trucks, Cars, Buses, Trains, Planes... erm, anything with wheels or an engine!
  1. Tapatalk problems since update.

    Awesome, cheers Jay

    Sorry for the bump, Jay. Liking the update so far. A lost more crisp and smart IMO. Don't know if this is the right place for this but hey, I'll put it here anyways. A couple of issues I've noticed so far: 1:all threads are classed as 'questions'. Something tells me that no everyone is asking a question when starting a new thread so may I suggest an alternative name could be 'conversations'? 2: Mobile site loading bar... When you click next page, or whatever, and the little black box comes up with "loading", the spinning animation is slightly off centre. This means the whole circle moves up/down/left/right. It's not a big issue but I'm OCD so it matters. :/ 3:Tapatalk compatibility. I put something up earlier in the support section about this. Getting an error every time I try to access the forum through the app I get an error- "get_config network error". Cheers for keeping the site going Jay (and team). Louis
  3. 100 Things you can't do on a Bus

    41: Be comfortable on an Optare Solo ;-/ 42:Board a bus with fogged up windows and NOT feel vulnerable (mods please feel free to change the wording of that if you feel it is inappropriate) (mod edit: I will; it is -Alice) 43:Pay any interest whatsoever to the bus itself without being judged by someone.
  4. Tapatalk problems since update.

    Hi all, Ever since the site got updated, I've been having real problems with accessing the forums through the tapatalk app. The error is:get_config network error. Is anyone else experiencing this? Anybody got a solution? Cheers in advance Louis
  5. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    But that doesn't explain why I used to get 18-ish FPS on the old Intel 4600 chip and now I get 4 on the R9 290!!!!
  6. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Well, I'm sure I already applied the 4Gb patch after the update but I'll try again...
  7. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Nope, I'm getting horribly low fps right from the start - I think you may have another issue! However I do experience the same "heavy map=higher FPS, light map=low FPS" - I was running Bowdenham V4 at around 17 FPS, not enough, I know, and then Great Grundorf - still quite heavy, but not as heavy as B'ham at like 2 FPS.... Just gonna hold out for the next update I think.
  8. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    I'm reckoning that it is due to the latest update - I have seen various other threads on here and elsewhere where people have had this strange stuttering issue recently. On that note, unless anything else happens big-time, I guess its kinda "case closed" for now!
  9. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Bringing this thread back to life, sorry for the bump. Still got problems, has anyone got any more ideas?
  10. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Crikey I hadn't thought of that. Cheers for that suggestion, I will return later with results! EDIT: Power settings are already at High Performance....
  11. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Gonna try lowering my target FPS right down from 120-ish to about 60 - it could be, perhaps, that the GPU is trying to hard to achieve such high FPS and therefore is diverting some of its resources away from more important things!!!
  12. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    On other thing - the lags only occur when the "loaded tex.s mem." counter goes UP so I do you think I might have a duff set of VRAM on the graphics card? Well, I hope not! I would not have thought the GPU would cause such sudden spikes. PSU is brand new and from my calculations has over 400w headroom before it tops out and begins sending dodgy currents. I will try that.
  13. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Reflection are on economy, and I'm fairly sure my view distance is pretty low too - I haven't changed that since I upgraded my setup.
  14. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    Nope, all running at daytime with no light changes. So, looks like I'm gonna have to backup my install...... or maybe get a faster CPU!
  15. OMSI 2 Runs slower on higher-spec system! Help!

    HDD is fine as far as I can tell. When you say "the instance where it changes from bright to dark light", could you define that please? There are no apparent light changes in the game...