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  1. File Name: Volvo 9900 - Beta File Submitter: toastmeister File Submitted: 07 Mar 2014 File Category: OMSI Vehicles Which version of OMSI is this download for ?: V2 Volvo 9900 - Initial public beta release Finally something for you all to try out! Manual, Instructions and special copyright information:
  2. General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Driving down memory lane! ... or actually on Egypt - Cairo, but still! Slowly getting the hang of OMSI once again
  3. toastmeister

  4. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    Oh now I think I understand, in that case it is not solid. It's just a "plane" that only can be seen from one direction. The poly-count isn't sooo high, but it is heavier in that regard than most buses in OMSI due to them being very "boxy" design-wise, which makes it a lot easier to cut down on polys. I do use a "lot" of high-res textures to, which may cause issues if your computer is running low on video-ram. 1GB or more is enough
  5. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    Stuck at a computer at work which wont let me quote or c&p, anyways; A longer version have been in the making but I gave up on it. It is somewhat easy to get the model done, but it's very time consuming. I myself would love to have it, so we'll see what the future brings. @twmmcw Not sure what you mean with "solid" in this case, I know there is a mistake where the wall should meet the floor but that itself wont cause any fps drops, or any other glitches/holes in the mesh. Can you run the Merc Camo by Pedro without any similar drops?
  6. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    It's possible, but would require a lot of time cutting up and re-exporting most cockpit-related stuff, so we'll see
  7. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    New rims on the second pic!
  8. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    Compare the two pictures, you should notice one major thing
  9. General screenshots

    Getting some driving done with the logitech G25, I use mouse steering for 99% of the time so it was quite.. challenging
  10. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    The new front and headlights ingame, not much of a difference at first glance but I do find it closer to the real thing now. UW's still as before to Edit: Added a little surprise in the spoiler!
  11. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    A quick question; That's how the front looks now, I find it a lot more realistic, but I would love to hear any suggestions/pointers to make it more realistic before I start the UW work. Thinking about moving the grille area into the main repaint file also. (once again, only the absolute front part of the bus I'm asking about now ) //toast
  12. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    Hello World of OMSI'ans! Once again I've managed to crawl up from the stone I were hiding behind.. Long story short; numerous re-installs, OMSI not being playable, not-so-good-life situation, handful of disgusting people and lots of other things made me put OMSI and pretty much everything aside pretty much up until now. So, I installed OMSI (2) a few weeks ago to see if the recent patches have made any difference. No crashes, higher FPS and some new sweet options made me actually play it as it should be played. I found what I once were missing, the simple enjoyment of driving a route over and over without any hassle. Anyhow, I want to let you know I'm working on an update for the 9900. - I'm currently reworking the front end to make it more realistic, I can't stand seeing this bus IRL and remembering how I modeled it haha. - The mesh overall will see optimizations, hopefully I gain enough polys to make the passenger area a lil' bit nicer. - Repainters will probably be screaming now! No worries though, I will keep the exact same UW layout. - The sounds will get some adjustments. - I will do what I can to improve some of the scripts, but expect nothing major in that area. - The manual.. For those having problems with the current beta, especially gearbox-related; - Low FPS will most likely keep the gearbox from working optimally, especially when it comes to "determine" which gear to change to and so on (from my experience). - I've seen people complaining about moaning passengers when changing gear, does it still occur to all of you? A huge thanks for all the positive feedback and good criticism by the way! //toast
  13. Happy birthday Lockheart!

    Happy birthday! (Just a little late to the party)
  14. Good blueprint websites?

    From my experience you'd need to be happy for everything you can find, most "not-so-popular" blueprints is missing the top view. There is a couple of ways though; - Take a look at the sites that sells blueprints, they might take requests. - Go with the best blueprint you can find and try to mostly rely on reference photos (you'd have to do that anyway) - Get in touch with the vehicle manufacturer, they might have some manuals etc that could contain blueprint-worthy images.
  15. Good blueprint websites?

    I would recommend to simply "google" the vehicle you want + blueprint, since some sites have blueprints that other don't and such.
  16. Happy birthday Toastmeister!

    Close enough! Thanks Cool! Never noticed that "box" haha Thanks Alex and road-hog, trainzy much appreciated!
  17. Happy birthday Toastmeister!

    Aaaww thank you guys and gals!
  18. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    1. - Open model_9900.cfg (found in the model folder) - Search for "Roof-light" -You will find two entries that looks like this; Roof-light [interiorlight] lights_beleuchtung_untenrechts 1 240 240 210 0 -3 5 Roof-light [interiorlight] lights_beleuchtung_untenrechts 1.5 240 240 210 0 3 5 The first value is what you want to edit. OMSI can't set the brightness of the light source, instead it uses it's "range" instead. Fiddle around with it and you'll notice. 2. 99% confident that you just misplaced the images used for the .hof, especially if some of them work!
  19. What are you working on?

    Fiddling with DEM and aerials, must say it works really good! The editor is so much more fun to work in compared to the old one.
  20. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    I would not recommend that approach, sure it fixes the "problem" but what you are doing is limiting the maximum boost, in other words, reducing performance. Thanks for trying to help though, much appreciated! Here's my fix (limiting the guage span); - Open model_9900.cfg (found in vehicles/9900/model - Search for "turbo_psi" - Change the value just beneath "turbo_psi" it to 3 - Save - Enjoy!
  21. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    It does show the external and interior temperature, it should at least
  22. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    I can't seem to replicate the problem, do you use the small patch that was posted for the moaning passengers?
  23. Making Mobitec Displays?

    That's possible, but limited to one color. The color is decided by a texture, have a look in the textures folder and you should find a few related to mobitec
  24. OMSI Vehicles :: Volvo 9900 - Beta

    If you delete the bus, place a new one and repeat what you were doing, does it happen again?
  25. Making Mobitec Displays?

    Multicolor, not in a flexible way at least. Real rollband? Please define a "real" rollband