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    Aerobatics, Sim building.
  1. DarrylH

  2. Oh, if anyone is interested..here is a copy available at a reasonable price, for this book anyhow....it is an expensive book at best but if it is in your area of interest, worth every cent. http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=The+Diary+of+Australia%27s+Secret+Wartime+Kimberley+Airbase+1943-1946&sts=t&tn=Truscott
  3. I have zero scenery building skills but what I DO have is "THE" book on the secret Truscott airbase during the war. This is not generally available stuff and was written a few years ago by a couple (ex service) who did extensive onsite and historical research. A mate has already done a private setup of this wartime strip but it uses, with permission, some files from another ww2 scenery and tehrefore can not be made publicly available. I'm happy to make plans, pictures, information available to anyone here who may want to take this on. PM me if any interest. Darryl
  4. Missing Buildings and items

    Thanks Guys... It has been so long since I had to do this....the answer..as always was right in front of me and blindingly simple..hcornea wins a cupie doll!!! This really had me frustrated in amongst a whole lot of really horrible instability problems that actually ended up in having to do a complete reinstall of windows Vista and major repairs to Win 7 on the second machine...once in a while, beta testing can be a real biatch!!! Once we pegged that problem I was not, I can tell you, in much of a mood for messing about with scenery reinstalls!! Back at it now and fixed straight away...THANK YOU guys!!! And sorry for the late reply... Darryl
  5. Missing Buildings and items

    Guys, I am tearing what is left of my hair out here... I have just started to restore all the scenery to the system after the recent crash. I have reinstalled OzX 3.0, then 3.1 and 3.2,Libraries 1.0 ans 1.1 following all the instructions (as far as i can see). When finished I do get some Ozx scenery...textures etc..for instance at Collie the strip is there and Bunbury likewise.... but NO buildings anywhere? I've never had this trouble before and everything was there until the crash. I'm now on about teh third reinstall of OzX!!! I just KNOW I'm doing something stupid but after 3 hours last night I am no closer to discovering what.. i920 with GTX285 at 2.6 Ghz and all sliders right. Can someone help? Thansk Darryl
  6. How did we ever do it?

    Teecee Couldn't agree more!! And if it wasnt for my testing schedule I would be dutifully putting back 40 odd DVDs of scenery..a good deal of it (and all of it in which I fly regularly) is Orbx and Ozx. Clem, Yes you may. We are putting the final touches on the general update of A2A Accusim. It is both an update to the Spitfire and the updating/adding of more features, engine systems etc mostly applicable to single engined fighters. Darryl
  7. How did we ever do it?

    Guys, I just had to install a full vanilla install of FSX and Acceleration for some beta testing. Last night I flew for 1/2 an hour in the default Cessna over default Friday Harbour Scenery... HOW the hell did we ever put up with it???? A big thank you to all of you for your countless and often thankless hours of work and your dedication which has provided us with such wonderful, interesting, realistic and constantly surprising scenery. Darryl
  8. Papua bushlanding on YouTube

    Thanks for the background Terry, It is interesting to hear how some of these things got done. I suspect that these days you would have to crawl over some mid level bureaucrat (and pay the appropriate "fee") to get anything done. How long since you've been back? Have stayed out at Ela Beach (but on the flat, not up the hill) nice area..if one can call any part of PM "nice". I love and hate PNG in equal measures even though I've only spent a total of six weeks up there. But that was all in "The Jungles" either on or preparing for the Track. Last time we were dodging an escaped possee of murderers and bank robbers...they eventually re-captured most of them (Madang boys mainly, I believe)when they came in starving and "dying of thirst" said the paper (although HOW you manage THAT I don't know??)near Sogeri, right where we had been. Anyhow, nice to chat!! Darryl
  9. Papua bushlanding on YouTube

    So it's your fault??? Kagi to Efogi (or vice versa) is still, to my knowledge, the shortest scheduled commercial flight in the world. Of all of them, Kagi would be the only one I would feel comfortable flying into. I could live with flying out of all but Efogi. The climb to get out of that little box just looks too interesting for my tastes. All, of course as a passenger! Of course the mining road does make Menari a little more accessable these days if the strip is o/s (wet, clouded in etc etc.)even if it is a day's bush bashing. Having also seen the boys carry a heart attack victim for four hours down to Nadouri, I think under those conditions I would be more than happy to use your ALA's!!!! I'm a big fan of the Koiari. Wonderful people, once you establish a frame of reference! The other Kiap..wouldn't have been Warren Bartlett would it? Still floating around Sogeri these days. Regards Darryl
  10. Papua bushlanding on YouTube

    As a pilot and having done a bit of that in RL as a passenger (and NO wish to do it as PIC) I can attest to the "interesting" nature of flying up there. "Go around" is not possible in some cases from even further out than this strip. Menari, for instance, has only ever had one attempted go around...back in '79... that gentleman and his passengers were extracted from the adjacent hillside over a period of weeks. Somewhere I have a video of when I walked the Menari strip. Zero interest in ever flying in or out of there but these guys do it every day. Darryl
  11. Busselton

    We watched a Gulfstream IV land at Busselton on day a couple of years ago, you r shots brought back some memories, Great screenies! Darryl
  12. A2A Spit Mk.II. @ YWSG

    Great shot!! The muted green paint looks great in teh Oz countryside. Darryl
  13. Tuvalu

    Nice shots. It is a beautiful area and captures the "feel" well.
  14. Augusta YAUG

    Looks great! I love the textures. Make sure you put a crashed Tecnam a few miles to the east...so everyone can waste a day looking for it...
  15. Bush textures in Bunbury City,

    Fixed with a reinstall...still none the wiser as to what I did.... D