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    YBSU - Sunshine Coast - Progress shots (FSX/P3D)

    Just a couple of shots showing a little progress being made.. Still along way to go but I think this one might be my best yet!
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    So Recently got my new PC. Just took it for a test run using P3D 3.4, Ants Watts Bridge scenery, Milviz bell 407 and Realtime Weather. Because im greedy, all sliders were maxed and HDR was off.. I enjoyed the flight and thought I would share the parked pic below.
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    OZX Townsville Texture Issues (FSX)

    Th OzX stuff has to be above the OrbX stuff to display. Go into FTX Central and reset your insertion point. Sue
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    YBSU - Sunshine Coast (New project early progress)

    The following 2 images are a progress update (IN THE SIM) on Flukeys Sunshine coast Airport and awesome terminal building The following image is a advanced render of Flukeys wonderful terminal for Sunshine coast Airport. The vegetation is not included in flukeys model. Since I have a new powerhouse pc for flightsim, this is the LOD that I will be adding to sceneries. This certainly showcases the fantastic work Flukey has done to date and his on going contribution to OzX and the Flight sim community. Thanks Flukey you rock.. (Click on image for a larger View)
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    YBSU - Sunshine Coast (New project early progress)

    probably the last preview of YBSU I'll show for a while as this one could take a bit of time but here's some early shots of the terminal Ive been working on over the last 4 days...
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    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Volvo 8900. Don't expect it to be released however...
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    YBSU - Sunshine Coast (New project early progress)

    Shall we take a closer look.....
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    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Freshly painted, and on its way to the docks to be shipped to Malta for trials
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    General Videos

    Glad it's not just me. I've been waiting and waiting forever for some kind of update/patch, but I don't think it's gonna happen. It completely ruins an otherwise great map
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    Gear Ratios

    Here's a snipped of the constfile in my Scania Citywide mod: ############################### Gang 5 ############################### [const] antrieb_getr_autoSwDnMinSpd5 1130 [const] antrieb_getr_autoSwDnMaxSpd5 1200 [const] antrieb_getr_autoSwDnkickdnSpd5 1400 [const] antrieb_getr_autoSwUpMaxSpd5 2090 [const] antrieb_getr_autoSwUpkickdnSpd5 2500 If you set the switch up values to 9999 for an example, the bus will never up-shift from the gear in question. Also those are the values that determine the prop shafts speed that the gears are shifted. Higher value means up-shifts at a higher rpm.
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    2 Airports nearing release

    MT Isa Airport and Surrounds along with Devonport Airport have gone into BETA testing.. If all runs well both could be available within the week! Here are some final shots of each Scenery
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    Ow gawd, I'll get it now
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    Pacific :: Sibwings Saab Safir VH-RHG

    View File Sibwings Saab Safir VH-RHG This folder contains a repaint for the Saab Safir by Sibwings. It shows Saab 91C Safir VH-RHG (c/n 91-276). This Safir was the former VH-RHG, VH-AHA, VH-BQK (and built as SE-BYZ) and the only Safir ever imported into Australia. It was painted in these colors when it was owned by New Guinea aviation veteran Bobby Gibbes and registered with his personal initials VH-RHG, while based in PNG during 1966 This repaint is by Jan Kees Blom, based on the paintkit supplied by SibWings. Submitter jankees Submitted 02/19/2017 Category Pacific  
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Forestway X 12m intersection
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    More Wesley Gardens Signage
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Wesley Gardens Bus Stop with new fencing
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    File Name: Bowdenham AI Lists (Without O305) File Submitter: AlexStankevitch File Submitted: 04 Feb 2015 File Category: OMSI Utilities + Mods Which version of OMSI is this download for ?: V2 Hello all, Here is my simple set of Bowdenham V4 AI Lists that do not include the Mercedes O305 (for those who dont have it, like me). I post these here for anyone to use, in the hope that it brings Bowdenham V4 to more people so they can experience Dazza's brilliant map in all its glory. For all detail, just check the Readme in the archive, should be simple enough but if you have any troubles dont hesitate to message me. For a simple explanation of the changes, before 1992 all O305s are changed to SD77s and SD85s, and after 1992 they change to EN92s. The MAN UL coaches are also replaced with EN92s until the introduction of the Volvo 9900. NOTE: I know some of the Regs on the vehicles dont match up fully 100%, I'm working on that, and as noted in the Readme there are double deckers running down Trent Way which would technically be troublesome with the low bridge. Also, a big thanks to Dazza for letting me release these.
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Some more warning signage Horses Horses + Next X km Dropbears + Next X km Next X km undersignage is customisable and can fit a second digit if needed (not something too often needed in the Sydney Basin. I was going to say the city, but we are talking about Terrey Hills here
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    2 Airports nearing release

    No, you are better.
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    2 Airports nearing release

    Thanks guys but I don't think you have anything to be concerned about with me moving anywhere (I'm not as good as those developers for starters)
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    Working Download for Man SD94

    It is compatible with Omsi 2 because I had asked owner about the error, which was been fixed but I dont know if he still online.
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    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    APL - MB O307
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    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Garigal National Park Sign Terrey Hills Sign in Warringah-style Stone Quite big intersection, though the Forest routes only "cross" it
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    cp_rollo1_speed error [Solved]

    Had a look at the Log, it was an issue with the Enviro 200 bus. A reinstall of that sorted out my issue. 🙂 ---------------------------------------------------------- Check out my YouTube Channel for more Simulator and Gaming content! https://www.youtube.com/c/drawyahgames?sub_confirmation=1
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    I think this might be it? It is in foreingn and need to sign in to download. Link removed, please share the link by PM
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    French Airports

    Hi JohnY, I totally agree with what jaydor says, Occitania VFR is a real must have if you intend to fly in the South West of France! Cheers, Stéph.
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    Hi Ray & Teecee, As Teecee mentioned, we have managed to fly together in the morning. But at this stage only just 're-started' doing so. Some years ago we flew MS more regularly, but Teamspeak changed the way it hosted sessions etc and we ended up 'out of touch'. Teecee prefers now to use FSCloud. Seems to work really well. Hre's another link; tutorial video (apologies poor quality):- I also fly a few days with a friend in Powell River BC Canada. Perhas we could try a multisession using FSCloud some time. One advantage of using that is that it handles cross-platform (FSX?P3D?Steam/etc) Instead of using the flight sim's multiplayer setup, we stay in free flight & FSCloud 'finds us' & we connect through that. :)
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    This guy is nothing but a scam artist, and takes people's money, the donor version of canterbury done by this guy has bugs in which i gave him 5 days to fix yet 4 days later he has not responded so i have requested paypal to investigate this guy and get me a refund. THIS GUY IS A SCAM ARTIST AND IS ONLY INTERESTED IN TAKING YOUR MONEY, NOTHING ELSE.
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    What are you working on?

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    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Thanks. You inspired me to do this Malta Public Transport Dennis Dart repaint:
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    What a change Time makes

    So now that the topic subject is a little strange, I thought I would share some life I have discovered for FSX and P3D, but there is a little history first. On the 20th Dec 2016 I returned home from work at 17:30hrs and upon entering the house, I found that some scummy turd bag had helped themselves to my house whilst I was at work and enjoyed stealing my laptop with all my designs and FSX / P3d stuff on it. They also took unreplaceable memories and items that belonged to my wife, Kids Christmas presents, Ipads, there apple macs, tv's and every other electronic thing they could get their filthy bludging fingers on. To cut the sad story short, They turned on the Ipad and I managed to find these phuckers.... I did eventually hand them to police... Ok so on on.. So Now my insurance has come through and paid for everything new... My new Flightsim Pc is a weapon... 3 x 40inch 4K screens 2 x1080 6gb graphics cards 64gb DDR 5 RAM 2 x 1TB SSD hard Drives 4 x 5TB standard Drives I7 CPU 3.7 (I think) But overclocked to hell Full Liquid coolign system, 7.2 full surround sound system pluse a new aircon games room for it to sit in. This will be besides my new Alienware drawing and modeling PC as I have a few really cool projects for the FS community to get back on top of. So now that I have glotted a little I have been running FSX, FSX-SE & P3D V3.4 in 4k I must say I have never seen the level of detail that is in each of these platforms ever before... 4K really has mad a massive difference. Im still loading stuff back on, but the system is maxed and all super smooth, with each platform. ORBX everything loaded, REX, PMDG, Carenado, AS16, Plan-G, blah blah blah the list goes on right. But it is amazing to see what has been done... Never in my life have I seen ORBX brisbane looking the way it does... Simply amazing.. Previously I was lucky to even run the dam scenery for Brisbane even on its lowest setting. So what I am saying is, if you have the oppitunity to upgrade your system or graphics cards, do so, as the changes are simply stunning. Once I am fully operational again you will start to see some new Beta Pics coming through. These will include: Shoalwater Bay (QLD) Wagners Wellcamp Airport (Qld) Every Island & Island resort, house & Airport, runway, strip, golf course for the entire whitsunday islands (QLD) Newcastle Williamtown (NSW) New PR, Autogen, Custom Buildings & Objects for all of southeast QLD From Tweed heads South to Jacobs Well in the north, Beaudesert in the West. This will also include all of the gold coast and in between along with key points such as Seaworld, Movie World, Outback Spectacular, Wet n Wild, Dreamworld, Yatla Drive In. (QLD) New PR, Objects & Autogen for Rockhampton & Capricorn Coast will also include railways, ships, boats, marina, Islands (QLD) Oakey, Surrounds & Oakey airbase Australian Army (QLD) Dalby, Surrounds & Local Airport. Maybe even gliding club (QLD) Gladstone City, Surrounds, Ports, Industry, Airport (QLD) Mackay City, Surrounds, Ports, Sugar cane farms and processing, Airport (QLD) The following location will depend on the availability of fairly good source PR. Emerald (QLD) Blackwater (QLD) Moura (QLD) Westwood (QLD) Gin Gin (QLD) Childers (QLD) Miriam Vale (QLD) Gympie (QLD) Nambor & Some Sunshine coast (QLD) Westpac, RACQ, NRMA, QLD & NSW Police air wing heliport, Fields (QLD & NSW) A whole Bunch of Military Installations, Bases & Sites throughout QLD.. Both Modern & Historical So that will kind of fill my dev card for this year, Let 2017 be awesome... and remember if you can upgrade those cards and you will never look back... Im pretty impressed, but still wanting a 64 or 128 bit platform.... but im sure I will be dead before that happens in the FSX or P3D world... lol
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    What a change Time makes

    Geez Gaz.. I have never (touch wood) been robbed, but you got them mate, and that helps, plus in the end there is a big benefit for you with the new system.. Only problem is how your family is handling this, as a violation such as this can leave scars for many years.. mate, put some of the insurance money into a high end security system, and give the family peace of mind. All the best for the future mate.. Terry (Teecee).
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    Sim visit to YBHI Broken Hill

    HI Guys, I will have an updated version of the airport very soon which will fix the lights and also make it compatible with P3D (thanks to Jorge). It will require it to be downloaded again thats the only downside.
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    2017 FS Repaint wish list

    This thread is the current thread for posting your FS repaint wish list While posting your requests can you include Developer and model ie Carenado B-58 If freeware a link to the model At least a side on photograph sites like airliners.net strictly prohibit the direct sharing of their images so web links to are fine Any custom mods required ie rego changes The list of OZx painters can be found here> http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/search/&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[10]=1 Please remember not all requests can or will get filled, as some painters dont have the available time or resources to complete them so Please dont get offended if your request goes unanswered.
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    YBSU - Sunshine Coast (New project early progress)

    With Australia Day over thought I better change the Heading
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    Thankyou Craig, greatly appreciated. Only too happy to test the fix in FSX before live posting.
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    YBHI-Broken Hill - Released Jan 2017

    Broken Hill no longer looks BROKEN in flight sim. In Fact it looks like it has been Beautifully Unbroken...... Nice Job Truley
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    YDPO - Devonport Airport

    Magic, I have been hoping that this might come along some day..Teecee PS: for the few that have my addons, when YDPO is released,search out any YDPO or DPO stuff and remove them..
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    2017 FS Repaint wish list

    Post request by CathyH : How about a coupe of fictional paints for the A2A Connie RNZAF based on their Dc-4s and Air NZ based on thier early dc-8 livery _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post request by BaileyF : Hi, Just wondering if someone is able to make the Air Ambulance livery for me for the Carenado B200, either AMR, AMQ or AMS. Thanks, Bailey
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    General Screenshots + WIP repaints

    Torow's latest aquirement
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    Sim visit to YBHI Broken Hill

    Check for duplicated scenery. Rogers Aussie Airfields also has a YBHI with three files I have renamed with a .bak extension. I don't know if that is the cause of the lights but it is worth a try if you do have duplicated scenery.
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    YBHI-Broken Hill - Released Jan 2017

    Thank You Craig, Great work ,look`s the goods ,nice to fly around, Thanks from all us that love your work. Regards Shaun.
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    YBHI-Broken Hill - Released Jan 2017

    You can't get more life like than that!
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    OZx YBHI Broken Hill

    Version v2


    This is V2 of FSX Broken Hill scenery. Broken Hill Airport (IATA: BHQ, ICAO: YBHI) is an airport located 2.5 nautical miles (4.6 km; 2.9 mi) southeast[2] of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. The airport currently is used as a base of operations for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia South-Eastern section thus making it a very important hub for this service. It is also used extensively by the mining industry and the town is home to the world's largest silver, lead and zinc mine. Important - If you had V1 please delete and install this version 2 as this should fix the night lighting issues with the taxiways. Install instructions in readme file.
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    YBMA - Mt Isa First shots

    It would be nice if Queensland councils had building outline data like the Hobart and Glenorchy councils do with the SE Tasmania PR I'm toying with, but even the larger Qld regional city councils (liike Townsville, etc) don't have it. Makes autogen much easier with someting like scenproc if you do. Did you have PR for the Northern end of the airfield area, or did you have to contruct that. The aerial the Qld Govt has for that is missing the northern 1/8th of the runway. Braedon
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    OZx Scenery :: OZx v3.5 Complete

    Darn good place to be marooned mate.
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    OZx v3.5 Complete

    Version 1.0.0


    OZx v3.5 Complete Australia is a large place measuring 4000kms wide and 3800kms high (2500 x 2350miles). It contains a lot of default runways and missing airstrips. A gap we at OZx are progressively filling. This download is a complete OZx installer up to v3.5 in one single download for your convenience enhancing Orbx Australia. - 426 Australian Airports and heliports plus many other sites of interest to experience. - 28 Airstrips for the Orbx PNW region. Please read the Manuals and use the Google Earth files contained in the OZx/User Docs folder. Many of these airfields do not have ICAO codes and to find them requires heading and distance from a nearby airfield. Directions are contained in the User Manuals if required. Also there are many other individual staff releases available in the OZx Downloads located in the OZx Scenery/Staff Scenery on the forum. NOTE: THIS IS A FULL DOWNLOAD, IF YOU ARE AFTER ONLY A SINGLE PART PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
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    Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2

    Version 2.4


    This is an addon and you must have version 2.2 of the bus already installed to use this Change log: Added dual door London version Minor changes to previous versions Usage instructions: If you have modded the previous versions, you are advised to backup the files or the files may be overwritten. For London verion: 2 sound options are provided: Sounds by Naphthalene and sounds modified by ZJ517 Automatic stop announcements will only work with destination set by ibis code (using the mobitec contoller) AND timetable selected (for unknown reasons, the first stop at TSLP need to be announced manually) Folder for announcements: vehicles\Announcements\iBus\ Mobitec controller modified to wait 5 seconds before destination display The default version uses fonts with animations to simulate the rollband. The option to use textured rollband is available and demonstrated in the Metroline repaint When using rollband, please use "The South London Project B9TL.hof" or "Metroline.hof" (for demonstration purposes only) Folder for rollband textures: vehicles\Anzeigen\B9TL_London\ Texture with "_s" suffix will be used in the nearside rollband, this is to enable the nearside rollband to display "via" places Destination display options (with variable to be set in repaint file): userollband = 0: animated font in yellow colour ueerollband = 1: textured rollband userollband = 2: animated font in white colour Credits: Scripts/Model: AD156 Sounds/tune: Naphthalene Repaints/textures: AD156, Lowlander21 Vollmatrix original: BusFanat Vollmatrix edit: FF3170/AD156 Vollmatrix Hanover and Mobitec fonts: Lowlander21 Volvo dashboard screen/lights/scripts/font/mobitec: Toastmeister (9900 team) Heater scripts: Wizard/Alterr team Reference pics: Lowlander21 Hanover Eric+ controller texture: HKBRDA Camera adjustments, modifications in sounds and other improvements: ZJ517 London fonts and announcements: Rhys Daniel Kneeling and warning sounds: Kurt Stoves (Note: this version has NOT been tested in OMSI1)
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    OMSI Maps :: Scunthorpe Modern v2.00 (RELEASED!)

    Yes, I've driven a few routes now and great map. The only thing I'd like to see, is Bus Entry Points other than just for the depots and the layover bay of the bus station. Also, I've found that in the NL202 and D92, when leaving Bay 'B' you can't actually get around the subsequent bend without reversing a bit. But maybe that's more to do with the NL202 and D92 being longer than the actual buses that would be running in the station. ....... but fab map. I don't drive many maps as I live in the Editor, but I will be driving this one a lot.