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    OZx YPKS Parkes NSW

    Version 1.0.0


    Parkes is a well serviced Airport that has an Aero Club, a Training School, aircraft maintenance business, and a refuelling agent, all operating on the airport grounds. Parkes most famous land mark is man made, the CSIRO Radio Telescope is located 25kms north of town on the Newell Highway. Parkes is also the home to the annual Elvis festival. Approximately 32,000 passengers pass through Parkes Airport each year Installation: Extract the Parkes airport folder to your addon scenery folder and activate in FSX. The OZx folder contents need to go into the OZx_Lib folder to ensure all objects are visible. Thanks to the beta testers - Bruce, Flukey, Gazza, TerribleT, Aussiman, and anyone else who I have forgotten who helped in this airport. Thanks also to soarfly concepts for the use of their airport lighting objects in this airport. Craig
  2. 3 points

    YTWB Toowoomba

    This project is moving pretty quickly so I will post some more shots later today, with the hope to go to a first round of testing very soon.
  3. 3 points
    Just a couple of shots showing a little progress being made.. Still along way to go but I think this one might be my best yet!
  4. 3 points

    WA FIFO mines Pilbara

    In support of WA month over at Vatpac (Australia's online community for Vatsim) I created a couple of FIFO Airports for a calendar event.. Here they are now for all to share whether you fly online or offline which includes 4 FIFO Airports located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia Airports are: YANG - West Angelas Airport YCWA - Coondewanna Airport YFDF - Fortescue Dave Forrest Airport YCHK - Graeme Rowley Aerodrome All for Airports see regular service by Qantas and its Charter Partners as well as Virgin Australia and its regional Partners utilising F70/100, B717/738 and A320s to and From Perth international (YPPH)
  5. 3 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    I shouldve done that however during this process,some how my old keyboard broke in half, and my monitor's screen cracked on impact with something and i somehow needed 4 stitches its frustrating to say the least, i have to thank the wife because she brought the PC back inside while i getting my shotgun and sternly reminded of what would happen if i popped off a few rds in the backyard mate i had some great dummy spits during the process
  6. 3 points
    MAN Lions city LHD.
  7. 3 points
  8. 3 points
    I highly doubt that it'll matter by 2025, as Lotus will be old software (consider that OMSI 1 itself is a little over 5 years old). As for multi-platform support, I can see on the Lotus facebook page that you asked them on 5th October and were told by the developers that they are preparing multi-platform support. You've since asked the same question here countless times, and I'm really struggling to see what you are expecting us to say. As they have told you, they are going to support multiple platforms. There's no need to ask the same question again.
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    SYPTE Autosan H9-35:
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    Version v2


    OZx is proud to bring you Bankstown Airport (IATA: BWU, ICAO: YSBK), a general aviation and business park located in the city of Bankstown, 22 km (14 mi) from the central business district of Sydney, Australia. It is the second biggest airport in Sydney. The airport is situated on 313 ha (770 acres) of land and has three parallel runways, several apron areas, a small passenger terminal and a business park, home to over 170 businesses, including many fixed wing and Rotary flight schools. Contents include a readme document for install procedures By Robert Fluke (Flukey), Ben Odonnell (FBK289) & Garry Moore(GAZZA)
  11. 2 points

    Waitin to Skip Halls Creek

    Just having a drink on the terminal slab waiting for the pilot to call Jeansy's paint, Flukey's scenery
  12. 2 points
    View File OZX YSWL Stawell Stawell in rural Victoria is the home of the famous ”Stawell Gift” – Australia’s richest foot race . Stawell is also a small rural airport in regional Victoria. They have gone through a major upgrade over the last few years and is an important base for firefighting aircraft, including the "Southern Belle" DC10 VLAT aircraft along with a raft of other aircraft including a water bombing Hercules aircraft. The "Southern Belle" has been coming to Australia from the US for the past 3 summers, and assists right across the country as needed. The airport also specialise in aerial agricultural spraying services right across Victoria. Follow install instructions in readme file in download, EDIT- There is an AI traffic file that was left out of the download. Please download from the link below, and add to the FSX\scenery\world\scenery folder. this adds some realism to the airport. fsx_scenery_world_scenery_folder.zip Submitter hanleyc Submitted 08/29/2017 Category Staff Scenery dummy.zip
  13. 2 points
    Yep it was agreed for Gunner to post a few weeks post release of the straight floats early to stop the whiners not to mention one of the lead guys behind the straight floats However not all the details of the addon ugrade are made public
  14. 2 points
    Yes and no. The amount of passengers on the bus is depending on the amount of passengers on the street. In the global file you can set the passenger density per timeslot. Keep in mind that the amount is also based on the amount of passengers that you allowed in the general settings. For example: If the pedestrian setting in the general setting is 100. [trafficdensity_passenger] 8.000 (the time of the day) 1.500 (Factor of the passengers on basis of the general settings) So, in this case, there will be 150 (1.5 x 100) pedestrians around. When you use a number below 1 (1.000 x 100 = 100) like 0.400 you have 40 pedestrians around. This way you have also influence on the amount of passengers that enter a bus. Of course the number of entering passengers is always depending on the values given in the max and min fields of the busstop cube. However, I have enough proof that Omsi not always works conform those figures. I hope this make sense.
  15. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the second volume of my Pilbara region, Airports and Mines which Included 3 new Fly In Fly Out Airports for FSX & P3D Airports included are: YBGD - Boolgeeda Airport +Mine YSOL - Solomon Airport YGIA - Ginbata Airport (Roy Hill) All Airports see regular service by Qantas and its Charter Partners as well as Virgin Australia and its regional Partners utilising F70/100, B717/738 and A320s to and From Perth international, Geraldton, Busselton & Albany Airports **********Please note you will require the OZx libraries to be installed in order to see the full effect of this scenery which are located at********* http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ Click on the Download file and the options for 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 library files will be available as a separate download For volume 1 of my Pilbara Region go here,
  16. 2 points
  17. 2 points
    View File Milviz DHC-2 Beaver VH-EAS Qantas This folder contains a repaint for the Milviz DHC-2 Beaver, representing the first of four Beaver ordered by Qantas, #643 was registered as VH-EAS in 1955 and was used in Papua New Guinea. It was sold to Aerial Agriculture in 1958, becoming VH-AAP, but was written off after an accicent in August 1958. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on th Milviz paintkit. Submitter jankees Submitted 07/02/2017 Category Pacific  
  18. 2 points
    View File OZx YHLC - Halls Creek Airport Halls Creek is a town situated in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is located between the towns of Fitzroy Crossing and Turkey Creek (Warmun) The airport has scheduled services by regional Airline Skippers Aviation using C441's from Broome via Fitzroy crossing and Aviair use C208 from Kununurra Airport. **********Please note you will require the OZx libraries to be installed in order to see the full effect of this scenery which are located at********* http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ Click on the Download file and the options for 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 library files will be available as a separate download Flukey Submitter Flukey Submitted 06/30/2017 Category Staff Scenery  
  19. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Bounded within the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley Western Australia. Kalumburu Community is one of the northernmost settlement in Western Australia. Kalumburu strip north of the town is used by the RFD as well as many scenic/tour operators **********Please note you will require the OZx libraries to be installed in order to see the full effect of this scenery which are located at********* http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ Click on the Download file and the options for 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 library files will be available as a separate download Flukey
  20. 2 points
    My Parisian modification of Ahlheim has almost come to completion and I must admit that it looks rather amazing!! Feel free to drool over the screenshots!
  21. 2 points



    Textures for the Payware Milviz DHC-2 Beaver as RAAF A95-202 No.1 ATU Woomera during the Nuclear bomb testing
  22. 2 points
    Well done Hanley,, you must have busted your a*se to do this many strips in so short a time..I am really looking forward to these, and to the "opening up" of the top end.. Teecee
  23. 2 points
    Bruce e

    Germany. Quality freeware available

    http://www.flightport.de/ provide good quality freeware airstrips for Germany that are P3D compatable. Highly recommended Here are some examples
  24. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Sunshine Coast Airport (formerly Maroochydore Airport) is an Australian airport serving Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It is the gateway to holiday destinations such as Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, and Caloundra. There are direct daily flights to Sydney and Melbourne. In addition, Air New Zealand serves the city seasonally, with three weekly return flights from Maroochydore to Auckland. Sunshine Coast Airport is situated in Marcoola 10 km (6.2 mi) north of Maroochydore and is the only airport in the region capable of servicing jet aircraft operations. On 3 June 2010, the airport changed its name from "Maroochydore-Sunshine Coast Airport" to "Sunshine Coast Airport" and changed its ICAO code from YBMC to YBSU Current RPT operators include: Air New Zealand with seasonal flights from Auckland Alliance Airlines with flights from Brisbane continuing on to Emerald Jetstar Airways from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Qantaslink B717 from Sydney and Summer seasonal flights from Melbourne Virgin Australia from Sydney and Melbourne **********Please note you will require the OZx libraries to be installed in order to see the full effect of this scenery which are located at********* http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/1825-single-links-ozx-au-complete-ozx-na-complete-ozx-libraries/ Click on the Download file and the options for 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 library files will be available as a separate download Flukey
  25. 2 points
    Ian Warren

    ANZACS 2017

  26. 2 points
    unfortunately Les the original authors of this package is no longer a members here, to de-compile it and then repackage it requires their permission if some one can send me a jot point list of what needs to be done for it to work, I will include it in the description on its download page
  27. 2 points
    Les ,I tried it and it did the same , the problem seems topo be in the installer , it is hard coded to go to the Flight Simulator x folder which does not exist. Start the install and do not change anything , say OK to create the new Folder, it will install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X , in there you will find everything..., move the folders to your sim and try ... Jorge
  28. 2 points

    Anyone remember this ?

    Too much special fx for me..i.e. too much blurring into focus etc. Music is good though. Just my very subjective opinion, each to their own:)
  29. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Guys, it might be worth investing in a ghosting software and a 2nd or 3rd drive the same size or twice or 3 times ( I have 3 times) as your FS install. Before installing anything run a ghost then if something goes wrong you can just ghost the best install from the ghostdrive. in 10 years I have never had to do a reinstall from scratch
  30. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Holy cow, I've told mine " I built you, I can kill you" but I've never needed stitches ! Wow, I guess I have mellowed with age. Maybe it's a good thing my shotgun lives 4 states away. Perhaps my temper has improved, I've never tried to shoot a computer. BLEEP! Maybe even Holy Sh*t, Matt, and I'm Irish...( you know, "is this a private fight, or can anyone join ? Irish...) LOL Sue
  31. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Hum the song "If I Only Had Time" as you work ... here's some of the lyrics ... So much to do If I only had time, if I only had time Dreams to pursue If I only had time they'd be mine Time like the wind Those are hurrying by and the hours just fly Where to begin There are mountains I'd climb, if I'd time Relax and enjoy mate Cheers Alan
  32. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    Hi Matt, I am not going to enjoy this one bit!!!! I was soooo close to walking away from the whole thing! But I will chip away at it. I have lost so much stuff, I did have a lot backed up, but some stuff -for reasons I have no idea- I did not. So I have sacrificed them to the computer gods! DOH!?!?!
  33. 2 points

    Fresh Install of P3D v3....

    hey mate, i just went thru the same, thing with a HD crash and a complete rebuild of windows and everything, its only taken me since oct last to get P3D running almost @ 80% again its been one hellva of an adventure, so im going to say I hope you have better luck than me and good luck with it all
  34. 2 points
    Mr Drive

    OMSI Maps : Vlietburg V6.7

    A new and very last update (V6.7) is coming soon!
  35. 2 points

    Still Going on Nambucca

    Learning takes time, thank bloody christ there are only 3 buildings
  36. 2 points

    Can you lend a hand?

    Good Luck. OMSI 1 isn't a third of the game OMSI 2 is. Anyone who would make you a bus would probably do it for OMSI 2 if at all. Do you not own OMSI 2? If you have money to pay for a bus, I would suggest buying OMSI 2 Building a bus is a massive undertaking...
  37. 2 points
    Thankyou Bruce and the group.. Jorge
  38. 2 points
    Lovely stuff.. This sounds very much like the story of Ed Connellan, who set up business in The Alice.. You might like to research him some time.
  39. 2 points


    So Recently got my new PC. Just took it for a test run using P3D 3.4, Ants Watts Bridge scenery, Milviz bell 407 and Realtime Weather. Because im greedy, all sliders were maxed and HDR was off.. I enjoyed the flight and thought I would share the parked pic below.
  40. 2 points
    The following 2 images are a progress update (IN THE SIM) on Flukeys Sunshine coast Airport and awesome terminal building The following image is a advanced render of Flukeys wonderful terminal for Sunshine coast Airport. The vegetation is not included in flukeys model. Since I have a new powerhouse pc for flightsim, this is the LOD that I will be adding to sceneries. This certainly showcases the fantastic work Flukey has done to date and his on going contribution to OzX and the Flight sim community. Thanks Flukey you rock.. (Click on image for a larger View)
  41. 2 points
    Updated images 1st Feb 2017. Getting there slowly
  42. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    This folder contains a repaint for the A2A Wings of Silver Lockheed L-049 Constellation. It shows L-1049 N6504C (c/n 4166) in the first colours of Seaboard & Western Airlines, an all-cargo company based in new York that started in 1946 with DC-4's, but in 1954 bought 9 L-1049 Constellations, of which N6504C was one. It was leased to BOAC for one year, in 1955, being painted in BOAC colors, but retaining its US registration. The aircraft traded hands several times with the last owner being North American Aircraft Trading and registered as 5T-TAC. In 1968 while being used in the Biafra Airlift the aircraft was destroyed in Nigeria. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the paintkit by A2A.
  43. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    As the original link is now dead and gone, I've gone ahead and reuploaded this due to the inactivity of the original author. It should be made very clear that this is not my work and it is only being reuploaded for archive purposes. Original MM2 Model - Joey Makepeace Conversion to OMSI - man1333 Support will not and cannot be provided for this.
  44. 2 points



    his folder contains a repaint for version 3 of the Douglas C-47 by Manfred Jahn and colleagues in the colors of C-47 N21769 of Wien Alaska Airlines, as it looked in the late '40's. Originally c/n 25634 was a R4D-6, which was bought by Wien Alaska Airlines in 1946 for flights from Fairbanks. It flew with at least until 1964, when it made an emergency landing in Point Barrow. It later saw service with Aero Retardent Inc. as N777DG, Pacific Galactic as N777PG and finally with Woods Air Service as N777YA before being sold to Bush Air Cargo, its present owner. I painted this version earlier. It is still flying in Alaska. Repaint by Jan Kees Blom for Manfred Jahn's C-47 version 3, based on the paintkit by Gman5250.
  45. 2 points

    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Intersection of Forest Way and Mona Vale Road
  46. 2 points

    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Thanks, York St and Barrack St are now landscaped. Just Clarence St needs sorting
  47. 2 points


    Yep.. it's just like the old days Jay.. When I opened my email this morning I was stunned, i have not seen this many notifications in many years.. Lovin' it.. Teecee.
  48. 2 points


    For those interested, Rays Field has been posted in the DOWNLOADS section, under the categories section go to staff scenery. Please enjoy.
  49. 2 points

    C400R (Enviro 400) available

    The Citybus 400 Regional (Enviro 400) is available over at Fellowsfilm. Idk if they have plans to upload it here, too, but I noticed nobody has mentioned it here so thought I'd give a heads up. The C400 is a single-door, right hand drive decker based on an Enviro 400 (it's a spin off from the London DLC so trademarked branding's been removed).
  50. 2 points

    Bowdenham V4

    Version Omsi 2


    Welcome, as always, to Bowdenham! Thank you for taking the time to download the latest version of Bowdenham. Bowdenham V4 is only available for OMSI 2 and will not run in OMSI 1. Please make some time to read through the documents to assist you in making sure that Bowdenham V4 installs correctly and runs without any issues. As with all previous versions of Bowdenham, this map remains a Freeware map available to everybody and free to modify for your own personal use. You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission. Please bear in mind though, I will only support this map on the AussieX forums and will not provide support for any modified versions of Bowdenham V4. Required Bowdenham Repaint pack available separately here- Public timetables, created by Esqui- For full details of the map, please take a look at the readme file! I have included all required assets, so if you have any missing items please post a comment in the section below.