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  1. 6 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    You asked.. you got Like buttons added to the forums. @RD_1 I will not tolerate people talking to each other like they owe you something. This man has dedicated his free time to make something to give to you for free, let's keep that in mind shall we? This is NOT open for discussion either young Rhys
  2. 6 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    The map is designed to be driven around, not looked at from a helicopter. Its provided "as is" and is a convert from OMSI1 days with gradual improvements being made. Its easy to say a full rebuild would be better, and it probably would, but remember is a free map, provided by me giving up my own free time when balancing a full time job and bringing up a family. If you don't like it that's fine, don't drive it.
  3. 5 points

    What are you working on?

    A mysterious partly finished coach seen on the motorway
  4. 5 points

    OZx v3.5 Upgrade

    Version 1.00


    OZx is proud to introduce OZx_AUS 3.5, our latest upgrade to the Australian virtual bush flying experience! This package includes over 18 new airstrips, a heliport, a 2016 listing of oilrigs and over 20 points of interest around Australia, from the harsh, sun burnt inland areas of Queensland and New South Wales, to the scattering of many Visual Reference Points (VRP) and airstrips around Sydney, South to Strahan in lush Tasmania, and right across to picturesque salt lakes in Western Australia. From small bush strips like Quilpie and Marulan to regional airports such as Bourke and Hay, this package will suit whatever your taste is! OZx 3.5 is the result of many hours of effort from our developers and testers. This package is a testimony to each of their efforts, and we all hope you enjoy this new scenery as much as we did creating it!   The OZx Team, July 2016 Installation Instructions 1. Download and run the two OZx_3.5 Installer files. The installer will find your FSX or P3D root folder automatically. (Note - Do not install in any sub folder.) 2. Ensure that “OZx_AUS” & “OZx_LIB” are enabled in the FSX Scenery Library and above FTX 3. Check the “OZx_Extras_Readme.pdf” file in your “Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\OZx\User_Docs” folder and install any items of interest. OZx_v3.5_Manual.pdf
  5. 5 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Gentlemen, Let's keep things civil if we can. This community is a broad church of ideas. Feedback is always welcome, but bear in mind that whether the author wishes to respond to it or adopt it is their own choice. Many of us old farts don't do too well with Feedback Loops. We weren't taught that way... One thing I feel I must reiterate is that most of us are doing this as a hobby, not for mercenary reasons. We have our own timeframes and motivations. Please be supportive of the efforts of others. Also, @RD_1 , I think you need to realise is that various members of this community are at different parts of their lives than you are and this is a whole different list of priorities. Whilst I leave this out this sort of thing usually, I for example have two children under 10 and a full time job, a marriage, and pathetically oldman style social life, which sounds a lot like @mrmoose @bear76 and many other folk on here. I can only suggest that at 20, I may have thought I had a lot going on, but strap yourself in as you have so much to look forward to - qualification, marriage, children and so on and so forth. Whilst it may not have been your intention, using words like "rectify, ridiculous and major concern" can seem inflammatory when it is your own project under the microscope. I haven't brought out the red ink here, I don't think I need to, this is old ground. Play nice gents.
  6. 4 points

    OZx YPKS Parkes NSW

    Version 1.0.0


    Parkes is a well serviced Airport that has an Aero Club, a Training School, aircraft maintenance business, and a refuelling agent, all operating on the airport grounds. Parkes most famous land mark is man made, the CSIRO Radio Telescope is located 25kms north of town on the Newell Highway. Parkes is also the home to the annual Elvis festival. Approximately 32,000 passengers pass through Parkes Airport each year Installation: Extract the Parkes airport folder to your addon scenery folder and activate in FSX. The OZx folder contents need to go into the OZx_Lib folder to ensure all objects are visible. Thanks to the beta testers - Bruce, Flukey, Gazza, TerribleT, Aussiman, and anyone else who I have forgotten who helped in this airport. Thanks also to soarfly concepts for the use of their airport lighting objects in this airport. Craig
  7. 4 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I think we just need to remember one of the assumptions I have to live by: All people at any given point in time are doing the best they can.
  8. 4 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I cannot agree more with you @Chuckinho, I have thought for a very long time on this forum that peeps have absolutely no regard for what people produce for this community, nor the circumstances they endure in order to produce it. I think @RD_1 would do well to notice the fact that the map is freeware, and at no time were peeps charged to test a beta. Ok, That may be a bit below the belt, but for someone to come out and criticse a freeware map in that manner is no better. @RD_1 is producing a payware map, thats fine, let the peeps that want to pay for it do so, but I hope for his sake every single i is dotted and every single t is crossed otherwise there could well be people demanding their money back. He should also know that throwing out comments like that does nothing but make him look unprofessional. Just like @Chuckinho, I too have children. I have four of them (3 under 7), and am on my own with them, so whatever time I spend contributing to the Manly Map is well and truly done in my sleep time. Very few on this forum have any thought or any regard for others circumstances, when they start demanding things, or throw criticisms in buketloads. In my day, they were called 'gimme pigs' and unfortunately as far as i am concerned the term today has never had more meaning. @mrmoose Mate, awesome job you have done here. You have delivered again, just like you did before. It is up to you how much critique you take on board, but remember, you don't get paid for this.....
  9. 3 points

    YBSU - Sunshine Coast - Progress shots (FSX/P3D)

    Just a couple of shots showing a little progress being made.. Still along way to go but I think this one might be my best yet!
  10. 3 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    I shouldve done that however during this process,some how my old keyboard broke in half, and my monitor's screen cracked on impact with something and i somehow needed 4 stitches its frustrating to say the least, i have to thank the wife because she brought the PC back inside while i getting my shotgun and sternly reminded of what would happen if i popped off a few rds in the backyard mate i had some great dummy spits during the process
  11. 3 points

    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    MAN Lions city LHD.
  12. 3 points
  13. 3 points
    I highly doubt that it'll matter by 2025, as Lotus will be old software (consider that OMSI 1 itself is a little over 5 years old). As for multi-platform support, I can see on the Lotus facebook page that you asked them on 5th October and were told by the developers that they are preparing multi-platform support. You've since asked the same question here countless times, and I'm really struggling to see what you are expecting us to say. As they have told you, they are going to support multiple platforms. There's no need to ask the same question again.
  14. 3 points

    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    SYPTE Autosan H9-35:
  15. 3 points

    OZx v3.5 Complete

    Version 1.0.0


    OZx v3.5 Complete Australia is a large place measuring 4000kms wide and 3800kms high (2500 x 2350miles). It contains a lot of default runways and missing airstrips. A gap we at OZx are progressively filling. This download is a complete OZx installer up to v3.5 in one single download for your convenience enhancing Orbx Australia. - 426 Australian Airports and heliports plus many other sites of interest to experience. - 28 Airstrips for the Orbx PNW region. Please read the Manuals and use the Google Earth files contained in the OZx/User Docs folder. Many of these airfields do not have ICAO codes and to find them requires heading and distance from a nearby airfield. Directions are contained in the User Manuals if required. Also there are many other individual staff releases available in the OZx Downloads located in the OZx Scenery/Staff Scenery on the forum. NOTE: THIS IS A FULL DOWNLOAD, IF YOU ARE AFTER ONLY A SINGLE PART PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
  16. 3 points

    OZx v3.5 Upgrade

    Thank you ALL for your efforts in creating this master piece, I just realised it is going to be 10 years for OZx next year... 10 years of friendship and fun using all the glorious freeware you guys make... thank you so much !
  17. 3 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I think you've totally disregarded anything that I have suggested. Yes, OMSI maps are intended to be mainly be driven on, but scenery is also important. Especially if you're driving through areas that have little to no scenery. You use the term 'freeware' which most OMSI Projects are, compare it to Cotterell, which too is freeware, there is a major difference in quality, taking into account that the map is fictional. Many of us hold down full time jobs/social life's/families with our projects so don't take this as a personal attack. I work full time myself. I simply suggested ways that I personally believe Hertfordshire can improve, the standard for UK maps has changed a lot from the OMSI 1 days owing to Cotterell. I think you personally should be more open to feedback and less open to everyone just agreeing with you. At the end of the day, you shouldn't put a map out there if you're not willing to hear the pros and cons of it. Dismissing it as 'if you don't like it, don't drive it' after I offered friendly advice is just ridiculous. But cool, I'll fly away with my 'helicopter' good day
  18. 2 points

    WA FIFO mines Pilbara

    In support of WA month over at Vatpac (Australia's online community for Vatsim) I created a couple of FIFO Airports for a calendar event.. Here they are now for all to share whether you fly online or offline which includes 4 FIFO Airports located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia Airports are: YANG - West Angelas Airport YCWA - Coondewanna Airport YFDF - Fortescue Dave Forrest Airport YCHK - Graeme Rowley Aerodrome All for Airports see regular service by Qantas and its Charter Partners as well as Virgin Australia and its regional Partners utilising F70/100, B717/738 and A320s to and From Perth international (YPPH) ******LINK IS DEAD FOR NOW, MOVING TO THE OZX DOWNLOAD SECTION******
  19. 2 points
    Ian Warren

    ANZACS 2017

  20. 2 points

    Alouette III

    A quick paint for the freeware Alouette III which you can find >Here < under FSX/P3D addons The exterior is not to bad, while the VC is a little lacking however for a freeware its still pretty good
  21. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    What an entertaining thread. Thank you guys and gals...you're brilliant. But I do sympathise and admire your tenacity. I think I'd have just packed it all in and read my Paperwhite more. John
  22. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Holy cow, I've told mine " I built you, I can kill you" but I've never needed stitches ! Wow, I guess I have mellowed with age. Maybe it's a good thing my shotgun lives 4 states away. Perhaps my temper has improved, I've never tried to shoot a computer. BLEEP! Maybe even Holy Sh*t, Matt, and I'm Irish...( you know, "is this a private fight, or can anyone join ? Irish...) LOL Sue
  23. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Hi Matt, I am not going to enjoy this one bit!!!! I was soooo close to walking away from the whole thing! But I will chip away at it. I have lost so much stuff, I did have a lot backed up, but some stuff -for reasons I have no idea- I did not. So I have sacrificed them to the computer gods! DOH!?!?!
  24. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    hey mate, i just went thru the same, thing with a HD crash and a complete rebuild of windows and everything, its only taken me since oct last to get P3D running almost @ 80% again its been one hellva of an adventure, so im going to say I hope you have better luck than me and good luck with it all
  25. 2 points

    Yes More HS748s

    Don't want to shoot myself in the wallet but your repaints are payware standard mate!!
  26. 2 points

    Still Going on Nambucca

    Learning takes time, thank bloody christ there are only 3 buildings
  27. 2 points

    OZxFC Club Flight 0930z Fri March 10

    Thankyou Bruce and the group.. Jorge
  28. 2 points

    The tale of Northern Territory Airlines

    Lovely stuff.. This sounds very much like the story of Ed Connellan, who set up business in The Alice.. You might like to research him some time.
  29. 2 points

    OZX Townsville Texture Issues (FSX)

    Th OzX stuff has to be above the OrbX stuff to display. Go into FTX Central and reset your insertion point. Sue
  30. 2 points

    YBSU - Sunshine Coast (New project early progress)

    probably the last preview of YBSU I'll show for a while as this one could take a bit of time but here's some early shots of the terminal Ive been working on over the last 4 days...
  31. 2 points

    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Volvo 8900. Don't expect it to be released however...
  32. 2 points
    Updated images 1st Feb 2017. Getting there slowly
  33. 2 points

    What are you working on?

    Today I began a new project pack of repaints. Breng Arhnem/Nijmegen (dutch cities). This pack will include the breng and Brengdirect MAN Lion's city bus, The CNG citaro Facelift (the CNG tank from morphi is not the same as what they have for real unfortunately but close enough. ) The Citaro Facelift G (half real repaint). The facelift G does not have a CNG tank. Yes I know of the mod from Finlay but that has a lot of problems with repaints which I have tried and failed to get it working and the Citaro G from Alterrr.
  34. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    This folder contains a repaint for the A2A Wings of Silver Lockheed L-049 Constellation. It shows L-1049 N6504C (c/n 4166) in the first colours of Seaboard & Western Airlines, an all-cargo company based in new York that started in 1946 with DC-4's, but in 1954 bought 9 L-1049 Constellations, of which N6504C was one. It was leased to BOAC for one year, in 1955, being painted in BOAC colors, but retaining its US registration. The aircraft traded hands several times with the last owner being North American Aircraft Trading and registered as 5T-TAC. In 1968 while being used in the Biafra Airlift the aircraft was destroyed in Nigeria. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the paintkit by A2A.
  35. 2 points

    YBHI-Broken Hill - Released Jan 2017

    Been very busy with pool and renovations and Xmas as well. It's almost done and it's in its fourth round of testing. Hopefully we have ironed out the issues now. You'll be the first to know , and I'll send you a private message to let you know first.
  36. 2 points



    his folder contains a repaint for version 3 of the Douglas C-47 by Manfred Jahn and colleagues in the colors of C-47 N21769 of Wien Alaska Airlines, as it looked in the late '40's. Originally c/n 25634 was a R4D-6, which was bought by Wien Alaska Airlines in 1946 for flights from Fairbanks. It flew with at least until 1964, when it made an emergency landing in Point Barrow. It later saw service with Aero Retardent Inc. as N777DG, Pacific Galactic as N777PG and finally with Woods Air Service as N777YA before being sold to Bush Air Cargo, its present owner. I painted this version earlier. It is still flying in Alaska. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom for Manfred Jahn's C-47 version 3, based on the paintkit by Gman5250.
  37. 2 points

    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Thanks, York St and Barrack St are now landscaped. Just Clarence St needs sorting
  38. 2 points

    C400R (Enviro 400) available

    The Citybus 400 Regional (Enviro 400) is available over at Fellowsfilm. Idk if they have plans to upload it here, too, but I noticed nobody has mentioned it here so thought I'd give a heads up. The C400 is a single-door, right hand drive decker based on an Enviro 400 (it's a spin off from the London DLC so trademarked branding's been removed).
  39. 2 points


    Elias and friends .... This is just phenomenal !!! ... When I first approached this forum I had no idea that such an outcome would have been possible !! I can hardly wait to land once again at "RaysField". Even brought a tear to my wife`s eye !!! Ray.
  40. 2 points

    YSBK - Bankstown has now been sent for testing!

    It shouldn't be too long, not due to any bugs, testing is going well nothing major has jumped out its just I'm on holidays at the moment enjoying some time away with my family so more then likely it'll be a mid September release...
  41. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Transdev 2016 - Volvo B9TL - Wright Gemini 2 This is version 1 of the Transdev Repaint Pack. The liveries that are included are the completed/fully launched versions of the real life buses within Transdev Harrogate & Blackburn. Liveries that are included are: 36 - Riding. Redefined. X41 - Red Express Transdev Harrogate & District - The Harrogate Bus Company CityZap Requirements: The most recent version of the Volvo B9TL - Wright Gemini 2 (download on this forum in the Vehicles section) as the interior will not function without the latest versions Repaints by JJM2914 - Any Questions, please PM me via the forum. Enjoy.
  42. 2 points

    My deepest of apologies

    I got an email from Scott who said he could not post or edit, I logged in as him and everything was fine, now I got some more emails from others and I found that a bad cache was not affecting my master admin group, but all other groups. With my apologies for the fact that you guys have not been able to use OZx properly, it should all be fixed now
  43. 2 points

    YSBK - Bankstown (Moving closer)

    This is one of the largest scenery undertakings in the OzX history. A massive well done flukey. This has been a huge challenge and one that you have been able to complete and blow people away with. Congrats mate, the entire Global FS community will thank you for this. Its much better than half the payware that is out there available on the market.. Good to see Australian Scenery design is still rolling strong. With yourself and all the Ozx Developers Australia is still one of the best places in the world to fly, with plenty of destination and diversity in scenery to check out. We are the lucky country.. Go Aussie X, you are showing the world what can be achieved.
  44. 2 points



    Textures for Manfred Jahn 's Douglas C-47 V3.12 beta depicting VH-MMA Air North
  45. 2 points
    Steve Foster

    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    BVG Scania Citywide GN13 BioEthanol #50 on layover at Roseneck awaiting its next trip on route 110 to Hertzallee
  46. 2 points

    What are you working on?

    Now that is a vehicle destined for expresses, an upgrade of interior alongside a Cummins LT10 and 5 speed ZF..........Bliss!
  47. 2 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I put a few more routes in and some ai only routes made these for the map
  48. 2 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    I'd like to express my great thanks to @MMoose as Hertfordshire, in particular Welwyn Garden City, is my favorite area in real life although I don't live in the UK, and this map is one of the reasons why I decided to get a new computer that runs OMSI and hence my return to the gaming community since the MM2 era! I might do a few mods to the map in future if I have the time and, of course, if @MMoose doesn't mind. I was actually going to update the renown for this map but sadly I didn't have the time to do so. Still miss the old days when 300/301 were run by Sovereign using the Renowns which were much more comfortable and enjoyable to ride on IMO!
  49. 2 points

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    What's said, has been said and is in the past. In other words lets continue the future beyond this discussion. Otherwise we will have 20 pages of who said what and that's not needed.
  50. 2 points
    Mr Drive

    OMSI Maps :: Hertfordshire V4 [RHD]

    Yes, i know that fact from Vlietburg. I think i know the reason for that. It happens when you changed the object into an other object. Sometimes that happens to me. I have a object (the busstopcube) still active, and then want to place a new object but forget that the busstop is still selected so the moment i click on the new one the cube is changed into something els. The moment i see my mistake i change it back it but has lost all functions by then. It's the way the criticism is given and more important; the hidden message behind the criticism, if you know what i mean. In that case you have to adjust the docking distance... but yes, Busstops that are to close to each other have effects on the pax at the stop.