OZx / FTX Missions #3: Rockhampton to Gt. Keppell Island, via Emu Park

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Set in FTX AU Gold: Rockhampton YBRK - Emu Park YEMP - Great Keppel Island YGKL

......you've had a couple of nice easy warm ups, so this one will contain more challenge!

"You are Mike Hall, born and raised in Melbourne but as a pilot for hire, your work has taken you to Central Queensland, flying a fleet of old Piper Cubs and American Champ Decathlons out of Rockhampton. Today, you're doing a familiarization flight in a Cub, with Dave in the back. Dave's a pom, born in Newcastle, England but has been flying in Oz for 5 years. In your new job, you'll be ferrying a lot of the more adventurous tourists and beachseekers over to Great Keppel Island, so Dave is taking you along today to familiarise yourself with the VFR route of flight. You'll be stopping off at Emu Park on the way, to pick up a new cable for the cub's aileron mechanism, which is due for replacement".

This mission is set to be flown with the default FSX Cub, but I would recommend 'enabling changes to missions' in FSX and flying it with the RealAir Decathlon/Scout, if you own these...

Warning: No flight plan, no GPS, no FS Planner for this one - just Mk 1 eyeball and VFR navigation using the ground...... softies need not apply!

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