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  1. While we prep our uniforms/suits or iron our shirts for tomorrow/today Remember one thing, yes we Australia didint win World War 1 or World War 2 Unlike some countries who wear that on t shirts or rave about how much they contributed because of the number of material and men One thing is for certain the United States and the English have nothing compared to the Australian serviceman Fact: in World War 1 Australians where the first country to stop a major German advance in France and with the aid of the Kiwis gained and held more terrain that was harder than any other nation against the Turkish on their home soil. Australia was the only country who was able to sail through the Dardanelles where countless British battleships failed and sunk. We where the only country who was able to take a fortified town by a cavalry charge Fact: in World War 2 Australia was the first country again to stop and hold out against a German advance even Rommel said he wished he had soldiers like Australians and kiwis. Because of the Rats of Tobruk, Rommel wasted countless men and resources trying to push them out and it allowed the KIWIS to flank and cause horrific casualties on the German Desert Coprs who to date never tasted defeat this act of defiance allowed the British 8th army to move forward Fact: Australia was again the first country to stop a major Japanese advance, forcing them to withdraw. PNG wasn't achieved by regular soldiers but rather part time reservists who was know as Chocos, these were truck drivers and storeman and other POGs who held out on some of the most horrible terrain known to man until reinforced by full time Australian units Fact: more bombs fell on Darwin than Pearl harbour Australia was bombed the most by the Japanese however we cant compare ourselfs to places like london and malta and russia however all you hear about is pearl, Darwin wasnt a base it was a town, was main post office in Honolulu wast bombed or schools or good old bobs farm? So while the Brits, Americans and the Russians call themselves the victors of both world war, yes that may hold a lot of weight in the argument Remember Australia pulled off more firsts than the 3 superpowers, sometimes with the aid of our mates the kiwis You don't need all the technology or manpower because Australians have proved that you just need heart and mate ship and you will defy the odds The funny thing about Australian Servicemen and Women, We dont fight to win! we fight for the guy next to us and the chance to stick it up the opposing side. Thats what Australians are known as top fighters and piss takers There's Countries made of 10000000000s of ants and theres Countries consisting of a few honey badgers But either way conscripts or not, we as a small nation compared to others including the superpowers achieved some unbelievable feats that they failed to achieve... You can train for forces for, but you cant train them like an Australians, we are one of kind military Whether you approve of war or not, its not a day to glorify it, its to think and be grateful for the acts of many
  2. View File Justflight HS748 Bureau of Meteorology VH-TSC Textures for the payware HS748 by Justflight - depicting Bureau of Meteorology VH-TSC Storm Chaser. Submitter jeansy Submitted 03/31/2017 Category Pacific  
  3. Fixed to suit latest patch
  4. View File Justflight HS748 RAF XS789 Textures for the payware HS748 by Justflight depicting Royal Air Force XS789 in Low Viz Submitter jeansy Submitted 04/07/2017 Category Europe  
  5. If you ever want a laugh, read the front page headlines of NT News paper, they deliberately each day try go one up from the day before today was a good one
  6. Done, its now on the download page and this will help others in the future
  7. Fixed for the latest and greatest patch that screws up 3rd party paints
  8. View File Justflight HS748 REX Airlines VH-NRX Textures for the payware HS748 by Justflight depicting VH-NRX from REX Airlines. VH-NRX lost its STBD prop mid flight over Western Sydney 17 March 2017, NRX was able to land back at YSSY safely with one engine. Submitter jeansy Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Pacific  
  9. Fixed for the latest and greatest patch that screws up 3rd party paints
  10. View File Justflight HS748 QANTAS Link VH-OOJ Textures for the payware HS748 by JF depicting QANTAS Link VH-OOJ Submitter jeansy Submitted 04/01/2017 Category Pacific  
  11. Fixed for the latest and greatest patch that screws up 3rd party paints
  12. View File Justflight HS748 Virgin Australia VH-ZPO Textures for the payware HS748 by Justflight - depicting Virgin Australia Express VH-ZPO. Submitter jeansy Submitted 03/31/2017 Category Pacific  
  13. The paint kit wont fix existing paints, anyway Ive found the problem and am 1/2 way fixing my paints
  14. Its Ok Teecee take it what ever way you want and thank you for confirming my post on how certain countries view the other countries contributions. IF you were Russian I would expect you to be upset as I made very little mention of them above considering they realistically ended the euro theater and was all a huge factor why Japan agreed for peace, They suffered more losses than both US and UK and inflicted more losses to Germans Combatants in actual combat (not civilians by carpet bombing cities) I know many that Australian servicemen would find yours more than offensive (matter of fact it was one who sent me a PM regarding your reply. however I would love to post the content however the profanity filter would censor most of it ) Yep and the locals guys are bitching, Ive attached a post from the NT News last yr regarding a rotation, it always brings a good laugh when reading it
  15. Darwin as a Ready Reaction Force for the Asia Pacific region with all their loud low flying toys
  16. I manged to sort out the problem, yeah they made a mess of things however the paints will have to be redone sorry there is no easy fix
  17. not entirely for many years the brits considered Australians and Kiwis just as colonial troops and considered them selves as the professionals it wasnt until towards the end of WW2 when we fought under our own command and alongside other allies people began to relish how versatile the Australian or kiwi was. During WW1 Australia suffered more causalities under British command than under its own command, when we were allowed to command our own troops, our generals gave our troops freedom and ability to shine. Even today with my experiences with British Officers, there are many that still think of Australians as small frys and we do everything wrong. As for our mates in the north east, ive spend many years working with them, and even been attached to a unit in Iraq for a while. I have no beef with, however if you read many articles or see many docos pre Korean war there was only the US and British, I just finished a few series regarding the pacific campaign, there was very little mentioned about the Australian contribution at sea on land and in the air, ive even heard questions from them asking what did we do during the war as so many historians only refer to the Brits, Americans, French and the Russians as the allies noting ive lived in some areas where there have been large numbers of US servicemen staying, and where i am today theres over 5000 4.7km down the rd, I regularly see t-shirts with phases like "back to back war winners" with just the American flag or some of the facebook post show similar things, I understand they're are proud of their achievements, they did end WW2 and started the retreat of Germans in WW1 forcing Germany to sign the armistice its only been since Korea, Vietnam and so on Countries have taken Australian Forces seriously, these days many countries request Australian assistance to train their forces however I wanted to highlight while the major superpowers during the 2 world wars claim ownership of victory very little is known on what Australia achieved where these super powers failed to do so and sadly whatever Australia or NZ achieved during the 2 world wars most historians at the time and post war linked our victories to the superpower we fought under, so many of our battle honours go unknown and mistaken as British or American achievements Yes they won the war, however they won the war by masses of numbers, but we won the battles by Australian spirit and by far less numbers. Because of that, post WW2 Australia is always looked upon as a country of hard hitters, and its population should be proud and know what major achievements we did despite what the media ie books, docos, movies portray We are loosing the both world war vets rapidly as they age, in the next 20-30 yrs there will be none and everything we have done will be forgotten or taken to grave with them, Australia as a whole has little knowledge of our greatest military achievements pre Vietnam , so if we start to educate people on what we done, we wont loose our history as the last WW2 vet passes on.
  18. Timmy I just got home from work, as discussed today on FB messenger I will have a look to see what the new service pack has done with the textures knowing the who the original developers of the model are and knowing how incompetent they can be , they probably have done some drastic which may require to do a complete re paint from the start however its probably something simple (im hoping) however as mentioned with 3am start today work, im going for a Lima Lima Delta (lil lie down) first
  19. if your using P3D theres an additional download to fix the P3D related issues, it can be found at flightsim.com if you look under new files /p3d and scroll thru the list you will come across it
  20. Happy birthday Sue
  21. theres a new one, its 3.14 http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=37&linkid=22428
  22. Its easy, as a file manager, I can edit the file description, and its the best course of action for this problem I can add that short line into it it takes 30 secs as not everyone will see this post in a few months when this thread is on another page so what you are saying, it just installs into C:program files/Flight Simulator X instead of C:program files/microsoft/Flight Simulator X ?
  23. Milviz are having a 35% off sale on the 23rd (today) for 24hrs only starting midnight Eastern US time (12hrs behind EAST coast Australia) http://milviz.com/flight/product_listing.php
  24. Cerasim have offered the next selection of possible releases cast your vote here https://www.cerasimaircraft.com/ For me I went with the MI17 but thats just me as we have enough huey types