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  1. Hero540

  2. OMSI 1 SD88 Announcements

    Ok, an update as I promised, sorry it took so long. Indeed, changing the lines in the .bus file of the D-88 worked just like you said it would, however, it throws off the display of the first generation IBIS, mostly not showing what buttons are being pressed on the display, but this isn't really problematic if you already know the line and route numbers. Once you press enter the display shows correctly, just not during input. Pressing Q will play announcements now, thank you very much for you help, jorD1! I don't think I would have every realized that the .bus is where the solution was, I was consistently searching the scripts folder to no avail.
  3. OMSI 1 SD88 Announcements

    Thank you so much for this suggestion! Unfortunately I'm away from my PC but as soon as I can I will try this and post back my results. Thank you again!
  4. OMSI 1 SD88 Announcements

    I understand that the D88 doesn't have announcements because that is historically accurate, but I was hoping to mod them in. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  5. OMSI 1 SD88 Announcements

    Indeed, the D92 is the version with the ticket machine and the stop announcements. The D-88 is the older version lacking a ticket printer but is essentially the same bus, minus the ability to play stop announcements when I press the button. So it definitely lies in a script file. I'll start browsing them. At least I know I'm on the right track! Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, I browsed the forums a bit looking for the answer first, and so again if I missed a topic that already has the answer please accept my apology in advance. Anyways I have ansagen announcements that work in the D92 just fine but when I set up the same route in Omsi in the D88 the announcements don't play. Looking at the file structure I'm not sure why, as the D88 shares the D92's root folder and ansagen folder. So my last idea is that the D88 needs to have a script file edited or something, and sadly this is where my knowledge ends. I ran out of free time today to try to sort this out on my own, so I'm posting here on my cell (sorry I hate trying to write on this thing.) So is it possible to make the SD 202 D88 play stop announcements just like the D92? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Can Anyone ID This Bus? (Video Link)

    Man, that's super disappointing. I tried my best all day to find a similar looking bus and I just can't find one. The closest I can find is the MAN SD202 D92 with the Dennis Trident dash, but the MAN Steering wheel is the same with the MAN logo, and it sadly doesn't have an onboard IBIS. I saw another project where someone had a Volvo Olympian (I think) dash and wheel with the MAN D92 chassis. It's different than the video linked to me by Jokervation. It looked really incredible and had a fantastic sound set to go with it, but yet again, with the YouTube video there was no links to the bus, and I'm pretty sure it's another personal project. I'm just wondering if at this point I could accomplish something similar by downloading a bus with an interior cab I like and "transplanting" that into the MAN D92. I don't think it works that way though. Those buses are fantastic and I hope they get released, as I'll never be able to replicate them.
  8. Can Anyone ID This Bus? (Video Link)

    Interesting! And good eye to spot the AI D92 in that video I linked! I missed it, probably while I was busy drooling over the new dashboard on that bus. I really like it a lot due to that new steering wheel and the overall rugged old look, lol. I have been searching the web for D92 Dashboard replacement textures. Haven't found anything close to the awesomeness of the video I linked though. Such a shame that one is private. I keep holding on to the hope that I'll find it tucked away in a far corner of the internet though, lol
  9. Can Anyone ID This Bus? (Video Link)

    Ah, that's unfortunate that it's private. Had no idea it was just a reskinned interior though! That actually gives me an idea where to look. May I ask how you were able to tell? I've spent a lot of time in the D92 in Omsi and that retexture fooled me quite thoroughly lol! Thank you very much for the very fast reply.
  10. Hey guys, I can't seem to find any information at all as to what the name of this bus is. I'd love to download it (assuming it's a free download somewhere) to use in my game as I was considering trying out Great Grundorf 2. I saw it in this video looking up info about GG2 and fell in love with the bus, but there's no information on what it is or where to download it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  11. [Simulator Talk] Other simulators and Games

    I've been playing tons of World of Subways Vol 4 and really enjoying the heck out of it. I've never really been a big-time rail/train fan, but this game is starting to send me in that direction. I know advertising isn't allowed on these forums, so maybe it's not against the ToS to request PM's from anyone who might have a virtual MTA company or is thinking about one or knows a forum or a link or two for the game can point me in the right direction to find other like-minded players.
  12. Buses without AC or Heating

    Lol! Sometimes the complaints will be false!
  13. General chatroom

    Man you guys live in a great area! I've lived in the same town my whole life (And looks like I will finish my life here, seeing as how I just purchased a house with the soon-to-be wife) and our bus system is just plain embarrassing. When I was younger I had to walk to school, as even the school bus didn't serve the neighborhood I lived in with my parents. As an adult I lived for about 3-4 months in an apartment where I would see one bus daily come racing by. I don't remember the number or what line. I also do not know how the driver would consistently make that corner at the end of that particular street at those speeds. How he managed to never flip that bus is beyond me. And yet sometimes my passengers will complain in OMSI. They oughtta be on that bus! lol. Now that I live in a house in a new neighborhood, I have not seen another bus. Our service is quite small. I did finally find out the type of bus we use. Apparently they are 1994 Gillig Model 35-96TB's. Never heard of 'em, lol. And here's the site to provide some info on them too. Kind of interesting. http://www.gillig.com/New%20GILLIG%20WEB/phantom.htm
  14. General chatroom

    Is...is that a hybrid?! lol
  15. Daytonford?

    When you uploaded Daytonford Classic it reminded me of just how awesome Daytonford was, so I installed it immediately. Such a good map, and it's brilliant running around in the ol' MAN SD200 SD77. Thanks again, Danflyer!