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  1. Backup Files

    That is still M&R's Content...
  2. E/A Fehler 123

    No problem, I had to do this last night
  3. E/A Fehler 123

    Did you recently install the MAZ bus? If so delete it to fix it
  4. OMSI Objects :: Road-hog's British-Style Road Items

    I will download this, Well done Road-Hog this is great, especially for me and midtowns upcoming map
  5. Laptop Buying Help!

    I have seen these 2 laptops, and my friend has told me OMSI runs fine, but I am just double checking... Quad Core Laptop 1 : Dual Core Laptop 2: Cheers
  6. Announcement - New member of OMSI Staff Team

    Congrats Michael!
  7. How to make a BUSE hof

    I will take a look at it, thanks
  8. How to make a BUSE hof

    Can someone help me please I need to make a BUSE hof for my map, Denford. But I have no idea of the format. If someone could give me a template type thing that would be great Cheers
  9. Dateiname Problem

    Gamebooster didnt help at all D: Thanks for suggestions
  10. Dateiname Problem

    oh no D:
  11. Dateiname Problem

    I have re-installed Daytonford, Man Lions City but it still has the error
  12. Dateiname Problem

    Whenever I load any map I get this: Ungultiger Dateiname Help!
  13. OMSI Editor: Can't see splines when I place them

    Stupid Problem: I zoomed in really far to where I placed it.. and it was there After an hour-ish of re-opening and closing... Thanks for the help
  14. Hi, When I place splines in the OMSI Editor I cannot see them, but they still place, I can see the information in the top left corner. Thanks
  15. I am waiting for New Berlin Spandau 1.4 to load