• Version Final

Thank you for taking the time to download the repaints for Bowdenham v4! These repaints are all UK-based and use graphics from a variety of sources. We kindly ask that you do not upload the repaints elsewhere. There are a number of people who contributed to this pack and it can be difficult to gain permission from the right people. For similar reasons, we ask that no-one edits the repaints with the intent of releasing them. Obviously they can be used on all maps but we have made some changes to make them more suited to Bowdenham. This pack includes 28 repaint for the D92 alone (hence the overall file size). All the repaints are completed to a high quality with an interior design to match! For this reason we highly recommend that you update your model configuration files with the latest version of the RNC. Installation Instructions - Drag and drop the directories contained within this ZIP file to your OMSI 2 install folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam Apps\common\OMSI 2). - Ensure your RNC (Repaint Naming Convention) is up-to-date! RNC An overview: Individual links for the recommended RNC files are in the readme located in the Bowdenham V4 Documents folder. Credits MarkHodgekinson xdanflyerx XxJ0RD6NxX Sinnerman Fleetline7221 Omnicity43 Adrian