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  1. Blue Mtn Scenery

    So this is now the "new thread" referred to in the PC open libraries thread. search for Blue Mountains. Moved here at the request of a poster on this thread... me... All good, thanks to whoever did this..Teecee.
  2. https://www.scenicworld.com.au/experience/scenic-cableway/ I thought that some of the members that have never visited Sydney and the Blue Mountains might enjoy this, and i guess after a fashion it is about flying. I did this trip in 1968, in open carts hauled up and down on railway lines with my four (then) kids..magic place. It's one of the things I miss about Aus. Teecee. PS: remember to go to full screen.
  3. Rod Hay (Pilot)

    Just read last night that Rod Hay "the caretaker of YKAT" died in a crash at YKAT in February last year. I was researching YKAT and found the article in the SMH. I only met him once, but so sad, a great guy..RIP Rod. Teecee.
  4. Blue Mtn Scenery

    Sorry mate, the thread did sort of wander a bit and my input did not help..perhaps the Devs can move the irrelevant stuff to another thread. Teecee.
  5. Blue Mtn Scenery

    Sorry.. try this https://www.dropbox.com/s/916mtucjsjuqc2h/ykat_trees.bgl?dl=0
  6. Blue Mtn Scenery

    Well, I thought I posted a reply for this a couple of hours ago, but I can find no sign of it, so it looks like I stuffed it up..nothing new for me eh? So here goes... again.. I have been talking to Corinoco about trying to upgrade the area as he is working on upgrading the Thee Sisters. but he seems to have dropped out of sight, so I have spent a bunch of hours adding trees to the Blackheath to Woodford road through Katoomba.. I feel that it has vastly improved the area, but I might be a bit biased , anyway, Here is a link to my file, (a single *.bgl) which surprisingly does not appear to affect frame rates too much at all, (and I have a really old Video card). This could be because I have only used default trees.. not sure about this though. Please Note..Use at own risk, and Mods, please remove the link if it contravenes any rules and I will forward copies to anyone that wants to try it.Teecee. https://www.dropbox.com/preview/TeeCee/ykat_trees.bgl?role=personal PPS: Please refresh your memory of this area by taking a flight around Katoomba without my little addon first to remind you just how bad this area is.
  7. Bellbird hill (or valley)

    Right.. my mistake.. It was the late sixties and I am now 79 and the memory is shot.. Thanks for straightening this out for me mate.. PS: come to think of it, it was returning from Jellybean via YSRI one night when I had a scare from a Vulcan Bomber..But that's another story. Teecee.
  8. Back in the day.. (Late sixties early seventies) I used to take the kids up to Jellybean Pool in the Blue mountains.. I have been messing with trying to upgrade the Katoomba area with trees, as the scenery there is really *rappy and cannot find any reference to Bellbird Hill online or on any maps.. Has the road to Katoomba been rerouted? Teecee.
  9. Personal Assistance Humbly Requested

    Jay generally gives a thank you that covers all I believe.. that is sufficient for most of us..Teecee.
  10. Let's hope the update due out next year does something to improve things then.. those towns really are pathetic.
  11. Blue Mtn Scenery

    My version of the YKAT area is really poor..(Prepar3d v3.4) *rappy town textures with straight edges and flat.. could someone post a screenie of the approach to Katoomba from YKAT please so I can tell if it is my system causing this. Strangely the little township of Medlow Bath is fine, snuggled in among the Eucalyptus, and it's only Katoomba, Leura and Wentworth Falls that look terrible.. I have just added a million (??) eucalypt's to the townships to improve the area and they help a lot. These terrible files go all the way down to woodford and then Linden does not even exist in the sim. the first decent town going back toward Sydney is Fauconbridge.Teecee. Sorry, I just realised that I have probably hi-jacked your thread.. Teecee.
  12. Barimunya Project

    Good to hear mate. I will look forward to seeing how it turns out.. Terry.
  13. Barimunya Project

    Sorry, I can't help you with your dev problems, but I am looking forward to your Barimunya scenery if you release it as I flew in there a couple of times when I worked at Mt Whaleback and the mines in Aus are my favorite ports to visit. Teecee.
  14. Golf Course Scenery

    Doubtful that anyone but scenery techs can populate the courses with moving people, but should not be a problem to add statics using instant scenery or some such program. Teecee.
  15. New member needs help

    Welcome to OZx Loowecee, If anyone can help you with this it is the crew here.. Particularly with the smaller airports.. I myself cannot help as I have no creative skills, but several of the team here will point you in the right direction I am sure.. Teecee.