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  1. I'm off on a holiday for the next month or so.See you next year
  2. I've been working on the roading through the more rural looking bits of Belrose and have built a new 2 lane spline with a massive median. In the meantime, here are some screenshots of some AD signage from around Belrose.
  3. Great Sentiments and same to anyone out there reading this. I have a bunch of time off over Christmas and look forward to spending it somewhere cooler
  4. I intend on revisiting the parking stuff in ACT THREE
  5. Any updates? 10 days too long between drinks? 'Tis the silly season. This map wont be payware. Modding OMSI is a hobby which I share with the likes of @bear76 and others. I am comfortable in knowing that I have a day job which I enjoy doing and which pays the bills. I don't see making payware map as a financial imperative as I have no interest in jeopardising my day job as I think it would be hard to feed my wife and kids on OMSI alone OMSI also doesn't do sick leave or holidays - well actually it does, if I don't feel like modding, I take the night off - this is most definitely a hobby
  6. The texture for the parking signs was massive in ACT ONE and so I downsized it for ACT TWO, hence the fuzz.
  7. 'nough said Get off you phones and enjoy your families in these festive times.
  8. Hills in Holland - that can't be right
  9. Sorry, the mailbox fills pretty quicky Should work now
  10. Glad you got it working
  11. The cubes are like that so that we can simulate varying passenger loads at different times of the week/day/night
  12. I have seen the fix, which is great news. If you were prepared to edit all the bus cubes for a re-release of ACT TWO, that would be awesome. It is a gargantuan task which is why I was going to leave it until I release ACT THREE next year. ... But if you are keen to have a go, that would be tops
  13. Sydney Buses are in the midst of developing a rapid bus line from Mona Vale to the City along the busy Pittwater Rd/Condamine St/Manly Rd/Spit Rd, Military Rd corridor called B-Line. It will be intriguing to see what it looks like in the end. My guess is that it will shake up the routes around here something chronic
  14. Anything has to be better than a Rhenish German Spanish Accent. You're right, this is more a lost opportunity than a masterstroke.