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Welcome, as always, to Bowdenham!

Thank you for taking the time to download the latest version of Bowdenham.

Bowdenham V4 is only available for OMSI 2 and will not run in OMSI 1.

Please make some time to read through the documents to assist you in making sure that Bowdenham V4 installs correctly and runs without any issues.

As with all previous versions of Bowdenham, this map remains a Freeware map available to everybody and free to modify for your own personal use.

You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission. Please bear in mind though, I will only support this map on the AussieX forums and will not provide support for any modified versions of Bowdenham V4.

Required Bowdenham Repaint pack available separately here-

Public timetables, created by Esqui-

For full details of the map, please take a look at the readme file!

I have included all required assets, so if you have any missing items please post a comment in the section below.

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