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  1. All tiles collected and testing is underway. I have decided to try and colour things up a bit though, as the grey roads look a wee bit boring
  2. Still testing...
  3. I've had a tinker (a.k.a. spent two whole nights playing with it) and I can report that I am most of the way there. I need to sort out about 6 defective tiles which all stem from ACT ONE/OMSI not OMSI2
  4. Along Forestway in ACT THREE you are going to need all the bus stop markers you can find
  5. Intruiging. I'm going to have to hve myself a play...
  6. I have now sorted out houses along Forest Way all the way from Belrose RFS to Warringah Road Just need to build some nurseries and Forest Way will be sorted - hoorah It is fair to say that spotting Bus Stops along Forest Way without the guide markers will be quite the challenge
  7. That might prove helpful...
  8. Are the issues the squares coming up in black then? Once again, I can't tell what the faults are if I don't have a access to the programme.
  9. Generaly I continue landscaping along Forest Way. I am about 2 blocks from having it sorted from Warringah Road to Belrose RFS.
  10. The tutrial I saw for creating a roadmap for this OmniNavigation talks about loading the whole map at once. Doing that leads to freezing or running out of memory. IF bits re missing (which I've seen in Steve Chester's videos) is it possible that they are specific tile maps missing in which case I may be able to supply them...
  11. Another Wooden Fence Another Brick Wall
  12. Lane mergers
  13. Belrose Bowling Club Gate
  14. ... and why not just put a sticker on parking post...
  15. Some of the bus stops along Forestway re a bit difficult to find. Good luck