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  1. File Name: Keedlestone Reloaded File Submitter: Fellowslothb File Submitted: 01 Aug 2014 File Category: OMSI Maps Which version of OMSI is this download for ?: V2 Welcome back to Keedlestone, ================================================================= Keedlestone 1.61 Information: - New self extractors for easy installation! (Just select inside your OMSI2 directory) You need to download the required files installer (Same setup as the map installer) found HERE as they are the 1.61 changed / updated files! ================================================================= Keedlestone is a fictional map, bringing the best of British and some elements from other maps / places into one map! There are lots more to do this time around, The local council has moved the park and ride site to a more suitable location and has invested lots of money in brand new buses! You can visit Landbury University, the stunning Corton Bay, or Rumford... We promise you won't be disappointed this time around. Lots of time and effort went into making the OMSI2 patch, there are brand new repaints, routes are so much longer and there are many more custom made objects to add that extra British feel! To find out more information, visit keedlestone.fellowsfilm.co.uk or the WIP thread located Developed by Fellowslothb, Tomroper1995 & XxJ0RD6NxX. Routes: 75: Marbury <-> Corton Bay 76: Keedlestone Bus Station <-> Rumford Train Station 22: Glenton P&R Circular X10: Rumford Station <-> Landbury University via Keedlestone & Glenton Required Objects/splines: - - Keedlestone Reloaded Required Files Pack - \ - Simple Streets ... Emil - - Terrain Spines - Installation: Or 1) Download the required files: Map, Objects and splines 2) Extract these into a folder of your choice (Can be a new folder on your desktop) 3) Copy over the OMSI2 folder into your main directory, standard steam install is located: "C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2" but this could be on a different drive! 4) The .Hof file is located "OMSI 2\Documents\Keedlestone Reloaded" Copy this into whatever vehicle folder you wish 5) Driver rotas and the routemap are coming in another update! [YOU MUST NOT UPLOAD MY FILES ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET BUT FEEL FREE TO LINK AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU LIKE TO THE DOWNLOAD - It helps me to improve my map] With thanks to BETA Testers: - 100bus - BusSimAddict - Jacko - Threxx11 - Gneb
  2. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Why complain about us here every time the forums go down, just @ me on twitter. Also yes, we sold everyone's data for £10000000000000 so now I am super rich and can buy out every company in the UK... As it happens it was the server in Canada that was the issue, a bad Kernal
  3. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    This might help explain: https://scottiestech.info/2015/09/12/how-does-password-authentication-work-on-web-sites/
  4. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    No, passwords are securely stored (Hashed and salted using "sha256") They are stored on a separate server meaning they can only be accessed by the local network environment and not over the internet
  5. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    All our user's details are secure, we have our SSL cert and CloudFlare services. As well as an optional 2FA (2-factor authentication). (Just to mention @JohnMeers82, Our website hasn't and will most likely never be hacked due to the layers of encryption)
  6. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    You can if you like, we have installed Xenforo. It isn't IPS and will take some getting used to I guess but it should be fine
  7. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Well, we werent hacked but basically NFO purposely broke our database which we didn't know about until the other day when I went to install the nexus app for support tickets which then gave errors when connecting to the downloads section. I contacted IPS regarding the issue and they looked into it but they made it 100 times worse (At that point you couldn't even access the forums properly). At which point they turned around and basically said that they cant fix what they had broken. We are currently working really hard to get some new forum software together which I have had to fork out for and should be fully back online within the next day or so.
  8. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    That was due to me uploading 33GB worth of stuff into 21GB space since we acquired Dreamcast PVP xD
  9. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    They are down... AGAIN. I am trying to get them moved over... And yes @JayKae it is NuclearFallOut but I am now getting away from them as fast as I can haha
  10. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Firstly I hope @JayKae Doesn't mind this thread being here :). Secondly yes NFO (Our VPS host) is currently running outdated hardware and keeps blaming us for server downtime, they have broken their terms of service agreement so I cancelled the service (Due to be cancelled on the 26th) so they have basically turned around and are now messing up with database backups and server functions (What I think is happening anyway). Hopefully this can be rectified soon but to stay up to date please follow @fellowslothb on twitter and I shall inform you when they are back up!
  11. OMSI 2-British AI

    Oooo, I have been putting together some ice cream van music so if that can work it would be brilliant
  12. Fellowslothb

  13. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Yeah we are currently working hard to restore everything lost in the SSD failiures Two SSD's failed in the RAID-10 array so as you can imagine there may be some unrecoverable stuff
  14. [Map Release] Cotterell

    Those are looking fab!
  15. Good recording programs

    Mirillis Action is lagfree from my experience of using it, but there is a £35 price tag.
  16. View File Keedlestone Two Splashscreens I finally decided to upload my splash mod for OMSI2! (As seen on my livestreams) There is only one for now but I shall hopefully have more in the future! If there are any problems please contact me or use the support thread, located at the top right of this download. ~Fellowslothb Submitter Fellowslothb Submitted 11/14/2015 Category OMSI Utilities + Mods Which version of OMSI is this download for ?
  17. Apologies, I have been working on UKDT stuff Regarding Keedlestone, my plan of action is to release the current version as soon as possible and include as many routes as possible so that people can be enjoying that while waiting for the new version. My plan after release was to work on a new version but from scratch - There are so many required objects and splines that it makes the download absolutely huge (Was something like 3.5GB compressed to around 750mb) If people don't mind that then that is fine I shall carry on developing what I can of the current version. The WIP thread was deleted as far as I am aware so all development will move over to the UKDT forums located HERE. I will be posting an update on there in the next week or so as to when to expect the new version of Keedlestone!
  18. Purchase Recommendations

    I don't know where I would be without my TrackIR I don't use it on my livestreams but it is a big help when driving
  19. Purchase Recommendations

    In my opinion, I haven't noticed an ounce of difference having OMSI installed on my SSD or games HDD although loading objects in the editor appears to be faster. The Saitech farming sim side panel does work properly with OMSI, The only thing that doesn't work is the middle lever as OMSI only recognizes the buttons on the panel. However, you can assign the top buttons on the lever to a function!
  20. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    I believe it is only if they overtake and then turn right
  21. OMSI SDK: Could not read the o3d file...

    I dont think there is, it is because M+R made it using a newer version of the SDK but did not update it for us to use. As far as I am aware, there isnt a solution
  22. Creating a YouTube channel

    You will need a video editing program, I use Camtasia Studio but again it comes with a price tag... Windows Movie Maker is probably the best for people starting to get into YouTube though
  23. Creating a YouTube channel

    I use Mirillis Action for my recordings, it is so much better than Fraps for example... Lagless video recording. However, it comes with a £20 price tag
  24. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    I think I might have seen you around on there once or twice
  25. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    I mean username