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  1. That's quite exciting. I particularly like the: Who do I play in LOTUS? Driver Shunter Dispatcher Scheduler and tour planner Vehicle constructor Map creator Landscaper and urban planner And I hope that doesn't just mean you can drive and edit maps
  2. I'm sure we've been through this before. Windows 10 released in 2015 will reach end of extended support in 2025. Windows 10 Anniversary update, released in 2016, will reach end of extended support in 2026. Windows 10 Creators update, due for release later this year, will reach end of extended support in 2027. This is the idea of 'Windows as a service' as opposed to being a fixed version of the operating system - this is why they said that "Windows 10 will be the last Windows operating system" - rather than release 'Windows 11' as a big OS upgrade, they are going for more frequent feature updates all under the brand of 'Windows 10', and intend to continue doing so for as long as we have the idea of operating systems. You can see that they release major updates roughly every year, and those major updates are supported for 5 years plus 5 more for security updates. As an example, if you are running the original 2015 version of Windows 10 in 2026, you won't get any further updates or support, but (assuming your PCs spec is good enough) you could upgrade to the latest 2026 version, and have ten years more support. Does that make sense? There won't be a sudden end to Windows in 2025. In whatever major version update they release in 2025, that version will have another 5 years mainstream support and 5 years long-term after that. You will already have seen that in earlier posts, you showed that the end of support was 2025, and now you'll see that the 2016 Anniversary update has been added to the support lifecycle page, and it now shows end of support as 2026. When the next version comes out, it will be aadded to the support lifecycle page and show the end of support as 2027, and so on
  3. It's available here: https://www.blender.org/
  4. Merry Christmas from the UK!
  5. Hi, From looking at the contents of the file, it seems that this file is for Train Simulator and not for OMSI. Therefore it will not work in OMSI. Sorry for the bad news. Oi, De olhar para o conteúdo do arquivo, parece que este arquivo é para Train Simulator e não para OMSI. Portanto, não funcionará no OMSI. Desculpe pelas más notícias.
  6. Yes, it is OMSI 2's third birthday today. Barely seems three years ago that it was released but surprisingly, that's how long it's been. Remember the exciting anticipation of being able to drive the NG272 and going to Ruhleben?
  7. I found out what the letters mean: Bourne, Priory, Uni, Royal, Village, Coast, Dolphin and Heath. Makes only a small amount of sense, but it seems Yellow Buses are going to be a Poor Man's Trent Barton.
  8. It does make me wonder though, as we all assumed better RHD support would be patched in prior to the release of the London add-on. Without it, it puts us in the position that the add-on may not work quite correctly (unless the devs have done some magic with the creation of the add-on)
  9. I don't know specifics of their forum, as we're not affiliated with them, but I would certainly think that they have just as good an approach to keeping your details secure
  10. AussieX keeps your details secure, so you've no need to worry about that. Yes, many websites can get user details hacked but it largely tends to be big or controversial sites - fortunately, our little flight sim and bus sim website isn't really worth the time for hackers. If you are worried about your passwords getting out, I would definitely suggest using a different password for each website.
  11. Exactly. This stops here. We know that the Lotus developers have said "we are preparing multi-platform support", whether that will result in Lotus on Mac and Linux is not certain at this stage in development (and certain things may have been lost in translation). Until the developers say anything more, we are unable to be sure. Unfortunately, as discussion of this subject seems to be going in circles and irritating people, I will have to put an end to it for now. So until further notice, discussion of Lotus support for Mac and/or Linux must stop, as it falls under rule 10: "discussions about the price or way in which OMSI/Lotus is distributed".
  12. I don't know about others, but I tend to find doing a completely realistic route as a first try is really difficult, if not impossible. What might be an idea is to do a route based off the real-life route, but to change it to fit in with what you are able to do in the editor
  13. I'm already confused! The only other thing could be colours? B - blue, P - pink, R - Red, V- Violet?
  14. Thought i'd bring this back as there seem to be big things afoot in Bournemouth. According to the VOSA bus registrations, Yellow Buses are planning to completely overhaul the network in January, 10 and a half years after the Big Network Change when Transdev took over. These appear to be the new routes, though the precise details are not yet available. B1: Bournemouth Square to Bournemouth Airport (likely a renumbering of the 14) B2: Bournemouth Square to Bearwood via Winton (renumbered 4a) B3: Bournemouth Square to Bournemouth Hospital via Winton (renumbering of the 4b, and extended back to the hospital, also going via Townsend) B4: Bournemouth Square to Ringwood via Ferndown and Verwood (this is the 4c, but extended to Ringwood via Verwood. Suspect this will be using the buses for the QE school runs, which are quite far from YB's operating area) C1: Bournemouth Square to Alum Chine (renumbered 24) P1: Bournemouth Square to Somerford via Boscombe (renumbered 1a) P2: Bournemouth Square to Christchurch via Springbourne and Tuckton (looks like the 1b, but without the Bournemouth - Poole section and going via Springbourne) P3: Bournemouth Square to Somerford via Springbourne and Tuckton (likely the 1c, again with the Poole part withdrawn and via Springbourne) R1/R2: Poole to Bournemouth Hospital via Parkstone & Boscombe (I think this takes over the Poole - Boscombe section of the 1b/1c and tacks it onto the 2 as far as the hospital) R3: Bournemouth Square to Bournemouth Hospital via Charminster (renumbered 3) R4: Somerford Sainsburys to Bearwood via Hospital (this is an interesting new route. I suspect it'll take over the 124) U5: Bournemouth Square to Bearwood via University (renumbered 6) U6: Bournemouth Square to Kinson via University (this may pick up the original route of the 6a, but is a new route otherwise) U7: Bournemouth Square to Bournemouth University (probably the equivalent of short journeys on the current 6) U9/U10: Poole to Southbourne via University (renumbered 26/26a. And no, I have no idea where the U8 is) V1/V2/V3/V4: Bournemouth Square to Kinson via Winton (equivalent of the 5a/5b) The 18, 20, 33 and 36 seem to be keeping their numbers. It's a very bold change, and I'm not sure how effective it is. I'm also unsure what the letters signify - there could be some big branding changes that will make sense when you see them. I can kind of see that the U routes go via the university, C1 to Alum Chine, P routes via Pokesdown? Can't wait to see what happens!