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  1. This has been showing up for me for many years.. in FSX and in Prepar3d (various versions), so I think I will just live with it until someone produces a better version of YMHB. Teecee.
  2. Well, just installed it, and the monstrosity is back.. I remember trying to get a message to the Authors way back when, but never resolved this problem. Any clues folks? Teecee.
  3. Two mines coming.. lovin' it, thanks guys.. Teecee.
  4. Perhaps I read the wrong link or some such..Sorry if I was wrong.. Re the Devenish brothers file.. I used that some years back, and it always had a weird Barrage balloon shape on the tarmac. I lived with it after trying many fixes, but decided not to reinstall it about six months ago. i will give it another try, as the default YMHB is hopeless. Teecee.
  5. Lovely. What a treat!. Teecee.
  6. Seconded! Have a great one mate ..Teecee.
  7. Pat, What works for you is good mate.. I have to have the addon scenery outside of Prepared, you don't - that's fine.. In truth I am still unhappy with the "new" Orbx, and still having problems with Central V3. Teecee.
  8. That's good news Bruce, I was hoping to give it a go in Prepar3d when it is released..Teecee. PS; I have been working on the assumption that Ozx 3.4 was a complete installer.. was I wrong about this?
  9. Looks good, but it is unfinished and no activity since late 2015. Anyone know how to get in touch with Mitchell? Teecee.
  10. Thanks Noel. Hang about, this may be all my fault as I have not run the earlier releases for yonks. I understood that 3.5 was a combined installer of all the earlier releases and that is all I have run in some time. Was I wrong? Teecee.
  11. Here's another thought.. Could someone that has all the files of Mark's for mount Beauty possibly post them on Dropbox? It's a big ask, I know, but honestly, I really miss this great airport.. Teecee.
  12. Some years back I read that Cambridge Airport was to be sold and a huge supermarket was to be built on the site.. I forgot all about the RL airport as I fly out of Hobart in the sim a lot.. Imagine my surprise when I had a look at these airports on Google just now and found that Cambridge is still operating, and has grown enormously.. Anyone looking for a decent airport (or two) to create for the Sim? Teecee.
  13. Just re DL and reinstalled Ozx libraries and scenery V3.4 and still missing Marks files for YMBT..is there a separate DL for his files? Teecee.
  14. Thanks folkes. So a reinstall of Ozx complete should do the trick..I will do that right now and report back..Teecee.
  15. I have one file by Mark many years ago MWL_YMBT_PLC.bgl also one 500_LC_8745_Mt_ Beauty.bgl and one 300_LC8745_Mt_Beauty_Poly.Bgl Does this help at all? Teecee.