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  1. Richard, A profound Thank You to you for the repaint, very much appreciated, I've crossed swords with Jack many times but all in a good manner, I do miss the Grumpy Ole Fart, but he's in a better place now and will look down on us and give us the "proverbial" finger
  2. Go get 'm Jay !
  3. ok, installed the ........................................... when should I toss it of my system again
  4. Luvly screens Rick
  5. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OUT Steve Thank you, you're Star !
  6. noice one Steve
  7. yup P3D is the future, so go for it matey
  8. we're pleased to hear that you like our theme Rick, great screen
  9. lil online flight with a mate with real weather set
  10. @ Rick, please let us know what you think of it, any good or did we just flunked the test Hey no worries Steve we just went tinkering away and got trapped by your contraption we've added the REX presets as well as we figured that with different texture sets the whole looks quite different and of course feel free to test 'm ....
  11. Hi all, As you may know Ken and I have been fiddling around with the shade proggy and also with some REX settings, attached the files for this The READ_ME_FIRST Welcome to the "K_and_W_1" preset theme for Gizmo's Shade program v1.02 After a lot of fiddling and tweaking by Ken Hall and yours trully we think that we have found the utimate lighting setting for fsX using the wonderfull shade proggy by Steve aka Gizmo. You must have Steve's Shade proggy installed up to version 1.02 to make this files to work properly as intended. shade preset theme installation: 1. Extract to K_and_W_1.zip in to a folder 2. you now will see the file structure where all files will go 3. make sure that if you allready have enb tweak files, that you back those up or rename them to .OFF so they don't interfere with our set of files. 4. the d3d9.dll goes in to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder 5. the enbseries.ini file goes in to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder 6. the K_and_W_1.SLP file goes to ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Shade\presets folder Using the K_and_W_1 theme with Steve's Shade program: 1. Open the Shade program via the Shade GUI 2. select "Load Day 1 from A preset" 3. select the K_and_W_1.SLP file theme 4. that should cover it 5. alternativly you can clone the K_and_W_1 theme to all days if you like We have also added our REX preset theme to this package SET your FTX Central to DEFAULT BEFORE installing the new K-and_W_1 REX theme !!! REXv2.0+OD preset Theme installation: 1. go to your ....\Real Environment Xtreme 2.0\Themes folder 2. open the masterthemes.xml file with NOTEPAD, do NOT use any other program !!! 3. at the bottom of the file, before the last line where it says </NewDataSet> paste in the following text: <masterthemes> <theme>K_and_W_1</theme> </masterthemes> safe and close. 4. add the folder K_and_W_1 to you REX Themes folder, it contains the maintheme.xml file 5. close explorer and open your REX control panel 6. from the tab "theme creation" go to "Select a Theme to install" 7. select the K_and_W_1 theme and let the REX Program load the settings and files to fsX, this may take a few minutes ! 8. when the REX file transfer is finished, I recommend when you do not use a SSD for your fsX drive to defrag the drive as there are a lot of files altered it's adds to a smoother running of fsX. These files where made with Steve's blessings. This addon is released as freeware for all to use. All rights remain by the authors. The files may not be redistributed by any other means as by download from this site where they are available free of charge. We wish you a lot of fun discovering your new world light effects within fsX with these added settings. Ken Hall & Wolter van der Spoel 16 October 2011 the files K_and_W_1_shade_REX_preset_v1.0.zip some screenies on how it looks at out rig's Test Settings: summer dawn and midday visual range 20 and 30 miles sliders maxxed with following exceptions TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 LOD_RADIUS=6.500000 Mesh res.: 5m Texture res.: 7cm Water Low 2.x AG Very Dense Real Weather AI Traffic 100% Road Vehicles 16% Ships 30% FPS unlimited~external fps limiter =30 nVidia 285.38 Beta drivers REX2.0+OD tweaked Shade tweaked enb have fun and we'll hear your comments
  12. Congrats Steve
  13. they look great jankees ! 8)