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  1. All the best in the new job David!
  2. Hi, I just found this old version of Daytonford on my portable USB drive. It is just the actual Daytonford folder from the 'maps' folder of OMSI, so you would need to already have all objects, splines, etc on your system. Also, god knows which HOF file this version uses! Anyway it is dated Feb 2012 so it's definiately an older version of Daytonford (pre-Uni lines etc). It may be no use to you, but you're welcome to have a play around and see if you can do anything with it :- http://aussiex.org/omsi/Old_Daytonford_Map_Folder_(Place_in_maps).zip Cheers.
  3. That is exactly right Michael, and that is the exact spirit in which the old maps were recalled. Inevitably some will have seen it as 'spite' and will have imagined conspiracy theories to do with people falling out with people ............. but..... no-one fell out with anyone! ....... When I look at my maps now, they were great for OMSI in 2011, but now...... The best way to think of it, is, would Microsoft still want to be associated with Flight Simulator 95 ? ...... would they still want it on the shelves? There really was no spite - it's just who I am, and I just wanted to "clear out the cupboards". I'm the opposite of a 'Hoarder' ! ... I just like to spring clean and sometimes re-identify myself. I've changed my life a lot, I'm not part of any forums and don't play any sims at all (even retired from flight sim after 15 years). I hope this explains a bit of background. But it's really just as Michael, and Mr Drive said it. All the best to you all.
  4. Well after initially getting no errors, I am now getting constant lock ups, followed by CTDs, and am not able to even finish a single route. The only thing that I can see that has changed from yesterday where I had no issues, is that I am driving at night. But wow, I have to admit this has seriously changed how I feel about OMSI2; it's actually very, unstable and unpredictable. I got a CTD when activating my hardware controls (which I annoyingly have to do every time I play OMSI2), I got a CTD when placing an O530G, I got a CTD when opening a timetable. This is just an unstable release and a pretty miserable experience IMHO; I've uninstalled OMSI2 until they release a much needed patch to address this instability and these crashes. Personally, I think adding this "Chrono" stuff is the worst possible thing M&R could have done!!!! ......... They have added massive complexity, and mulitple settings dimenstions to a platform that was already massively complex and algorhythmic!!...... What was wrong with different maps for different timeframes? OMSI2 is a massive disappointment as it stands and I I fear that it will take more than a patch to bring back the stability.
  5. Thanks very much Martijn - off to have a play with this!
  6. Could you share that please Martijn? It might help me take a look at some of the differences in format, and create an AI List for what I'm looking for..... (seeing as no-one else is going to make it! ) PS.... Where is Leemers these days?
  7. Good luck, this is a brilliant gesture and great to see people doing stuff for other people, and not just looking our for themselves, as today's society can sometimes appear. Good on you!
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had created, or was able to create a revised AI list for use with the Spandau map, that features only the excellent O530 and O530G buses, in BVG colours, on all routes? It would be brilliant if such a AI List could be created. Unfortunately, my moment of having time to create OMSI maps and mods has passed, so I'm hoping someone else can deliver the goods.... Cheers.
  9. You will be able to play OMSI on minimal settings on a laptop, but no lap top is really going to excel with OMSI because it's so visually dynamics and taxing, and lap tops, by their very nature, use small, low-powered 'M'obile GPUs. For the CPU; OMSI1 will reward faster clock speeds, and OMSI 2 (at least in theory!) should reward multiple cores or threads a bit more. It's not scienetific, but where Lap Tops and OMSI are concerned, I'd just say "the more you spend, the better experience you'll have". £500 should get you a laptop that will run OMSI, but don't expect a lot; minimal settings, low AI, etc.
  10. Ah ok, that is a shame. I thought OMSI2 was going the same way as FSX>P3D2 has gone; shifting all the rendering to the GPU. But clearly not! ... Thanks for the good explanation and confirmation.
  11. Wow, all 3 of these buses are just amazing...... We're so lucky that Alterr is making buses of this standard.
  12. I had my "Stagg Party" (party for guys, before one of them gets married) in Berlin; it's a fantastic, vibrant and (some would say surprisingly!) friendly place. I didn't quite get to Spandau. I stayed at Alexanderplatz, which has some great bars and restaurants near it, and it's not too far to the Sony Centre, or to see the bits of the wall that are still standing. The main point for anyone going to Berlin, is that it is huuuuge!!! It doesn't even have one central "city centre" area; it has numerous. You need a minimum 3 days to see even the main tourist areas, near the centre(s).