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  1. Flyboy_Busman

  2. Can you lend a hand?

    The problem with a request like that is going to be that there is a lot of work required to get even a very basic model into OMSI, never mind make it work to a satisfactory level. It may be wise to simply use what we have at the moment, then make changes when/if the desired buses become available. I would love to have an Omni City and Omni Dekka in OMSI as they are the buses in use where my map is based. However I have had to compramise for the time being with E400's (which are used in the city, but not on the routes I'm modeling) and Geminis.
  3. Fails, Accidents and Mistakes.

    That's basically the story with a lot of buses here nowadays. Some have an interlock to prevent the driver moving off with the doors open, or there is a reminder buzzer. My reminiscence was from the 90's where my home town was still in possession of some rather old vehicles. Leyland Nationals, Atlanteans, and Bristol VRIII's for example. Where it was quite possible to drive all day, with every aperture wide open.
  4. Fails, Accidents and Mistakes.

    This jogs a memory from my youth, of drivers during the hot summer months driving around with the door open. Can't imagine the reaction they would have got in the snow though. Would never be allowed nowadays of course, due to 'elf and safety, and the litigation culture that seems to be creeping in. Any driver caught would surely face a stiff penalty.
  5. 100 Things you can't do on a Bus

    52. Murder all the people that complain when your child cries because they are Teething/ill/suffering nappy rash/scared*. Despite your best effort to soothe them. (*Delete as appropriate)
  6. B7L Destination Display in Renown?

    Three of them (at least) are Scanias. S801/802/803SJV were delivered new to Lincolnshire RoadCar, and used as extras on the interconnect 6 (Lincoln - Skegness). If my grey matter is still working correctly they were delivered with Roller Blinds, and only gained their matrix displays after Stagecoach moved in to "Improve" Lincolnshire's bus service. [Pedant] These 3 are also not Renowns, they are known as Wright Axcess-Flowlines on ScaniaL94UB Chassis.[/Pedant] Although given that the bodywork is almost identical to that of a Volvo B10BLE Renown, some licence could indeed be used. With only a handfull of people making RHD buses, we must work with what we have.
  7. Cito White Seat

    Have you downloaded the OMSI 2 version of the bus, or just copied over the OMSI 1 version?
  8. Have you considered using Terrain Splines as apposed to painted on textures?
  9. Map Problems

    The logfile tells me that you seem to be missing 4 splines, the VKL spline pack can be found here: http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=5572 That should go some way to solving your problem.
  10. Map Problems

    Ah right you are. That's that one sorted. What happens is, the map will load, and show the area where the entry point is, but as soon as I go to click an icon or move the camera around the screen goes a translucent white, and the game stops responding.
  11. Map Problems

    Right guys. Hi hope you are all well. I am about to lose patience with OMSI2. I have spent my long weekend off work starting on a new map project. Unfortunately, I have run into a major issue. The map loads perfectly well in the editor with no errors or problems of any kind. However, when i go to load it in the game, the inexplicably crashes. There are no warnings, no error messages, no indication that anything is wrong until the game crashes, seemingly without making any effort to work at all. I have tried other maps and they all work perfectly, it's just my map that OMSI seems to have a problem with. The logfile, (attached below), seems to be shouting about textures, however after looking at the logfile from another map which worked without issue, it too was shouting about textures. I just don't know what on earth is wrong. logfile.txt
  12. Building Textures.

    Thank you for that link, very helpful. Since the area I am covering is an hours drive from where I live, it is rather difficult with other commitments to be able to make a field trip. There is also a small part of my project, where if i were to start taking pictures, some rather awkward questions would be asked, and a nice pair of bracelets produced. Streetview could be handy for the most part, However there is also the small issue of the part mentioned above, which is not on streetveiw either.
  13. Building Textures.

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I have noticed recently that there has been mention of re-textureing building models in OMSI to suit the needs of a map. My question is twofold. 1) Is there a tutorial on how to re-texture existing building models? Or could someone maybe give me a quick crash course. 2) Where would I be able to find some good quality free to use textures? I realise that the easiest way to obtain good textures is to go out and take the photos yourself, however the area that my current project is based on is about an hours drive from where I live, so is a little impractical when work and family is considered. Thank you in advance to anyone that is able to offer any help on this.
  14. Topic order

    On another forum I am on they have something called a Double Post Prevention System. So it is not uncommon to see posts like this. Wibble wibble blah blah ------------old post above-----------new post below----------- Blah Last edited 00:00 Reason: Double Post Prevention System. It helps to keep the forums tidy, so you don't get a load of consecutive posts from one person.
  15. Can you lend a hand?

    Apologies for my tardiness in responding. I availed myself of the SDK, I didn't find a blank map in there, however there are a lot of other useful tools in there that will come in handy for the future. So thank you for pointing that out. In the end it seems that I have been an idiot (even more than I first thought), as I had forgotten that there was a templates folder with a blank map in there. So with that I have commenced my new project. Which I will explain in more detail, once I have something interesting to show.