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  1. Clontarf St #35 Clontarf St #36 Clontarf St #37 Clontarf St #38 Getting pretty close to having sorted tis area - hoorah. This route links Seaforth with North Balgowlah via Clontarf St etc. At the top of Eileen Street, the route will link with the 145 loop which occasionally runs through North Seaforth and past Balgowlah North School.
  2. Clontarf St #33 Clontarf St #34
  3. Dutch signage? What is with the numbers next to factory logo?
  4. I agree but Vlietburg uses a whole heap of other DLC anyways which is MrDrives prerogative. Correct me if I'm wrong but you need Hamburg and Vienna to run the map I prefer to make my own stuff but Manly is available on OmniNavigation too and I've spent a bunch of time tweaking it for that programme to improve the experience. Saying that I like the feel of route markers and have enhanced them for ACT THREE
  5. Eileen St sorted
  6. I don't think OmniNavigator is ideal for slower systems.
  7. Perhaps, but its better than having folk whinge about getting lost all the time
  8. As we head into North Balgowlah, many of the Streetnames appear to have names base around the north coast of NSW e.g. Urunga, Taree, Coramba, Woolgoolga, Dorrigo, Yamba, Nimbin...
  9. Clontarf St #31 Clontarf St #32
  10. Clontarf St #29 Clontarf St #30
  11. Clontarf St #28
  12. I like route markers too, no harm in them. If folk don't like them, they can turn them off...
  13. Clontarf St #24 Clontarf St #25 Clontarf St #26 Clontarf St #27 I always find the mix of houses in suburbs to be amazing... There is no shortage of unique houses going into this part of the map It would ofcourse be easier to just make everything so very generic, but sometimes, the custom stuff adds to the atmosphere as you race past. Suffice to say that racing past is a challenge in these narrow roads anywhere
  14. Clontarf St #23
  15. Clontarf St #22