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    Bowdenham V4

    Version Omsi 2


    Welcome, as always, to Bowdenham! Thank you for taking the time to download the latest version of Bowdenham. Bowdenham V4 is only available for OMSI 2 and will not run in OMSI 1. Please make some time to read through the documents to assist you in making sure that Bowdenham V4 installs correctly and runs without any issues. As with all previous versions of Bowdenham, this map remains a Freeware map available to everybody and free to modify for your own personal use. You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission. Please bear in mind though, I will only support this map on the AussieX forums and will not provide support for any modified versions of Bowdenham V4. Required Bowdenham Repaint pack available separately here- Public timetables, created by Esqui- For full details of the map, please take a look at the readme file! I have included all required assets, so if you have any missing items please post a comment in the section below.
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Wee video to show Beacon Hill and Narraweena sections of Warringah Road
  3. 2 points

    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    My Parisian modification of Ahlheim has almost come to completion and I must admit that it looks rather amazing!! Feel free to drool over the screenshots!
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    That's the aprox position of Jacks, sorry don't know the exact address, think it is one block inland from the shoreline
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    Pilbara Mines V2

    v2 of my Pilbara mine airport scenery's, featuring: YSOL - Solomon Airport YBGD - Boolgeeda Airport Surprise and get those Charter flights ready as this ones in the final call phase
  6. 1 point

    25% Sale at A2A

    A2A only hold a couple of sales per year so get it quick if you wish to add to your hanger.
  7. 1 point

    Pilbara Mines V2

    Thanks for the kind words.. YGIA now showing some life!
  8. 1 point

    B737 at Solomon

    Took the 737 for a spin dropping some miners off for their next stint.. Not much out here!
  9. 1 point

    Pilbara Mines V2

    Sounds to me like you are going to need that "well earned rest".. though with another member of the family to care for, you will be busy enough..Thanks for your hard work and for bringing a dream of mine to life..Teecee.
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Thanks, Glad you like it
  11. 1 point
    Mr Drive

    AI List Groups and Multiple Buses

    Yes that's possible: It looks like this: [aigroup_depot] Normal_BUS Vlietburg [aigroup_depot_typgroup_2] Vehicles\Lion's City A21 by V3D_Vlietburg\MAN_A21_E6_ZF.bus 1300 htmbuzz Haaglanden 1129 htmbuzz Haaglanden 1130 htmbuzz Haaglanden [end] [aigroup_depot_typgroup_2] Vehicles\MB_530\MB_530.bis 1300 Veolia 1129 Veolia 1130 Veolia [end] I have two different brands of busees within the same AI group. .
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Warringah Road sorted This means the 169 is done - the longest route on the map - well aside from some lanework on the Warringah Freeway
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    Hello, Just a quick question, just bought Ka-26 a couple of days ago and since it seems to come with a sprayer function as specified on the product page, but no valid key to activate it. I would like to know if someone has any clue how to do this. I understood you need to activate the AC generator (yes found that one) but then what ? From judging looking at this Youtube Video it seems that the pilot is activating it on the collective which has a button. The button works, but the device on / off is apparently non functional, or am I missing something here. The reason I ask is to try a mission with the Ka-26. Any ideas ? I know this is an FS 9 aircraft, but everything seems to work fine in FSX Thanks Steve PS it would also be a plus to be able to activate the button on the collective with a key since I use a Hotas X55. ORDER NUMBER: 006083 - INVOICE IN005710 - Nemeth designs website date:08/11/2015
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    Mr Drive

    Blue Sky Problem

    You need to do some checking on the chrono's, there are a lot of warnings concerning TLL files. However, in general those problems don't lead to a blue sky. That error is mostly due: Missing objects Objects that are part of payware and are not correctly registered; A memory problem So checking the validation of your Omsi installment can solve the problem and use of the Omsi Map Tool for checking the scenery and splines. If that works out and the problems are still there remove the TLL's and chrono's and add them one by one.
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    Solution: Since the aircraft was not created for FSX but for FS9, some things in the aircraft.cfg file are not correct. The code for the orientation of the smoke generator is wrong. If you open the aircraft.cfg for the ka-26mg (found in the FSX\simobjects\aircraft\ka-26mg folder) with notepad++ you will see no code for a smoke system, so copy the code below in there. If you need to know where in the file this should be copied, open any other aircraft with a smoke system (the Extra300 default plane will do) and go from there. [SMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0 = -8, 0, 0, fx_smoke_w smoke.1 = -8, -2, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.2 = -8, -4, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.3 = -8, -6, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.4 = -8, -8, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.5 = -8, -10, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.6 = -8, -12, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.7 = -8, -14, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.8 = -8, 2, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.9 = -8, 4, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.10 = -8, 6, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.11 = -8, 8, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.12 = -8, 10, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.13 = -8, 12, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.14 = -8, 14, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.15 = -8, 16, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.16 = -8, -16, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.17 = -8, 17, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.18 = -8, 18, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.19 = -8, 19, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.20 = -8, -17, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.21 = -8, -18, -2, fx_smoke_w smoke.22 = -8, -19, -2, fx_smoke_w The "mouse-click zone" in the virtual cockpit (VC) for the activation of the sprayer does not always work. There are two buttons on the collective that need to be pressed to activate the sprayer and one on the center console. Both the one on the center console (generator alternate current) and the central button on the collective work, it's just the switch closest to the seat, that generally refuses to give you a "mouse-click zone" in the VC. In that case, open up the 2D collective panel (Shift-5) and flip the switch labeled (device control) there. For the braver ones, or the cropdusting enthusiasts, I have some extra tweaks (which are actually pretty easy to do) Now if you want to have a button on your joystick that controls the sprayer, things get a little more complicated, since you cannot assign a button to the sprayer. You will need a free program to edit aircraft files like this one aircraft airfile manager You can also get the program from good old Avsim if you don't feel secure about downloading the file from the website. Anyways, after setting up the program by unpacking it to a folder of your choice and telling it where fsx is intalled, select Kamov by manufacturer and the "duck" as your aircraft in the second column. Click on the tab that says .air file and select item '344 (BOOL) Smoke System Available, False' line and set it to TRUE. Then click FILE=> Save Aircraft. Get yourself a program called xpadder and use it to assign a button on your joystick to activate the 'I' key (which in FSX controls the smoke dispenser) with a TOGGLE function (the toggle setup for the key is important here since xpadder will keep the button pressed for you that way). I won't go into the details of setting up xpadder, there are quite a number of 'tube movies out there that can show you that. Now you can leave the sprinkler on by activating all 3 controls in the VC, and use the I-key through the xpadder toggle by pressing the joystick button you set up (something you cannot do in FSX directly since it will not hold the I key pressed for you) and switch the sprinkler on/off that way. I don't know if I can post my airfile here to save you the trouble of editing, since I don't know what the copyright policy is for posting ND files on the forum here even for something as futile as an aircraft file. Oh, and finally for those who want a free cropdusting mission, open google and type: 'Free Cottonwood Scenery' and 'Free Cropdusting Mission'. The first links on the google result page will get you to pages with download links. Download both freebies and install them. Then open the file 'CottonwoodCropdusting.FLT' (FSX\Missions\Pilot for Hire\Cottonwood Cropdusting ) with Notepad++ and set the following value on line 391 to this: [Sim.0] Sim=Kamov-26 MG duck Now load up the mission and go do some dustin' Last but not least, for those who have purchased any of the two crop-duster planes (the Truck or the Pawnee) from the website above you can use the SMOKESYTEM lines from either plane and copy those instead of the ones I provided above. They use a different texture for the sprayed liquid instead of smoke, which will not only look better, but also be less demanding on your computer. Have fun.
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    The smoke system although implemented in the aircraft.cfg of the passenger version of the Ka-26 file is not functional in the game either. The code is correct, and copying the code to another aircraft.cfg file works, but not on the ka-26 duck. Very strange. If anyone has a clue to fix this, please share it would be great. Thx