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  1. ZJ517

  2. You are looking at the wrong place - it has nothing to do with the scripts, but in the model. Specifically, on the mesh of the fleet# and registration. What you have started was the correct first step - You can just use "[email protected] 1J" just fine in order to use just one .org file for both fleet# and registration at the same time. What you need to do is going back to Blender, look up the face which you map the fleet#/registration texture (usually D_kennzeichen.bmp). If you map it normally, the fleet# & registration will appear on top of one another when the model is loaded into OMSI, e.g.: DMS1 EGP 1J In essence, the "@" sign prompts OMSI to start a new line of the fleet/registration. So what you have to do is to adjust the mapping of the texture accordingly in order to make it fit. I have done exactly the same thing on my bus and it works well after some trial and error. Good luck with that, hope it works for you sir. Edit: Sorry I replied without reading the final posts...!
  3. What are you working on?

    It has been some time since I last put an update on my bus, but I had made one significant update by finishing the mesh for the dual purpose seat version: Still in progress on sorting out the sound, but I am pleased to say that I am looking for an initial release before the middle of the year (fingers crossed!).
  4. OMSI Maps :: Bowdenham V4

    I was on the road! It happened when I get under the overhang of each streetlamp, it just get knocked over. It looks like the boundary of that object was playing up somehow. But I just updated Simplestreets per your advice and it seems to solve the problem now. Thanks!
  5. OMSI Maps :: Bowdenham V4

    I have a very odd problem - Wherever I drive I keep knocking over the streetlamps. Any idea why?
  6. What are you working on?

    Wow stunning work Daniel. Can't wait to see that, and your Gemini as well. For the President, is there any plan to do a shorter wheelbase version and a version for the B7TL?
  7. OMSI 10.4M Olympian Help.

    Did you save the font files to the font folder?
  8. Exporting

    You need to check whether your .x file is too large. The convertor can only convert to a .o3d file up to about 5Mb. If that's the case, all you have to do is breaking up the model into smaller bits.
  9. Exporting

    I'm on v2.63 and can export the .x files without any issue so at least that should be fine as well.
  10. Making buttons and handles

    Just to add on to marrecar's point, it's the script within *.cfg within the model directory that you need to change in order to make the buttons work. I suggest you take a look at the file at, say the SD200 to work it out.
  11. Well, it wasn't the solution I was hoping, because I really wanted to get rid of the stamper! But hey, I suppose I can just delete the corresponding sound file (Entwerter.wav) and pretend the stamper is not there...!
  12. I "seem" to have found a solution, after asking around (courtesy to the help from NL202Fan of OMSI-Forum) plus my own try-and-errors. In my case at least, it seems like the problem is caused by removing the stamper coordinates from the passengercabin.org file - Ironically, it was exactly what I wanted to do in the first place, as my bus in not expected to have a ticket stamper! Nevertheless, I put the stamper syntax back in and it is fine now. One other thing that NL202Fan kindly pointed out, is making sure that in the passengercabin.org file, you leave at least one of your entry point without the The command {noticketsale}. It may be something that's worth trying if you still encounter the problem. I will update if I find out a bit more on the error....
  13. Lol I was hoping you managed to resolve it after all that time! I'm on 1.01 still, and my problem is exactly the same as yours, right after the passenger takes the change. I'm going round the main forum to ask for help as well... The problem is, this error does not seem to get logged in the logfile, which make debugging even more tricky.
  14. Whilst working on the passengercabin file of my bus, particularly on the coordinates of the ticket, money and change, I'm encountering the above error message "Zugriffsverletzung bei adresse 0052F85D, lesen von 00000014" With the help of Google, it led me to FinMods' 9900 thread on the WIP forum, which made a mention on the same error: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/16443-vehicles-volvo-b13r-9900hd-ng-123m/?p=154968 I have looked through a few of the subsequent pages without finding a potential solution. Could anyone help? Thanks.
  15. OMSI Maps :: Bowdenham V3

    Excellent map. However there are still some hidden objects lying around various bits of the road though. One that I spotted - or bumped into - is the bus stand at Wotton High Road by the kerb. Quite tricky when I try to pull into the stand close to the kerb! I'll try to report more hidden walls/objects that I bump into at some point.