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  1. I have! But now have the smaller version of RSS, the RSS on Kerbal size Stock parts are a bit more usable with it and the physics and theories are the same.
  2. Since OMSI is a no-go on the Macbook and I don't have a good Windows option right now, I play a lot of other games and simulators. I'm currently addicted to Stellaris, Cities:Skylines, Transport Fever and Kerbal Space Program. Every spare minute is put in those
  3. Ah, well the D92 does have the sound system in place, the announcements it self aren't installed for the map or there is something else blocking. Can you post the OMSI log? You can see the path where OMSI is looking for the sound files. But in general terms most if not all buses can play announcements.
  4. About all buses can handle announcements. Any specific wishes or reasons?
  5. If they had used the right architecture for the software, and didn't invent the wheel again, a lot of issues would have been solved in version 1. But decisions where different and now we have a buggy, unfinished simulator, that is the number 1 bus simulator available. I'm addicted to it and got used to it's issues.
  6. A patch switcher to revert back to another version because of a bug but no bugfix... I would be fired from my job if I would propose this. #personalopinion
  7. Best wishes for health, love and a happy new year.
  8. Then share your logfile Tommy. We can't magically see what's going on there Something is missing.
  9. Articulated buses and stability hopes...
  10. Support is done by the community. This has always been the case, with a small portion done by the team members. Creating a game for multi platform isn't that consuming anymore. There are ready made packages to build on. That's why many games are cross platform these days. Not because it's time intensive Thanks for the engine correction, mrDrive and jorD1.
  11. Because my windows laptop is on the other side of the country, I 'play' it on a virtual Windows on my Macbook. Let's say, I can drive around Grundorf and X10 on the lowest settings But no, sadly OMSI isn't one of the games and simulators that are cross-platform. It's mostly because of the chosen 'engine' to create the objects and graphics. Some games use one that is designed to be used on multiple platforms (like Unity) others only on one. From what I understand Lotus will have the same engine family as OMSI. So I don't expect it. But I like to be surprised
  12. Hi WhattyCallum! Sounds like you're missing some objects. Can you please post the contents of your logfile so we can see what's going wrong?
  13. Interesting Mr Drive, can you elaborate? Are there any requirements on having OMSI 1 present for running this map?
  14. Hi there! Well, as a first, you're missing the ticket pack. 72 6:58:13 PM - - Error: The file "TicketPacks\NewBerlin_1\Berlin_1_euro.otp" could not be loaded! I also see an awful lot of warnings on textures that can't be found. Please be sure you have ALL required addons installed for this map. A missing tile means that something is midding.