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    OZx YBHI Broken Hill

    Version v2


    This is V2 of FSX Broken Hill scenery. Broken Hill Airport (IATA: BHQ, ICAO: YBHI) is an airport located 2.5 nautical miles (4.6 km; 2.9 mi) southeast[2] of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. The airport currently is used as a base of operations for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia South-Eastern section thus making it a very important hub for this service. It is also used extensively by the mining industry and the town is home to the world's largest silver, lead and zinc mine. Important - If you had V1 please delete and install this version 2 as this should fix the night lighting issues with the taxiways. Install instructions in readme file.
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    OZx v3.5 Complete

    Version 1.0.0


    OZx v3.5 Complete Australia is a large place measuring 4000kms wide and 3800kms high (2500 x 2350miles). It contains a lot of default runways and missing airstrips. A gap we at OZx are progressively filling. This download is a complete OZx installer up to v3.5 in one single download for your convenience enhancing Orbx Australia. - 426 Australian Airports and heliports plus many other sites of interest to experience. - 28 Airstrips for the Orbx PNW region. Please read the Manuals and use the Google Earth files contained in the OZx/User Docs folder. Many of these airfields do not have ICAO codes and to find them requires heading and distance from a nearby airfield. Directions are contained in the User Manuals if required. Also there are many other individual staff releases available in the OZx Downloads located in the OZx Scenery/Staff Scenery on the forum. NOTE: THIS IS A FULL DOWNLOAD, IF YOU ARE AFTER ONLY A SINGLE PART PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM HERE
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    Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2

    Version 2.4


    This is an addon and you must have version 2.2 of the bus already installed to use this Change log: Added dual door London version Minor changes to previous versions Usage instructions: If you have modded the previous versions, you are advised to backup the files or the files may be overwritten. For London verion: 2 sound options are provided: Sounds by Naphthalene and sounds modified by ZJ517 Automatic stop announcements will only work with destination set by ibis code (using the mobitec contoller) AND timetable selected (for unknown reasons, the first stop at TSLP need to be announced manually) Folder for announcements: vehicles\Announcements\iBus\ Mobitec controller modified to wait 5 seconds before destination display The default version uses fonts with animations to simulate the rollband. The option to use textured rollband is available and demonstrated in the Metroline repaint When using rollband, please use "The South London Project B9TL.hof" or "Metroline.hof" (for demonstration purposes only) Folder for rollband textures: vehicles\Anzeigen\B9TL_London\ Texture with "_s" suffix will be used in the nearside rollband, this is to enable the nearside rollband to display "via" places Destination display options (with variable to be set in repaint file): userollband = 0: animated font in yellow colour ueerollband = 1: textured rollband userollband = 2: animated font in white colour Credits: Scripts/Model: AD156 Sounds/tune: Naphthalene Repaints/textures: AD156, Lowlander21 Vollmatrix original: BusFanat Vollmatrix edit: FF3170/AD156 Vollmatrix Hanover and Mobitec fonts: Lowlander21 Volvo dashboard screen/lights/scripts/font/mobitec: Toastmeister (9900 team) Heater scripts: Wizard/Alterr team Reference pics: Lowlander21 Hanover Eric+ controller texture: HKBRDA Camera adjustments, modifications in sounds and other improvements: ZJ517 London fonts and announcements: Rhys Daniel Kneeling and warning sounds: Kurt Stoves (Note: this version has NOT been tested in OMSI1)