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  1. 3 points

    YTWB Toowoomba

    This project is moving pretty quickly so I will post some more shots later today, with the hope to go to a first round of testing very soon.
  2. 2 points

    Waitin to Skip Halls Creek

    Just having a drink on the terminal slab waiting for the pilot to call Jeansy's paint, Flukey's scenery
  3. 2 points

    YTWB Toowoomba

    As promised..some updates to the progress of Toowoomba. should be going for first round testing within the next 24hrs.
  4. 2 points
    View File OZX YSWL Stawell Stawell in rural Victoria is the home of the famous ”Stawell Gift” – Australia’s richest foot race . Stawell is also a small rural airport in regional Victoria. They have gone through a major upgrade over the last few years and is an important base for firefighting aircraft, including the "Southern Belle" DC10 VLAT aircraft along with a raft of other aircraft including a water bombing Hercules aircraft. The "Southern Belle" has been coming to Australia from the US for the past 3 summers, and assists right across the country as needed. The airport also specialise in aerial agricultural spraying services right across Victoria. Follow install instructions in readme file in download, EDIT- There is an AI traffic file that was left out of the download. Please download from the link below, and add to the FSX\scenery\world\scenery folder. this adds some realism to the airport. fsx_scenery_world_scenery_folder.zip Submitter hanleyc Submitted 08/29/2017 Category Staff Scenery dummy.zip
  5. 1 point


    not any time soon to say the least, i dont have it installed in p3dv4 and im slowly loosing interest in painting at the moment, and Im playing around with tubeliners at the moment after investing in a several hundred in hardware pieces like a yoke, throttles and a few gauge consoles
  6. 1 point

    [MAP] Manly ACT THREE

    Thanks, The challenge as always is to build a certain number of distinctive housing units and then fill with generic scenery. I think 30-35 will might do and then fill up. Each neighbourhood has its own unique mix of housing. Even within suburbs depending on the landscape. The landscape fall away towards South Mosman Wharf which also plays into the background of Mosman Bay, so I have to be careful to cater for both
  7. 1 point

    TerribleT - Birthday

    awesome you got it working I was there not long ago, I also checked out the RAAF C47 wreckage and the old airfield
  8. 1 point

    A Hardy at Home

    After a long day at work Jeansy's paint, Ant's scenery
  9. 1 point

    TerribleT - Birthday

    Onya Mate And here she is OTG YATH (YAYR not done yet) And my thumbnail from same With my readme Readme VH-THR.txt I'm now OZ equipped - thanks heaps
  10. 1 point

    TerribleT - Birthday

    sorry I sent the wrong file, Here is the texture 2 DDS file (not BMP) CACSNB_EXT1.zip
  11. 1 point

    QLink Q400 New Livery

    Flight QLK2016 YSSY-YBWW (Sydney-Wellcamp) Prepar3D v3.4, Majestic Dash 8 Q400, ORBX AU, AS201, ASCA, PTA(free) The only time I use v3.4 now is to fly the Q400, can't wait for the mjcQ400v4 update
  12. 1 point

    TerribleT - Birthday

    Wow Matt TBG will install tomorrow and put up some screenies - tengyu tumas.
  13. 1 point
    View File Manfred Jahn 's Douglas C-47 V3 Hardy's VH-MMA Textures for the payware freeware MJ C-47 v3 depicting VH-MMA as Hardy's Aviation NT AU Submitter jeansy Submitted 09/13/2017 Category Pacific Manufacturer Manfred Jahn Model C-47 v3 Specifications freeware model  
  14. 1 point

    TerribleT - Birthday

    @ Trevor and Matt: Thank you gentlemen, I had a fine day with the extended family. @ Jorge - touche my friend and thank you for the "many more to come" @ Tim - mipela bin hamamas tumas na spak liklik, tengyu tru long tingting bilong yu. I had another one of those little anniversaries yesterday that I seem to be having a lot of lately - 60 years since going solo at Lakunai airstrip in the Rabaul Flying Club Tiger moth after 10 hours ab initio under the instruction of CFI "Woolly" Allshorn AFC (Wing Commander RAAF retd.) - a very memorable experience. And my dear wife allowed me to buy this bird, seen here at YPDN prior to maiden flight to YBTI which is all time allowed yesterday - had a post maintenance check ride in one of those owned by Amann Aviation at YPDN in 1989. Has a few bugs but probably the one of the best out of the box Carenado products so far but no VH paint so I used the OO one instead:
  15. 1 point

    P3D4 Compatibility

    Sorry if I have missed the answer, but I have been searching for information on whether the libraries and OZx scenery are compatible with P3D4? I have seen some older posts (June 2016) saying that things were being re-compiled, but never found any confirmation that all is compatible. My apologies if this has been answered and I have missed it. David
  16. 1 point
    View File Arriva Zuid Holland (fake Citea) Berkhof Ambassador 200 Due to many requests for the repaint, this will be the first and only ever photo textured repaint that will be available for the public. Its the Citea Arriva Zuid Holland repaint for the Berkhof Ambassador 200 bus in omsi 2. The bus itsself you can get at marcels omsi 2 forum. There is a readme file included with the pack in which the rules are told and also where to place the files. Enjoy the repaint. Submitter Jokervation Submitted 09/10/2017 Category OMSI Repaints Which version of OMSI is this download for ? V2  
  17. 1 point

    P3D4 Compatibility

    No public recompile yet that I know of. However, that being said; 98% of the library is compatible already. I have OzX installed in P3D4 with no problems that I have noticed. Been running it for months. Sue
  18. 1 point

    Getting restarted

    Hi Baxter. There is no complete version currently so download and install v3.0 to v3.5 plus LIB 1.0 - 1.2. You will also find more scenery in the OZx staff scenery area you can add.
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  20. 1 point

    YTWB Toowoomba

    Hi All, This one is a collaboration from Elias, Watkin Tench (Liam) and myself. Early days and only one shot not to reveal too much.
  21. 1 point
    Josh Hamdorf

    AS365 Cera's new helo

    Hi Jeansy, Are you any closer on the Vic Air wing for the As365?
  22. 1 point
    View File AH C46 Curtis Commando Hardy's Aviation VH-MMB textures for the payware AH C46 depicting a fictional Hardy's Aviation VH-MMB Submitter jeansy Submitted 09/04/2017 Category Pacific Manufacturer AeroPlane Heaven Model C46 Commando Specifications payware model  
  23. 1 point

    Test Message for Forum

    Jay, it seems to have done the trick. We couldn't post anything previous but now all seems in order.
  24. 1 point

    YSWL Stawell - short finals...

    Please download the AI traffic file from the Stawell download page to add some realism to the airport. Its only 7kb.
  25. 1 point

    RFDS one off

    since the pc12 has been updated it was time for a paint to be brought up to speed to the new model in 4096x4096 textures compared to the low res in v1 this is the only one scheme im doing for the PC12 and possibility a current RFDS for the mean time
  26. 1 point
    Hi! Unfortunately P3Dv4 version will not work in FSX. But it is not so difficult to recompile it,s materials to FSX format. Give me 2-3 days:)
  27. 1 point

    YSWL Stawell - short finals...

    Hi Fellas, There is a missing AI traffic file that I forgot to upload with the scenery. I will organise to get it out there shortly so you can use it.
  28. 1 point
    Hi! I made YFLI for P3Dv4 with dynamic lighting, new seasons well blended with ORBX Australia region and new grass! Check http://fatcatscenery.com
  29. 1 point

    AH Curtis Commando

    Hehehe - JH could only wish
  30. 1 point

    AH Curtis Commando

    I changed my mind again, since MMA was operated by hardy's, so can MMB
  31. 1 point
    They don't answer emails anymore though... Sue
  32. 1 point

    Warsaw Line 133

    Type of project: Real map Name of project: Warsaw Line 133 Involved persons: Author: Kubul Details: This map includes the north werst Warsaw. The ride takes 15 minutes. During the journey you can see residentials, cemetery, many new real objects and others. Map is required buses: Jelcz 120M/3 http://strefa-omsi.pl/Watek-OMSI-2-Jelcz-120MM-2-120M-3--11217 and Solaris Urbino PL - Mega Pack http://strefa-omsi.pl/Watek-OMSI-2-Solaris-Urbino-PL-Mega-Pack--11852 Ailist with Man NG 272 and NL 202 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD MAP If you have only blue sky on the map, download this file and past it to folder spline: DOWNLOAD Copyright: It is forbidden to use objects and splines from folders: "Kierowca Maciek", "Przemo11", "Grochowiak”, "Ikarus 132", "WarszawaWujka", "Warszawa_169". Pictures
  33. 1 point

    new paints

    one more Mustang: and on to something bigger: