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  1. By the way , teamspeak 3.1.2 still has the joystick hotkey problem .. avoid it!! Jorge
  2. SEEEE!!! you can do it!!! Jorge If you dont mind a bit of overgrown RW remode ( make .off and ) from the SASceneryFSX\scenery folder .FAEO is OK Also make sure that you only have in Addon Scenery the SASceneryFSX folder , delete the one in p3d\scenery\world\scenery... that fixes FAAP and probably some others we still do not know.. Jorge
  3. Bruce , in your compilation there is a file missing for FACT ...the readme says you must have "The FACT_ADE_OBJ.BGL file is the scenery objects file" but it is not there.nor is the textures for it...( a bit of a mess).also the files The FACT_ADE_RS.BGL file is the same as the default runway operation. The FACT_ADE_CW_RS.BGL file is with the Crosswind runway activated and in full operation, one should be .OFF (I suggest the I redownloaded FACT Cape town and got it.. There are a few .bat remove files , make sure noone runs them... Jorge PS ReadMe file Cape Town Intl - FACT - South Africa by Ray Smith This airport update was designed with the latest version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) and made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the Crosswind runway 16/34 operating (this runway is very rarely used in real life) where both runway's will be used for takeoff/landing and one file as the default runway operation: terminal redesigned, assigned parking with extra parking, Taxiways and taxi signs updated, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other improvements, airport views are from inside the Radar tower (when in tower view) please view the readme before installation There are 4 BGL files: FACT_ADE_RS.BGL, FACT_ADE_CW_RS.BGL, FACT_ADE_CVX.BGL and a FACT_ADE_OBJ.BGL file The FACT_ADE_RS.BGL file is the same as the default runway operation. The FACT_ADE_CW_RS.BGL file is with the Crosswind runway activated and in full operation, The FACT_ADE_CVX.bgl file removes the autogen for the Heli, Excujet and Thunder City aprons and should always be used. The FACT_ADE_OBJ.BGL file is the scenery objects file, Please make sure this file goes into the correct folder To Install: 1. Take the FACT_RS.BGL file of your choice and the FACT_ADE_CVX.BGL file and place both files into: Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/scenery folder 2. Take the FACT_ADE_OBJ.BGL file and place it into: Flight Simulator X/Scenery/Global/scenery folder 3. There are jetway extensions, and to see these you need to add the textures for them, please follow these steps: NOTE: If you have already done this with any of my other airports then this step is not necessary. Browse to the FSX\Scenery\NAME\Texture folder. Go down the list until you see (day texture) and (night texture). "COPY" them from that folder and "PASTE" them into the Scenery\Global\Texture folder. 4. Start up the Flight Sim and the changes will be present IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE ONLY USE ONE FACT_RS.BGL FILE AT A TIME: i.e: make sure there is only ONE FACT_RS.BGL FILE and the FACT_ADE_CVX.BGL file in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder at any time, remove/delete any other FACT.bgl to avoid incorrect parking and other airport conflicts. If you have any AI Traffic Addons please make sure they have "NOT" installed another Afcad for this airport as this will also cause a conflict. PLEASE NOTE: when using ATIS with the FACT_ADE_CW_RS.BGL file you will hear the fake runways as well as the airport runways, this is the method used in activating non parallel runways and should be ignored or if preferred use the version FACT_ADE_RS.BGL To Uninstall: 1. Delete/remove the BGL files and the default airport will then be active.
  4. I will be more specific... " You forgot to mention that in 1970 they changed the name....
  5. Thankyou Bruce and the group.. Jorge
  6. You forgot to mention that in 1970 they changed the name.... Jorge
  7. Morocco , but where? I wont be flying as I will be driving on Wed very early... see you all in a few weeks.. Jorge
  8. No nothing to do with it , the lights are not in those LIB's , you must have forgoten an adex file or something..and the soarfly .bgl does not have any texture files anywhere in your download.. Jorge
  9. OK will test ...relax its only for fun!!! Jorge
  10. When I open the soarfly_Airfield_Objects.bgl I get no texture find as it is looking for some textures that are not there...cone.bmp for ex. so nothing to do , they are not lights... TS now.. ??
  11. all I can see with the new file..(FSX)
  12. Thanks Jethro, I can find the model in the .bgl , also the textures in dds and bmp bup for some reason it is not showing in my P3D, it is part of ant_YBTL_LIB3.bgl te PLC file call it by its GUID ok, so ??? Jorge
  13. I reviewed all the YBTL LIB's and cannot find a Steven Hegarty Aircraft Maintenance Jorge
  14. I just done it again , with latest MCX and P3D but already struck some YBMA , will test YBTL and see.. Jorge