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  1. Many many thanks for the b'day wishes all! Much appreciated. Sorry it took me a while to respond, have been off at the beach house sailing and fishing Sorry I missed the Mareeba leg too. Mark, sounds like a good idea..where and when??? cheers all John
  2. poor buggers....
  3. Shouldn't need any authorisation Mark..the others seem to link to it ok. Nice to see you anyway..albeit remotely in digital text
  4. Try here
  5. I'd like to learn from real-life pilots (whether current or not), but there will be a lot more to it than that. Firstly, this is a sim, and not everything works in the sim the way it does in real life, so people who know their sim and their sim aircraft (with all their glitches, knobs that do or don't work, etc) will be as useful as real-life pilots I believe. Also, knowledge of the area where the flying is being done will be very useful. Again, this perhaps means more knowledge of the sim area rather than the real-life area. It will be handy too to remember that not every student will want to acquire piles of paper, charts, books, navigation aids, etc. The sim is a sim, and has been set up to work with any number of sim (digital) equivalents of all of the above, so even though some people might like to acquire all that stuff, it would be a pity to make it an essential for training. Just a few more thoughts.
  6. Hi Tony, good thoughts! I'd love a training night, as a learner, not instructor obviously. Would be nice to get different instructors to do different things over the course of a year or whatever. In particular I'd like to stick with GA. Some of the training could be general flying training, with all that involves - procedures, using instruments, navigation, radios, etc but they could also then focus on particular aircraft. Hopefully it needn't take too much preparation on the part of instructors. Using TS makes it pretty informal. Instructor can do what he normally does, and talk it through out loud so others can follow suit and ask questions. Could involve some shared cockpit stuff, but initially might be better, if there's enough interest, to do it as I just described, which would let half a dozen people or more all learn at once. cheers Prof
  7. Thanks Jay, that removes all my concerns, and I might have to put the wake-whiskey back on the shelf cheers Prof
  8. Yep, thanks Jay, it was not my intention to insert any anti-Orbx comment here (as you could see from what I said above), merely to express my difficulties with losing the opportunity to publish an independent freeware strip under the much loved OZX banner. So I'm glad to hear you say that opportunity still exists. Much appreciated. cheers Prof
  9. Personally, I am very sorry to see that the idea of OZX freeware strips, with that OZX name associated with them, will no longer exist. I shall have my own wake. However, I wish the guys good luck in their new venture. I respect their decision even if I don't agree with it. I have always made some Orbx strips (both freeware and payware) but I have also made and greatly enjoyed releasing OZX strips, with their different flavour. If I come back to make some non-Orbx freeware strips ( I am still a developer with, and love Orbx by the way), I shall release them via some other freeware outlet. There are some strips I know personally in South Island New Zealand which I will do some day this way. cheers Prof
  10. Hi Rob, probably worthwhile adding that hard winter often requires the addition of snow, and there's a routine for doing that in photoshop. Winter, as Treeman said, involves taking out the some of the colour. However, the preferred method is to begin your PR with winter, adjust to match surrounding (FTX) areas, and then summer (and the other seasons) is a matter of carefully keeping the roads, trees, rocks, etc as for winter, but greening up only the grass. If you simply change the colour balance of your whole PR to match grass colours of the surroundings through the various seasons, you'll end up changing all the road, tree (evergreen) and rock colours as well, which is not desirable.Good luck.
  11. I'd work on 6 months for this one...lots of good pics and great surrounds in the town.
  12. Late wishes Mark, but sincere ones...hope you had a great dinner and best wishes John
  13. Yup, no problem, I'll upload them when I get home from the fishing shack