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  1. Here are pics of various airliners (including Qantas) doing their finals, and arriving at their gates. Airliners landing at Changi
  2. Hey Darryl Received DVD last Friday Once again, thanks for troubling yourself in sending it to me. No problem installing the files. Currently enjoying these amazing Australian airports and sceneries In case you are wondering, the DVD was apparently held and inspected by postal authority. This is normal procedure for any DVD in a mail (to check for pirated dvds etc). Anyone living in Malaysia or Singapore who needs a copy?
  3. relieved that you (and OZX) escaped an uncertain future Jay. Oh, whatever happened to your BATMOBILE?
  4. Thanks a ton Darryl. I have already pm you my addy
  5. Sorry, I am not living in Australia and NZ, and I mistakenly thought the swaps is for people living nearby in there. Thanks for the advice, meatycus. If anyone could send me a copy of the dvd I would be very happy indeed. Im having problems downloading the files. Got cut off half ways in my all my 3 dl attempts. I'll pay for the airfreight charges. I am in Singapore. I can distribute 2 copies f.o.c to my fsx buddies here. thanks alot!
  6. Hi Where can I purchase 2.2/2/1 - since myself neither Aussie nor Kiwi? Thanks!
  7. True. I use live.com for my blogs too. I feel safe with it. It's been 2 years now, and no problem so far
  8. bye Hutchie - see you in the next world where you are now