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  1. Love it! Well done old mate. Teecee.
  2. Fantastic stuff Hanley.. Thanks for this mate, bring it on!..It's these small settlements that help to keep the center alive..Teecee.
  3. OMG! it's all happening here.. Guys I am so happy to see your posts here.. and to receive Watkins's file for Monument Mine.. I can't believe that this has all happened so quickly, and Hanley, that is wonderful news, looking forward to your offerings.. As Pat says, he started it with a PM to me about mines..and Hanley, thanks for telling us about all the extra strips you are doing, as I said in another post, opening the "dead heart" to low and slow pilots is fantastic. I am so happy. Teecee.
  4. I can no longer do PR, and have a request in the hope that someone might be prepared to do a small PR for me. It's the Monument mine in Qld.. I can still add all my bits and pieces if someone would do the mine for me..Thanks.. teecee.
  5. Just got them both.. and they are great in my opinion.. The appear to sit on some huge sections of photoreal, which increases the realism heaps. They were a little more complex to install than Orbx or Ozx scenery's, but I got there eventually. Thanks for the tip about 'seasons" Scott.. Looking forward to any new Godzone stuff after buying these. Teecee.
  6. I can never open this airport without just sitting and admiring it.. Teecee. And it looks like i got it right this time.. T.
  7. Mate this is stupendous, and, like Mt Isa, you are covering the city too.. Magic. Teecee.
  8. Thanks Guys, for going to so much trouble.. Got the file now, and lovin' it.. Teecee.
  9. Nice shot of the Heron, where did you find this model mate? Here is the Heron at Connair in the Alice. the second is Connair's DC3 VH-UPQ piloted by Christine Davy, the first woman in Aus to obtain a commercial pilot's license..
  10. Nice shot of the Heron, where did you find this model mate? Here is the Heron at Connair in the Alice.
  11. Sound like a great visit Noel.. Enjoy, and take plenty of photos..Teecee.
  12. Thanks Mate, I will give that a try..Teecee. PS: Do you mean Orbx Aus?
  13. That first one is a beauty.. almost real.. Teecee.
  14. Does anyone still have a copy of Orbx Three Sisters from many years ago.. I lost mine long since. I love to fly the Blue Mountains, and it always looks a little sad at YKAT with no Three Sisters. Teecee.