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  1. Hi guys and Girls Long time lurker. As a full time FW driver in RL, I prefer helicopters in FSX. I currently have all the ORBX and brilliant OZx sceneries for my home town - Melbourne, including Ant's Airports... What I dream for is FSX scenery at a high level (Think ORBX YLIL/YCEM detail) for the following areas/landmarks: Alfred/RCH and RM Hospitals and Pads Sorrento Surf Rescue Helipad. Tyabb Redux... Whilst Im dreamin'... Yarra Bank Pads/CBD/Southbank Redux VFR waypoints added - ie ACAD (which by the way has another helipad..) Other Helipads I can think of West Heidelberg Olinda DSE Retro RCH pad (back of hospital) Caulfield and Flemington Racecourses. I could be the only one dreaming of such madness.... But if anyone else out there in SIM WORLD had similar ideas, I would like to know! Happy Landings, Dave P.S. If it is a matter of resources shortage - imagery etc, I can help!