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  1. Just the same old D92 with the krueger++ mod, and some of my custom textures to modernise the bus. I also made an add on for more fleet numbers displayed around the bus, which you can see in the pics; I should be able to release in a couple of weeks. I'm currently working on creating plug-sliding doors for the bus, I may also release that too! I made the bus stops for the Greater London and Central Map, which I stopped working on a while back now. They basically work on image textures, where each bus stop flag has been made in photoshop
  2. A few screenshots from a private expansion of Grundorf that i made... Bauernhof, now known as Bourne Farm:
  3. Hello All, First off, I would like to say thank you to all of the people who contacted me over the past couple of months concerned about where I have disappeared to, and I apologise for not responding to you all. I am doing very well, and I apologise for my absence from the forum. Many of you may know me as the person behind the Greater London & Central Map (GLaC) and my version of the Wright Gemini 2, which I started working on in September 2014, and it is with great regret that I am announcing that these projects are no longer work-in-progress, due to many reasons that I will explain below. While I was confident that the progress of the GLaC map, Wright Gemini 2 and Clayford Westferry was going very well (and many of you might have seen from the images I posted on this forum), I quickly ran into complications with the creation of the map. One pressing issue is the time I had to work on the GLaC map and buses. Many of you know that I was 16 years old when I started the GLaC map and the buses, and months after I started, work on the map conflicted with the work I had to do for my 6th form college studies. This wasn’t an issue at first, but more and more of my time was being allocated to my studies, as it really should be. Eventually during the 1st quarter of 2015, progress was eventually halted to make way for my studies and, to this very day, It is extremely hard to find the time to work on anything OMSI-related. Another issue that I ran into whilst making the map was the legality of using the objects from various sources. For example, some of the real-life building objects were sourced from the Trimble 3D warehouse, which were free to download, but most of these objects that I used in my map came with personal usage license, and I would be breaching this term if I distribute it to the OMSI community. The incompatibility when it came to left-hand-drive vehicles was yet another issue that I ran into whilst making the map. In total, I ran 42 tests on the map, where I noticed errors with the AI cars not behaving as they should. Many errors caused the game to lag severely while trying to handle the spline paths on the map. The issues I had with the GLaC map regarded the objects and custom junctions that I created for it, which worked in previous versions of OMSI 2. However, in newer versions of OMSI 2, these objects seem to not work and tiles do not show in the map anymore. I tried to re-install previous versions of OMSI 2, but this only made matters worse, as the GLaC map was no longer recognised by the game, and after months of discussing the issue with OMSI developers, they recommended me to restart the creation of the map again, apologising for the inconvenience. This missing tile issue still exists in OMSI, and it is for that reason why I can no longer play certain maps, such as Bowdenham v4.0. With all of these issues, I came to the difficult decision to suspend the progress of the map and buses. with regards to the map, Other projects based on London exist, such as the South London Project, I which I 100% support the progress of, and I truly believe that the developers behind this London map are creating something that is much better than what I was going to create. It is not the end of OMSI Development for me, however. Most of my time is now spent creating objects and vehicles for OMSI 2, as well as doing repaints on buses (expect these repaints to be released later on this month). Thanks for taking the time to read this very long message. MikeJnr
  4. I present to you, the Enviro200 [which is unfinished]: Remember, this is only about 20% complete. I've still got the doors, interior, chairs, handlebars, windows, iBus displays, headlights and tail lights, the driver's cockpit, ADL dashboard, textures, scripting the engine, the Allison 2100 gearbox and testing on OMSI before I release it. Once again, I truly apologise for my absence. It's due to major work on my website, which would be available here, and my School coursework. I'm slapping myself in the face for choosing BTEC as it's 100% coursework for 2 years . As always, education comes first. I am still doing background work on my Greater London & Central Map, none of my projects are halted or suspended fortunately. There have been many people contacting me through PM with regards to how the development of the map is progressing. I would encourage to check my signature for updates as that's all I can do for now! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  5. i'm using Blender 2.70a. If your bus is sill flipping up, then in sketchup, select everything, copy, open a new sketchup file and go to edit >> paste in place. if your model is the wrong way round, just rotate it. try exporting it then.
  6. i actually made a powerpoint that should help you with this issue: http://1drv.ms/1teyVcf
  7. I would always make sure of that before exporting things into blender, then Omsi.
  8. Thanks Trainzy, and you're absolutely right about the roadworks in Victoria, and i will include them. it's just annoying that they've been working on that area for over 4 years now, which is why i was struggling to get an accurate photo representation on how the bus station should look like without roadworks, so please forgive me if some parts in omsi are a little out-of-line with real life
  9. ...and the Rear View:
  10. Source: What are you working on? (OMSI 2)
  11. It definitely should be. I could recognise those seats any day. Anyway... I haven't been on this forum for a while because of internet problems, but I'm back (Hooray!), and I have many updates for the Greater London and Central Map. Firstly, after a whole week, on working on crossovers near Victoria bus station, I finally finished: Here it is in OMSI: Yes, I know, Still a lot of work to do. At least this is good Progress. I'm also working on the London bus Shelter (The old one): I'm also going to start working on the new London Bus Shelter that has been appearing at certain bus stops over the past 4 years. Also, My Wright Gemini 2. The modelling of this bus is quite complicated. I have been using various 3d modelling software, such as Blender, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3DS MAX and sketchup. While i do not recommend to anyone the way i model my buses, I simply model this way to suit my modelling skills. I think it's going quite well so far, and i'm sure you will agree: Remember the date: August 2016. I also said i was going to start a thread on my map, and i'm very sorry for the delay. expect it very very soon.
  12. Looking Good Same Here. Just started college here in London and the workload is just unbelievable.