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  1. Still testing...
  2. View File Manly ACT TWO Welcome back to Manly. A year after the release of Manly ACT ONE, Manly ACT TWO brings 11 new routes to the sunny seaside suburbs of Manly. New areas have been introduced which now connect Manly with Mosman via the Spit Bridge. Manly ACT TWO brings a new level of realism when it comes to the driver experience. Manly Drivers will be expected to learn their way and will be guided by timetables and journals. Included Routes. Pre-existing ACT ONE routes 136 - Manly Wharf to Narraweena Shops via Dee Why. (extended to Narraweena in ACT TWO) E36 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to North Curl Curl via Freshwater Shops 139 - Manly Wharf to Warringah Mall via South Curl Curl 155 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Shops via Brookvale 159 - Manly Wharf to Dee Why Grand via Wingala Routes introduced in ACT TWO 135 - Warringah Mall to North Fort/quarantine Station via Manly E35 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to Manly Vale Shops via Balgowlah Shops E41 - EXPRESS Manly Wharf to North Balgowlah via Seaforth Shops 143 - Manly Wharf to Spit Junction* 144 - Manly Wharf to Mosman Junction* 145 - Warringah Mall to The Bluff via Manly Vale West 151 - Drunk Bus - Spit Junction to Dee Why via Manly* E65 - EXPRESS Spit Junction to South Curl Curl via Kenneth Road* 169 - Manly Wharf to Narraweena via Dee Why* L78 - LIMITED STOPS Spit Junction to Dee Why* 248 - The Spit to Spit Junction via Seaforth Shops* This is a heavy map, you will need to ensure that you run CFF Explorer. You may need to lower your settings if you run into issues. Make sure that you download all 4 files + any Hotfixes. Also be sure to turn collisions off for the best experience Submitter Chuckinho Submitted 10/28/2015 Category OMSI Maps Which version of OMSI is this download for ? V2
  3. I've had a tinker (a.k.a. spent two whole nights playing with it) and I can report that I am most of the way there. I need to sort out about 6 defective tiles which all stem from ACT ONE/OMSI not OMSI2
  4. Along Forestway in ACT THREE you are going to need all the bus stop markers you can find
  5. MANLY WIP THANKS AND CREDITS bear76 - timetabling, journals and timetables :) Thiago - scripting OhGaz - postboxes, phonebooths, busshelters, street objects ************************************************************************* Howdy all those in OMSI land. I am looking at making a map of the Manly/Lower Northern Beaches area and have been busily building some wee objects. The plan is to drive on the left. Below is a wee pic of some objects from my test area.'> A couple of wee questions ... When I place my made objects in OMSI Editor, it moves a long way away, I assume there is some anchor in Blender that I need to move. Any ideas? Does anyone know how to add labels to Objects? I have made a Green chevron guide sign an was looking to make various things editable including: Name of the Road Focal Points (towns) Alphanumeric numbers where appropriate. I was planning to use Roadgeek fonts to achieve this. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. Intruiging. I'm going to have to hve myself a play...
  7. I have now sorted out houses along Forest Way all the way from Belrose RFS to Warringah Road Just need to build some nurseries and Forest Way will be sorted - hoorah It is fair to say that spotting Bus Stops along Forest Way without the guide markers will be quite the challenge
  8. That might prove helpful...
  9. Are the issues the squares coming up in black then? Once again, I can't tell what the faults are if I don't have a access to the programme.
  10. Generaly I continue landscaping along Forest Way. I am about 2 blocks from having it sorted from Warringah Road to Belrose RFS.
  11. The tutrial I saw for creating a roadmap for this OmniNavigation talks about loading the whole map at once. Doing that leads to freezing or running out of memory. IF bits re missing (which I've seen in Steve Chester's videos) is it possible that they are specific tile maps missing in which case I may be able to supply them...
  12. Another Wooden Fence Another Brick Wall
  13. Lane mergers
  14. Belrose Bowling Club Gate
  15. ... and why not just put a sticker on parking post...
  16. Some of the bus stops along Forestway re a bit difficult to find. Good luck
  17. Intruiging. I went to look at the site and it wanted me to buy a licence... A wee bit cheeky...
  18. It just works fr me. Not sure what your issue is? What is this OmniNavigation Team you speak of?
  19. This thread is a place to put in a request for any repaints which you would like to have for a particular project. Nobody is under any obligation to meet your request, but if the mood takes them and they are feeling generous, you may find yourself graced with your desire. Remember at all times to be courteous and thankful for the hard work of others. Do not bump the thread or try to chase up a repaint. Be prepared to provide plenty of information if asked for including real world photos of the desired repaint from a variety of angles. Please note that this is a trial topic, and abuse of it will mean it is closed and we return to 'no requests' across the board. This is the only topic in which requests are allowed. If Staff feel that you are in anyway overstepping our general rules regarding the way in which you interact with other members of the community, the usual sanctions will apply. Any use of a repaint by another member MUST be acknowledged in your project. Happy repainting
  20. I jumped on one of those old Dusseldorf trams the other week. I wonder what the fascination is with old buses and old trams. I think I'd prefer a newer model
  21. Good luck. As usual if you need any small things, let me know...
  22. Forestway X 12m intersection
  23. More Wesley Gardens Signage
  24. Wesley Gardens Bus Stop with new fencing
  25. Some more warning signage Horses Horses + Next X km Dropbears + Next X km Next X km undersignage is customisable and can fit a second digit if needed (not something too often needed in the Sydney Basin. I was going to say the city, but we are talking about Terrey Hills here