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  1. I was wondering if there's any download available for this spline?


  2. New Version 2.2: Real small update, adds a fence I made some time back and fixes a bug I noticed on a screenshot of London. # Marking objects: - Fixed rain not puddling on markings # Clutter: - Created painted and unpainted Pallisade fencing Enjoy!
  3. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Forum board software =/= server host. The server host (the computer the forums run off) we're with is fine, as is the Amazon S3 storage. The problem is with the software (which runs on the server and performs actions when you interact with the webpage), which has somehow broken the database...
  4. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Yes, the forums are down. No important data has been lost and the forums are still "running" at the moment, but we've got them offline at the moment so they can't be viewed. Why? Well, because they look like this and crash randomly: At some point since the last database backup, some tables mysteriously disappeared from the database, causing the forum to throw errors. We chose to take the forums offline and contact the IPS Support to try and fix this problem when the errors were first noticed. Turns out IPS Support closes on weekends, so the few in the office were only able to run some diagnostics on the forum and break the CSS (hence it looks like it does). They now have no idea how to fix the database with it's missing tables or to fix the forums (aside from simply restoring backup and hoping it doesn't break again) and have left them in a worse state than they were. We've got a backup of the data, but are likely to require to reinstall the software and try and fix the database so it all works again... we're also considering whether or not to move to another forum board software that doesn't break so badly...
  5. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    All up and running again now. (Apparently the server ran out of drive space and MySQL shut down... )
  6. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    @davetherave123 Yeah, something has caused the server to throw 500 errors at each request... Both Fellowsloth and MagicReloadable (who does most of the server stuff) have been sent messages, but both are not around to fix the problem at this time and nobody else have any access to the server to poke it... The problem will hopefully be rectified as soon as possible.
  7. Now that Aussiex has stopped throwing its toys out of the pram and wailing in PHP errors, I've been able to update the file here to the latest version - 2.1a. Version 2.1 has the longest changelog entry I've ever written, bringing significant improvements to road markings and traffic lights and adding more content too.
  8. [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    The sheer scale and speed of progress on this map continues to be astounding.
  9. Map is sky for No Reason

    S3V.sco is not a default object though, just in a default folder (I hate addons that install non-default content into default folders). Google isn't helpful in identifying what this object is though.
  10. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    Forums are back up after the move. Almost everything should work fine (there's a few images that disappeared into the æther and some residual file problems). Hopefully stability will be improved after this...
  11. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    MagicReloadable's Announcement that's sitting on the forum atm:
  12. Fellowsfilm Forums?

    @South England Design Team I have the same problem. There are some major problems with the forum at the moment and from what I understand from other members of the team, they too are having issues. From what I gather, the problems are the result of host issues. Hopefully it'll get fixed at some point.
  13. Low Battery Voltage message

    CR2032 is most common I believe. You'll want to make sure the computer is shut down, unplugged and all the usual precautions you'd take when working on the PC. I don't know what kind of catch it has, but you might fine a small flat-bladed screwdriver useful to prying back the little tab and lifting the battery up. It's just a case of pushing the new one in.
  14. Road-hog123

  15. Omsi-Tools English Help

    There is a little documentation in the Official SDK 2 (in German) but otherwise there's very little. The easiest way to learn these things I've found is just to push buttons and find out what things do. If you can translate the German the buttons may be named helpfully. A basic outline of the official tools' usage: The "OmsiXConv.exe" tool is used to convert a Direct X *.x format model file into Omsi's own O3D model file format. You can set some configuration on how the conversion is done with the tick boxes on the left side. The "OmsiObjEditP.exe" tool is used to add paths and traffic light sequences to junction objects. It's rather finicky to use and to properly document would be a very long forum post in itself... The "RepaintTool.exe" tool is used to convert a *.bmp repaint image (just the paint, with magenta for areas not to paint) into a *.dds repaint by automatically applying multiplication, mask, additive and transparency maps to the image. The particular maps that are used are set inside the Repaint Config files (*.rpc) which are plain text files you can edit in Notepad or similar. Buses aside from the default ones don't tend to use it however. The "StreetCreator.exe" tool is one that is able to take a spline outline created as a text file and make a spline out of it. I've never worked out how it works, I find it far easier just to edit the spline files themselves (which are also plain text files). You can also use it to make a *.x model file of 20 metres of the spline. Hopefully this helps in some way.