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  1. I have tried on several occasions, over several days to upload my aircraft repaint. I have the main zip file and a screenshot image file. The screenshot uploads fine but the zip file -14mb takes along time and hangs around 14% to the latest of 28% then I get the error pop up. I have uploaded the same file to several other sites so know the problem is not at my end. Can you have a look at your end and see if there is an issue. On another issue I can't even insert an image into this post so have had to attach as file Steve S EDiT.......tried the drpittome alternative but that doesn't work either.
  2. Create Mangoes [[Template core/front/global/navBar is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] This message is appearing at the top each page and the search field seems to be missing. Is this an error your end or my browser
  3. Mangoes

  4. Where are the Admin staff?, I'm trying to contribute to the library, as I have in the past and it would appear no-one is interested.
  5. I am trying to upload a file, as mentioned. I have done so numerous other times, prior to the website makeover.
  6. I've been trying to upload an aircraft repaint, 18mb file for the last week, it gets stuck on 3% and goes no further. I've tried 3 times at various times, always sticks at 3%. I've uploaded numerous files before no problems, but this is my first under the new website look. Anyone else having similar issues? steve southey
  7. Hi JayKae,

    I know your a very busy person but if you have a spare 10 minutes could you do a repaint of the Carenado F406 in any Australian Rego. Although I've published several repaints on Aussiex, I just can't get my head around Carenado (or Aerosoft) repainting.


    It would be greatly appreciated


    steve southey

  8. Carenado Cessna F406 in any Australian registration please. steve s
  9. Can you be a bit more specific...does it load, what textures are showing, what other scenery is installed, what platform?. Your post is more of a statement that inquiry.
  10. There is no Nationality when the Dollars comes calling.
  11. Could be interesting with their new Aussie Coach.
  12. Success! I've managed to Get Dubbo up and running by setting the width to zero on both runways. I would like to thank everyone you helped me do this. I can now make Dubbo a major stopover hub for my NSW flights.
  13. This is my version of 1.66, still no transparent box AND it won't compile if I change the runway texture to asphalt (or any other) or runway width to 0. I think I'll just have to pass on the Dubbo scenery and divert all flights.
  14. Hi Jorge, I do have the separate Acceleration disc for FSX but I uninstalled it back in 2009, I didn't find it suitable. I've managed since then without it. My question now is, Is the Dubbo scenery only compatible for FSX with Acceleration? which would make it different to all other FTX scenery available. steve