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Battle of the Atlantic ETO 1.2 This mission is a effort to stop the german Battlecruisers from getting free..it uses all stock aircraft and any faclities files needed are included..You MUST Go to Regs Hanger.. To the GC download section and Get the ships needed: battlecruisers Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau with the Cruiser Koln also..check the read me.. They are based on fact but not factural in nature..Just for FUN.. It is a action rich day, Dover's shore batteries are having a Gun Duel with the German ships hugging the French coast..RAF aircraft are attacking..And you are in the middle in your Swordfish..Beware the Battlecruisers are well armed.. I hope will enjoy this mission..several more BOA missions will be uploaded. Thanks to REGS Hanger and the GC Group for the wonderful ships And a Great Thanks to the ETO/PTO group for their Great add-on.. Any conments are Most weklcome

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