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    what do you think?

    I am thinking about making my Add on Zip available to members here.. it is a big file, 720meg zipped, and for that reason it will be released via a link to Dropbox, and only to those that request it. In other words, members will have to ask for a link to the file, at least that is my thinking at this point, not set in concrete though.. The file is mainly (almost all) Australian, and has masses of addons such as the one shown below. The addons are mainly mines or factories, plus some other stuff, and spread across Aus.To my mind, they help bring Aus to life. I am currently running these files in Prepar3d V2.5, and there is a little trick to get them installed in that program, nothing fancy, a simple thing, in FSX it's just another add on.. If the moderators are interested, I would like to make the release here on Oziex but can do it just in the form of a post should you not wish to get involved.. Terry (Teecee) http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/4Sy
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    New Huey released

    Milviz has released its new Huey which includes 2 Australian schemes more details > http://milviz.com/flight/products/UH-1_redux/index.php