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  1. wow !! yes he has.. Jorge
  2. There is a problem with OZx forum and FireFox , I am using IE as Firefox fails... Jorge
  3. Happy Birthday Bruce !!! many happy returns as we need your magic creating fligh plans for the Flying Clubs Jorge
  4. only PLG file in the IP , no scenery... Jorge
  5. fantastic flight, very is a pic with Dave looking the other way!!!
  6. I'd like to fly my own , this one from a visit to Ray... for anyone else to see this please download this texture and add this to your Ants TigerMoth aircraft.cfg... [fltsim.8] <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<change to match the next sequenc number.. title=Tiger Moth VH-AER sim=Ants Tiger Moth 00 model= panel= sound= texture=VH-AER kb_checklists=Ants Tiger Moth 00_check kb_reference=Ants Tiger Moth 00_ref atc_id=VH-AER atc_id_color= ui_manufacturer="De Havilland" ui_type="DH82 Tiger Moth" ui_variation="Tiger Moth" ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Ant's Airplanes" description=The De Havilland Tiger Moth is one of the most famous aircraft ever built. Originally introduced in 1932 as a basic trainer aircraft for the RAF.Such was it's popularity that nearly 9000 were built and even today around 500 still fly. This aircraft represents a modern Tiger Moth as it may be flown today. It includes a few of the comforts of modern life you may find in such a plane like a radio and a GPS. It is also fitted with a tailwheel rather than the skid you would find on originals. Enjoy... Jorge
  7. HRH The OZx Flight Manager....we should have a celebratory flight on the date... Jorge
  8. Good one John , it was starting to get a bit cold without it...... really it is a very good find!! thank you Jorge
  9. In win10 stick with your money and headaches.. Jorge
  10. I think it has to do with the normals... Jorge
  11. Sue , hard to find words of consolation , but come fly with us , have a good time and during those b*t*chy times we will BAN YOU!!!! Happy New Year. Jorge
  12. oui, oui il est tres bon..avec un helicoptere Jorge
  13. My personal opinion, windows 10 and P3D , no migration , new install , forget about the migration tool , will cause P3D and PC problems.. Jorge
  14. Can you please list the helos you have ?? I think thr UH1 is the nemeth that I have , then..? Here is the cockpit, the open space is for the saitek Yoke (broken at the moment..) now this is setup as helo you see the 206 pedals , collective and cyclic as in the 206 , all the sw are mapped so I dont use mouse at all.. Jorge
  15. JohnY , most of the throttles that have a stop and a further step back , work in a way that the range is from Max to the stop , you should calibrate the throttle like that , then if you wish to go over the stop the action is a switch that you can map to reverse thrust (/) in the KBD . Jorge