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  1. georget93

  2. Death Valley Has Been Released!

    I downloaded this the other night along with Grand Canyon, but didn't get around to trying out Death Valley until today because I was so stuck on flying down and in the canyons with the Maule. Last night I bought the new Quest Kodiak, and today I spent several hours flying around Death Valley in it. I've got to say that I was impressed with both. This scenery is fantastic! My wife actually came and looked over my shoulder and asked if I had gotten a new 'flying game'. She was really impressed with it and in her own words "wow, that looks so real". I agree completely, it looks great, miles above the default scenery (and I mean that only figuratively, since I'm typically below 10,000 feet. lol). Anyhow, thanks to the developers, and everyone involved in these fantastic sceneries. -George
  3. I just downloaded and installed this earlier tonight and... WOW! This is an amazing scenery, and I just wanted to convey my thanks to all those responsible. I've spent a good two hours just flying around, down in the canyons, in the default Maule, and I was completely blown away. The improvement over the default is mindblowing. I'll definitely be spending quite a bit more time in the canyon now, exploring what has become an amazing place to fly. Thanks again, for this fantastic scenery! -George
  4. Looks great! I'm definitely interested in this mesh. It would give me a good excuse to fly in New Guinea (someplace I haven't spent any time flying in). Hope you'll be releasing it soon. -George
  5. How to Fly a Cub

    Great find! I enjoyed reading it and (virtually) thumbing through it. Thanks for sharing. -George
  6. Greetings fellow Flight Simmers

    Thanks for the welcomes, Matt, Dex and John! @ Dex - I can't argue with you there. The scenery and repaints created by this community are outstanding! @ John - I've dabbled a bit in the painting side of things, but haven't really done anything in the last few years (mostly due to time constraints). With my available time for simming being rather limited at this time, I doubt I'll be taking on any major projects, but I'm always willing to try and help out where and when I can. Even if it's nothing more than beta testing a new paint job or scenic area. Thanks again, to everyone for the warm welcomes. -George
  7. OZx Original Aircraft :: Seabird Seeker

    Hi again. While I have no ability or knowledge in terms of flight modelling, I did try using the .air file from the old seeker I used to use, and it seemed to make the aircraft a bit easier to fly (it takes a lot less right rudder to try and keep it straight during takeoff.) I can't say how close to the real handling of a Seeker that it is (since I've never actually rode in one), but it does seem to be an improvement to me at least (though that is the flight model I got used to flying over these last few years.) Since the .air file is part of someone else's package and work, I won't post it here. However, for those that are interested to try the other .air file, simply google "Tim Piglet Conrad Seeker", download a copy of it from whatever site you find it on (it was originally designed for FS2002), extract the .air file from it, and rename the .air from sb7l_seeker.air to seeker.air and replace the one in your Seeker (the one here, by Marty) folder, overwriting the existing one (be sure to back up the original first, in case you don't like the handling of the .air file from the other seeker.) Hope some of you fellow Seeker fans find this info helpful. It really is a very well-done model, and the old .air file I'm using seems to give me a better overall flying experience. -George
  8. Greetings fellow Flight Simmers

    Thanks for the welcome! Very happy to be here. Seems like you folks have a great community here, and I look forward to getting to know you all. -George
  9. Hello everyone. My name is George, and I just discovered this site, and after reading a few threads, and downloading a few repaints (as well as Marty's Seeker), I thought it would be rude of me to not stop in and at the very least say "Hello" and "Thanks for the great additions to my Flight Simulator!" I've been flying Flight Simulator since Flight Simulator 5.0, and have enjoyed flying virtual ga aircraft ever since. My wife and I live in Florida in the US (though we're both originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area of the US). Anyhow, just wanted to introduce myself real quick. -George
  10. OZx Original Aircraft :: Seabird Seeker

    Thank you both, for the quick replies. It's a shame that it's been orphaned, even if only temporarily, but I'm just thrilled to have found a native FSX one. I'm especially happy with the variety and quality of repaints you folks have here for this model. I was even more surprised that not only have I found an FSX-native model, but I've also found the Country Energy repaint here as well. I live (and am from) the States, so I've never actually seen a Seeker in real life. I first learned of it about four or five years ago, when someone had requested one on a Flight Simulator message board I used to frequent. The reply was that there wasn't any newer ones (for Flight Simulator 2004), but that one from an older version of FS was available that could be made to work with FS2004. After finding it, and importing it into the sim, I fell in love with it. I really enjoy GA low and slow scenic flights, so this aircraft was just a perfect fit. After flying it for a bit, I did some searching online to see some real-world pictures of a Seeker. The pictures I found were mostly of the Country Energy plane, and I created my own (not so very good) version of that paint for my FS2004, which I then ported into FSX when I switched over to that as my primary sim. I've since spent countless hours flying the Seeker across Australia, and island-hopping in the South Pacific. It's been hands-down, the aircraft I've flown more than any other over the last few years. Anyhow, to make a long story short (I know, too late lol), I've reinstalled FSX this past week, and after getting it all tuned and running smooth and looking good, I'm really trying to avoid using aircraft models from older versions of Flight Simulator. I'm so glad my search led me here, as there is obviously a lot of very talented artists here, and a lot of high quality work. Thanks to this site, I've got my favorite plane back (in the same livery no less!), without having to resort to using an 'old' aircraft that was not designed with FSX in mind. Thanks again for the quick responses. -George
  11. OZx Original Aircraft :: Seabird Seeker

    Greetings! I stumbled onto this website while specifically looking for a Seabird Seeker for FSX. Just a quick couple of questions if you don't mind. Is this an FSX-native model? The only other Seeker I've found is one for either FS2002 or maybe even FS2000. It's a decent model, especially considering its age, and I've gotten that one to work, but I'd definitely prefer something native to FSX. Second question is, does it have a vc? The old one I've been using has a vc, but it's very dated, and I had to manually modify a bunch of the gauge information in the text files to either fix missing gauges or to make them clearer and easier to read. No amount of texturing made the vc look good however, just passable. In any case, I'm glad to see there's at least enough interest in this plane that someone with some real talent (I'm talking about you, marty) has bothered to model it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for making one of my favorite planes to fly in Flight Sim. -George PS: One other question - do the existing repaints already here on the site work with this version of the aircraft? Thanks again.