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This is one of AMERICAL Division's C&C/VIP ships from the 1970-71 period. AMERICAL directed each aviation unit that supported it to assign aircraft to the division command staff for C&C and VIP duties. Aviation units were directed to remove unit insignia from the ships they sent on to the division. Aircraft 70-15719 was a brand new UH-1H recently delivered to the first platoon "Yellow Jackets" of the 116th AHC. This Huey was nicknamed "King Bee 719" by the 116th. When the ship was assigned to AMERICAL the 116th "Hornet" nose art and distinctive yellow skid markings remained on the ship - in defiance of the division directive.

In addition to the 116th Hornet nose art, a distinctive rectangle emblem appeared on the tail. The rectangle was divided into red-blue-red vertical stripes, with the AMERICAL Division insignia placed on the blue bar. The rectangle was outlined in white. The five-digit tail number was painted in two colors - the first two numbers (15) in black, and the last three digits (719) in yellow. A step was added below the cargo bay deck - a common practice for C&C and VIP ships.


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