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  1. I am looking for someone, who can mod aircraft. I have a plane i would love to have in FSX. but no one seems to want to do it. I have someone who is willing to help with the airfiles and textures, if i can get someone to make the plane. The aircraft in question is the Seversky AT-12 Guardsman./ P35. The AT-12 Guardsman is the plane i am wanting, with the possibility of a P35 variation with it. Here is some of this planes history. Taken from Wikipedia. The Seversky P-35 was a fighter aircraft built in the United States by the Seversky Aircraft Company in the late 1930s. A contemporary of the Hawker Hurricane and Messerschmitt Bf 109, the P-35 was the first single-seat fighter in U.S. Army Air Corps to feature all-metal construction, retractable landing gear and an enclosed cockpit You can read the full history here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seversky_P-35
  2. trucker17

  3. Happy Birthday OZx

    Happy Birthday OZx. And thank you Jaykae for keeping the forums for us.
  4. I have a ETS2 question

    I have a question and request if possible for Euro Truck simulator 2 and anyone who can design and convert a truck for ets2. First. My name is Brian, trucker17 is my next door neighbor, and i am using this with his permission. So just so everyone knows, i am 9 years old and only get 5 dollars a week allowence, so i cannot pay to have the truck made or converted, like everyone on another site wants me to do. Craig (trucker17) owns a Ford LTL 9000. Its a really cool looking truck, and i would like to have the same truck to drive in euro truck sim 2. I do have pictures and can provide them if needed. So i am here asking if someone here who can make models in 3ds, if they will consider doing this trck for me. Brian. Here are a couple of pictures.
  5. For those of you who do not know who Byron Godberson was or what Byron Originals is. Here is a little info on the man and the company. Byron Godberson was owner and founder of Byron Originals, a small company located in Ida Grove, Iowa. Byron Originals quickly became the industry leader in mass produced Giant Scale R/C aircraft. When Byron had passed away, the company stopped producing the giant scale kits, and continued to sell only R/C fuels. In the 1980's Byron Originals started hosting R/C airshows. These shows led to the Striking Back shows. Striking back was a mock air battle set in the Pacific during WWII...... These shows became world renowned for these shows, with people driving and flying in from all over the world. Sadly when Byron passed these shows also stopped. Thanks to BigInfidelis from Youtube, one of the original Videos from the Striking Back shows can be seen...... Grab some popcorn, and pull up a chair, for one of the greatest R/C airshows ever produced..... ENJOY..... Part 1. Part 2. From TeiscoDelRay at Simouthouse...... I was a Byron show team member and flew in the Striking back show for a couple years. I flew a Mustang that fired six Estas rockets and then switched to a 200 pound C-47 that dropped paratroopers. It was exciting but scary at the same time. Your in the air with 14 or more other RC warbirds and you have to stick to your routine. I have a lot of stories about this event but here are a few. When I first arrived at the hangar (we had to go a month before the show to setup all the planes and gear) I saw a guy putting a plastic bag of gun powder in one of the Zeros. This plane was the designated blow up plane and always wore a red tail so we could keep clear. The guy doing the Zero setup was a Pyro expert from Hollywood and he also set up all the explosions and fires during the show. I watched him for a bit and noticed he had on a red shirt and in white letters on the back it said "If you see me running try to keep up" This pyro guy almost blew my C-47 out of the air at one show (I did not really own the plane, just flew it and also was set for one million in insurance) . I was flying over the main show ready to drop the paratrooper when the large C-47 jerked to one side. I noticed the rudder was damaged so I aborted and landed. The pyro guy had a special cannon with 50 barrels that shot a quarter stick of dynamite into the air like an Ack Ack gun. He did his best to get close to us flyers and he got me with one round. Flying the large C-47 was an experience and because it was very tail heavy from the 8 to 12 paratrooper it was a real handful until they were dropped. The first time I flew it the show manager was watching from the hangar. I took off and was flying around and the manager came down and said "your very far out, bring it in closer". Because of the size this plane could be seen half a mile away and I was flying over a small airport and did not realize it. I had to fly a Mustang that shot six Estas hobby rockets made to look like WWII air to ground rockets. The rockets were set up with a rotary switch so that I could fire one or all six. I used to come in low and aim for my target, a train, and let all six go. It made a great sound and almost stopped the Mustang in the air like brakes. The B-29 was the show final and dropped a fake nuke bomb behind the shows mountain. This nuke bomb explosion was very large and we could all feel the heat. Before the show a large hole was covered in plastic and a gas tanker would pull up and unload hundreds of gallons of gas into the hole, that was then set off with dynamite when the bomb was dropped, this of course stopped all traffic on the nearby interstate. The show was not easy and my wife and I would take an hour walk before the show to settle the nerves. We all were members of the Byron 5th Air Force and wore uniforms and were as professional as possible under the circumstances. Because the show cost million or more to produce and was a labor of love there will never be another like it again and I am honored and very lucky to have been there and be a small part of it for a time. I took a ton of videos of this show and some of the best such as a mid air of two Byron B-25's that got together because the pilots lost them in the show smoke, two crashes of the largest flying RC B-29 in the world during the show and others at my old web site RCWarbirds - be sure to watch the exploding Zeros one because it includes a composite of all the ones I taped over the years. Link to my Bryon movies http://www.rcwarbirds.com/Video/videos.htm
  6. Cat generator object available

    yeah.....but some of the models are pretty nice....Converting them is no problem......
  7. Cat generator object available

    Thanks Scott.... I'll have to check their and see if any are still available.....
  8. I dont know if this was posted before or not..... But here it is..... I just found this at the 29palms scenery design site..... They have made their CAT Generator scenery object free....... Here is their web site..... http://29palms-store.de/4-3d-models
  9. The memorial flight for tom Allensworth is on.... The flight will be at 0900 AM Pacific time. So if you plan on joining in, figure your time differance..... All aircraft are accepted in the flight......But keep in mind that the final destination airport is not large enough to accomidate airliners. But anyone who wants to use these are welcome to do flybys, and if you want to try landing, you can....... Also you can find the BETA airport and more information at the Tom Allensworth memorial flight sign up for the flight.
  10. You have that right Richard..... But in the same respect, I feel the same way about both of you.... You both give alot of good advice, and are readly available to help when someone gets stuck......You both have been a major inspuration....Thanks Guys....
  11. Tom Allensworth memorial flight

    We are still waiting to hear from the host, as to what we have......I sent him a PM last night, once i get that information i will get it poted......
  12. Talk about immersion into the sim..... Cool addon...if you could afford it.... http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitsim ... eview.html