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  1. London & South Not Working

    Nice try mate, don't expect anyone to help you if you're using an illegal version of the game. Unless that you can prove that you have legally and rightfully own the game, expect very few people to help you. Its things like this that ruin game communities.
  2. What am I missing?

    In theory, all maps should come with a list of all required dependencies...However it's not a requirement here, meaning certain downloads don't have a list of required assets (thus why so many people have missing objects and splines). I'd have to search around, and I don't have the time at the moment, just double check the download page and Google.
  3. What am I missing?

    It seems as though you have a lot of issues with things not loading properly. I recommend that you download Thiago's Map Tools, to find out specifically what you're missing. Also, what map is this?
  4. freyfurt2016

    http://www.omnibussimulator.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=36396 Operpfalz Objects also goes by the name of O3D Objects btw.
  5. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Well I'll leave it I guess-I think the use of so many DLC assets is also a tad excessive, but that's for another day...
  6. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    Hmm, but I don't see why everyone should have to by it just for one map. Route helpers are there to help you along the route, and it's all part of the fun. If you don't like having them in the editor, then why use the editor at all. I really don't think it's fair on people who can't afford or want to spend money on something else... While it may cost the same as any other DLC, a lot of people cannot afford them or wish to spend money elsewhere.
  7. OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    But OMSI Navigator is payware as far as I'm aware. Its not really fair on people who don't have it really... There's no harm in using route markers, and then the people who do have OMSI Navigator can simply have them turned off.
  8. It would be nice if you put a picture of the correct bus on, told us which bus its for and put some installation instructions in the description...
  9. OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    It is incredibly likely that you have installed some of the assets incorrectly, or are missing other assets. Splines and Sceneryobjects do not wholly comprise the whole asset list for maps, and therefore things like missing textures, AI vehicles and even ticketpacks can cause errors, but not necessarily white maps. There is a general checklist to go through if you end up with a white map-Have you installed all required assets? Have you installed all assets correctly? Have you followed the instructions stated in the read-me? Are you on the correct version of OMSI?
  10. Working Download for Man SD94

    Here here. I downloaded it a while back, but it didn't work on OMSI 2 due to compatibility issues.
  11. Working Download for Man SD94

    He's not talking about the SD200 SD84, but the SD202 D94. This is a mod that was released a while back, but me too cannot find a link.
  12. cp_rollo1_speed error [Solved]

    Have you tried loading the map without buses? This may fix the issue if it's with the bus from the previous situation.
  13. Maps Suddenley Stopped working

    As Mr Drive said, a re-install/verification should resolve the MC and RUE objects. They, as far as I'm aware, are default, and a loss of these assets will mean something quite wrong has occurred somewhere down the line.
  14. Maps Suddenley Stopped working

    Hi Tommy, If my memory serves me correctly, the Buildings_MC files are base game files. I highly advise re-installing OMSI as that should fix half of the issues. -Jacob
  15. AI Busses ignored schedule at last stops

    It may have something to do with the bus your using, as it's not a standard bus. It shouldn't effect it, but some buses really don't like being AI. Also, are you starting a schedule? If so, you may have the 'replace AI bus' option engaged, which will remove the AI bus completely.