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  1. Hi all. We had a small bushfire down the road at the Warwick Open Space. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services called in two helitacs to help fight the fire. It was put out in about an hour. They were flying low right over my house at times. I took 55 photos of which only about 6 are usable. Here are the best ones. Cheers Bernie
  2. Thanks Terry, I will give it a try.
  3. Hi Terry. Great screenshot. How did you get that blue haze effect? Cheers Bernie
  4. Hi Javo. I live in Perth and may be interested in the Saitek yoke and throttle quadrant. How much do you want for it? Perhaps send me a PM with the price. I can pick it up no worries. Cheers Bernie
  5. Thanks for that Scott. Cheers Bernie
  6. Hi guys. Are you able to download the files? They should go into your "Downloads" folder. The zip file contains two flight plan files, a .plg file for use with Plan G, a .pln file which goes into your "Yourname/Documents/Lockheed Martin (or FSX)" folder. The third file is a .csv file which contains the waypoint information which you import into Plan G. Cheers Bernie
  7. Hi all As I can't navigate to the various airfields and points of interest with any success, I have generated a Plan G user waypoints file (.csv) for the airfields which don't appear in the FSX/P3D Go To Menu. I then generated a flight plan departing and arriving back at Bankstown Airport which visits all the visual reporting points in the area. Click on the link below. Cheers Bernie OZX 3.5 Mirror link (Same file, different link for those who cannot download from link above):
  8. Well done Pat. Let us know your impressions of the plane. Cheers Bernie
  9. Hi Pat. I hope you like it. The Milviz model is great and really enjoy flying it. It was bit heavy on frames on my previous computer but not so much on my current unit. Cheers Bernie
  10. Hi all OMG, I was in Kununurra in December 1969 working on the airport upgrade to take the jets. The first flight into Kununurra would have been in January 1970. I actually had my 21st birthday there. Fond memories and to think that Tony lived in the same small town when I was there all those years ago. Cheers Bernie
  11. I must add my condolences to Carolyn and family. I met Tony at a couple of VOZ get togethers at the Red Bull Air Races that were held in Perth. A pure gentleman who invariably had to go and pick one of his children up from the airport. Always thinking of others. I managed to arrange to meet him at the Pearce Air Force Base for one of the Air Force's rare Perth air shows in May 2012. That was the last time I saw him in the flesh. I am a long time lurker here on AussieX but have always read where the Friday night flight plan went and quite often would do the flight on my own as the Friday night flight time does not suit me. He will be surely missed. Bernie
  12. Hello Matt. I tried thanking you for your paint of the Navajo that you just did on the download page but I could not leave a comment there so I am leaving one here Thanks for the Navajo repaint Matt. Cheers Bernie
  13. Hi I would suggest you send Flukey a Private Message. He was the developer who did all the Sydney design and updates. Cheers Bernie
  14. Yes Alan I have the original files that I downloaded. from the VOZ website along with the manuals. I will have a look at it over the next few days and see how big the task is. Cheers, Bernie