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  2. You know what, it's a Carenado aircraft! I'm not a real pilot but I've flown tons of different add-on planes and helicopters. If you know your real-life GA stuff then sure, you'll find some faults in the Carenado Navajo and it will bug you because you are aware of it. Me, I don't know the intricate details of a Piper Navajo so I just fire her up and enjoy the model as it is. It looks great, flies like it probably would in real-life and it sounds good too. I like it, but as soon as you compare it to something like the A2A Comanche, the air goes right out (Swedish saying). On it's own, it's a great little twin-engine and I enjoy it when I don't have a lot of time for check-lists or maintenance walkarounds and just want to FLY!
  3. CBris: I only have the Carenado Navajo unfortunately but thanks anyway. Here's another Carenado Piper Navajo request while I'm here, used in both Greenland and Denmark:
  4. I would really love if someone could do the following repaint for this Finnish Airforce Carenado Navajo, I know it's a chieftain but close enough. Here is a photo where you can see some of the wing camo, it's not the exact same plane but very similar paintscheme: Here's a run-up of one of the Finnish Air Defence Chieftains, looks like poor plane doesn't enjoy the Finnish winter climate
  5. Hi! First off, I love your Huey model which I recently purchased but I've run in to some problems. All the frequency nobs seems to be stuck, I've tried scrolling with the mouse wheel (as it usually should be in FSX) on both the nobs and the frequency display but numbers are stuck. I have the latest patch installed, I installed all three and then tried also clean install with just the latest patch because I wasn't sure if the latest patch was a cumulative one. Basically I just wantt to get VOR navigation working, I have FSX with acceleration pack installed. Please help! Update: Ok so now I did a thorough clean re-install and all the nobs and dials seems to be working but could somebody explain to me how to use the radio navigation?