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  1. Onya Watkins, good to hear that.. Teecee.
  2. Sorry, I posted this last night, and this morning Just realised that I was being a bit unfair, as you need Orbx YBAS to see this hidden treasure. Teecee.
  3. John, I suppose that you know this, but just in case you don't, I set the three silver levers on the base of the yoke to Mixture, prop and flaps.. works great for me. Teecee.
  4. I spent some time here today, and it made me wonder if any of you missed this little gem?
  5. "Would you please look at doing Cloncurry". I mean no disrespect Teecee, but who is the "you" in this request? Oziex.. who else?? and why the Agro? I did not think much of the freeware mentioned by another here, and said so. Did you do them? If so, sorry if I offended you but my opinion stands.Terry.
  6. I DL that pack recently, and I have only one comment as I do not want to offend anyone.. Would you please look at doing Cloncurry and help with the opening up of Northern Queensland and the Red Heart. Teecee.
  7. John. Try removing the system, and any files that it has installed in your system, and reinstalling it.. All I did when I got my Saitek was plug it in, and fly on the default settings. As I said previously, never had a problem. In my opinion, it's the best thing for simmers since sliced bread. Teecee
  8. Thanks for the input Guys. I have tried all these things, and it seems to me that the basic trees that come with Prepar3d have been changed somehow.. but a repair of the sim did not work either, I am thinking that I will have to put up with these horrible trees until I have to do a complete reinstall..Teecee.
  9. In my attempts to "fix" my missing Mt Beauty I have picked up these nasty bright green trees. Obviously they are from a very old file from somewhere in my system, and they have killed my lovely Gums. Does anyone have a clue as to the name on this rogue file? if not, I will re run my Orbx Aus, that should fix it..Thanks. Teecee.
  10. Sorry mate, I have had the Pro for many years, and it is solid, never had a problem of and sort.. Is it possible that you have a faulty model? Have you thought about sending it back? Teecee.
  11. tas around YDPO.bgl.OFF tas around YDPO.bgl.OFF Not sure about removing these as I did some minor changes in the town and river, it may pay to experiment with these two.. Teecee
  12. Nice.. looking forward to this one..Teecee.
  13. You may not have realised it Flukey, but this opens up the whole North of Qld right across to the Red Heart,. Well it does for me anyway. What a treat this is. I drove the Barkley Highway with my family when it was a black dirt road as far a Tennant Creek back in 1972. Thanks again for all your efforts. Teecee.
  14. No probs for me.. perhaps it's been fixed? Teecee. Please, when doing the Docs for YDPO Tell those using TC's stuff that there are several YDPO and Devonport files to remove.
  15. Mate you are Smokin', I swear this is one of the best blending jobs I have seen.. and that anyone that lives in Mt isa would be able to see their house.. Fabulous effort.. Thanks. Terry (teecee) PS: There are no Mt Isa files in Teecee's stuff.