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  1. change the paint entry to whats in bold below in the aircraft cfg title=Carenado PA31 Navajo VH-AVF sim=PA31 model= panel= sound= texture=VH-AVF kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=VH-AVF ui_manufacturer="Carenado" ui_type=PA31 Navajo ui_typerole="Twin Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Carenado" ui_variation=VH-AVF description= atc_heavy=0 atc_airline= atc_flight_number= atc_id_color=0000000000 visual_damage=1
  2. Just a heads up, after some discussion with the creator of EVP, due to a reoccurring crash in the program linked to the English language callsigns files, he has been able to find the source of the problem causing CTD when starting EVP for reference Its linked to ORBX AU AI which hjs been causing problems I wont post the next lot of responses after I told him about the EVP options in AI control panel, but its fair to say his direction is if you are a user of his program, do not tick the callsigns options in the FTX AU AI control panel as it will have the adverse effect and cause his program to fail.
  3. Done, i googled some more images and confirmed no paintwork on the engine and no black nose find the request attached in this reply, I will upload it to the library in due time, I can covert it to be used on the correct model PA31-350 Chieftain from Alabeo down the track as this model is a PA31 310 Navajo Carenado_PA31-310_Navajo_P3D-FSX_VH-AVF.zip
  4. Thats a 5min job please confirm theres no strips on the au scheme I can do that when i finishing reinstalling stuff
  5. P3Dv4.2 released

  6. P3Dv4.2 released

    your only shooting yourself in the foot if you only just do the client, if a developer decides to add new features that werent available prior to the update, you going to run into strife you too often see people bitching that they have a faulty product and the last patch from the dev causes CTD, most times it turns out they only did the client update not content as well, I still see posts today where people didnt know why they couldnt see rain FX in the default aircraft....... plus the content updates pre existing content like this instance dynamic lighting improvements not to mention new cool shit or free stuff like simobjects
  7. P3Dv4.2 released

    That looks like the one that was around for fs2004 i use a xml one that is almost identical to Dirks HAP, that is currently in rewrite and testing, this new feature may allow additional features which may be huge benefit this one has new content, and scenery fixes despite what a few a saying, this one is better off doing a full install compared to just the client that will only change the version number nothing else
  8. Additionally Will all OZx addons are freeware
  9. Agricultural works

    Have a look at the lorby cropdusting addon Im on the run so i cant provide a link but google it You dont need missions with this 3rd party addon
  10. Sorry state of affairs...

    yep, al lot of people dont even know this place exists after they removed the link you often see people asking for where to get Australian scenery or even repaints from with over nearly 400 australian scenery addons and nearly 4000 repaints both Oz or not is quite a big selection that the major sites like avsim etc cant offer
  11. View File Aerosoft An-2 Aerotaxi Cuba Textures for the payware Aerosoft AN-2 depicting Aerotaxi Cuba Submitter jeansy Submitted 02/10/2018 Category South America Manufacturer Aerosoft Model AN-2 Specifications Payware model  
  12. Version


    Textures for the payware Aerosoft AN-2 depicting Aerotaxi Cuba
  13. View File Aerosoft An-2 N75AN textures for the payware AN-2 from Aerosoft depicting N75AN Submitter jeansy Submitted 02/07/2018 Category North America Manufacturer Aerosoft Model AN-2 Specifications Payware model  
  14. Aerosoft An-2 N75AN



    textures for the payware AN-2 from Aerosoft depicting N75AN
  15. YSRI - RAAF Base Richmond N.S.W.

    ok justflight looks like it needs an update, as we lost the green Hercs a while back, mytraffic 5 isnt much better, it might pay to copy over the J Herc textures and past them thier folder that way you can have the semi correct schemes, it might pay to shoot just flight a support ticket to see if they can update the RAAF Hercs and bring them into the 21st century I use the ADF AI package from here, but just replaced the ai models that align with today, Mal did a splendid job writing the AI flightplans for the ADF AI package, much better than a British or a American company can capture MIAW also have done a great job of doing a herc package
  16. the only thing thats rereleased with the P3Dv4 757 is the name , its a completely new aircraft
  17. they have been discussing that for god knows along with the release of the 787 for the past 8yrs i wouldnt be surprised most of us will be long gone dead their immediate plans are to fix the 787 for fsx then then port it to p3d both 3.4 and v4 then fix the 757 and 146 noting the number problems just in v2 and no functionality in v3 with the 757 its going to need a complete overhaul and Quailtywings are known for fast development dont worry i have had my eye on them for over several yrs
  18. the wet

    Thats why we have bull bars on our 4x4s, there is no need to slow down then
  19. the wet

    heres a few photos from a local photographer who has been capturing the hourly storms we have been having for the past week and half and some from other periods to be honest ive had it up to here (raises hand as highest it can go) with rain and thunder and wind, its almost making me decide I want to move south if only weather program can depict what we experience not just overcast clouds and rain
  20. Sorry Rob the QW757 doesnt work in 64bbit, from memory you cant even install it into 64bit
  21. the wet

    the quality of the attached video isnt anywhere near the images above, however the past week we have this come through every hr or 2 during the day and from 8pm constantly till about sunrise this was taken at lunch today our weather station bolted to the roof, claims on average the wind is about 50-60kph highest was 92kph last friday night the joys of living next to the water and in the tropics, howerver i lived in cairns for 12yrs and must admit it rains more there with average yearly rain fall is about 3m compared to darwins 1.8m per yr but when it rains in darwin it really rains where cairns is more of a constant steady rain
  22. Note to self

    im in the same process of a fresh install of windows and p3d, and buggered if i can remember what i own and where i bought it from, its taking ages sifting through emails finding order receipts and trying to find the p3dv4 addons
  23. Im interested in doing this, however there are no promises, as I would like to add it to my 850 collection in sim if I can find a "large" size 90 degree side on image (greater than 2048 pixels wide) and a lifeflight svg or png that would save a lot of time as this will take some time to do due to the nature of the model's mapping and curvy lines
  24. have a look at these based on your above reply Ive been told it does work in FSX