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  1. daniel kennett

  2. yes I nagged but he never sead no to it
  3. Ok I will try it again and have your signature with it thanks
  4. I have trid making a repaint for a bus but windows keep going black
  5. I no some ho is making a stagecoach repaint for that bus all I was looking for was the destination blinds
  6. I don't mean to nag but I did not ask him to make me a repaint just the destinations for Canterbury and I have tried to make one my self but did not work for me yes I get what you are saying about it's the wrong side of the road but I live in Canterbury so I like this map and there are Enviro 400S at Canterbury bus garage. sorry for nagging I don't think I was out of line I asked him nicely.
  7. can you still do Canterbury one for me please sorry for bean a pain
  8. yes I no but I use it on that map any way and stagecoach use the Enviro 400 in Canterbury as 6 and 4 route breez
  9. Can you please do Canterbury map Destination Displays.
  10. can you put the stagecoach one on hear please
  11. Hi the i put the repaint in the folder and load up omsi the stagecoach repaint is coming up white do you no what i have done rong