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  1. Morocco , but where? I wont be flying as I will be driving on Wed very early... see you all in a few weeks.. Jorge
  2. No nothing to do with it , the lights are not in those LIB's , you must have forgoten an adex file or something..and the soarfly .bgl does not have any texture files anywhere in your download.. Jorge
  3. OK will test ...relax its only for fun!!! Jorge
  4. When I open the soarfly_Airfield_Objects.bgl I get no texture find as it is looking for some textures that are not there...cone.bmp for ex. so nothing to do , they are not lights... TS now.. ??
  5. all I can see with the new file..(FSX)
  6. Thanks Jethro, I can find the model in the .bgl , also the textures in dds and bmp bup for some reason it is not showing in my P3D, it is part of ant_YBTL_LIB3.bgl te PLC file call it by its GUID ok, so ??? Jorge
  7. I reviewed all the YBTL LIB's and cannot find a Steven Hegarty Aircraft Maintenance Jorge
  8. I just done it again , with latest MCX and P3D but already struck some YBMA , will test YBTL and see.. Jorge
  9. Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!!! Jorge
  10. wow !! yes he has.. Jorge
  11. There is a problem with OZx forum and FireFox , I am using IE as Firefox fails... Jorge
  12. Happy Birthday Bruce !!! many happy returns as we need your magic creating fligh plans for the Flying Clubs Jorge
  13. only PLG file in the IP , no scenery... Jorge
  14. fantastic flight, very is a pic with Dave looking the other way!!!